Monday, July 30, 2007

Diapers time

Wanted to update this earlier but had problem wiz internet connection. Mommy wants to share these great historical dates wiz both of you! The nurse gave mommy the opportunity to change your diapers. At first I was scared I might cause any disturbance to your tubing and wiring but the nurse assured me that it will be okay. I change Harith's diapers first, it was on the 25th July. When mommy bukak ur pampers u only pee. There wasn't any poo-poo. But the minute I bend down to take ur new pampers I heard u fart. So I said...wahhh u gave mommy a suprise. When I look at you, it wasn't just a fart but u were making big business. Hmm, great present you had there for mommy!

Athirah pulak, the nurse offered to change your diaper few days later, on 28th July. Before opening your pampers I asked you, "So do you have the same suprise like what Harith gave me?" As I opened ur pampers, there wasn't any big business but ngam ngam mommy nk place the new pampers, you wee-wee. Cepat2 I had to put back ur old pampers. Quite cheecky ah both of you. Then the nurse said, you must be happy having mommy to change ur diaper coz ur breathing was 100%.

Perhaps, pasni we get papa to do it =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Harith n Athirah

Dear Harith n Athirah,

Perhaps by now you already have the idea that you actually have another sister. I'm sure both of you are curious what happen. Since you are now big enough to's what happen:

Mommy gave birth to all three of you at only 26 weeks of pregnancy as opposed to the usual 38 - 40 weeks. Maybe it was too cramped for all 3 of u to be in mommy's womb so the 3 of you made majlis syura' and decided it's time to come out. Well, mommy felt the pain overnite but thought it wasn't anything major. And since papa was in Melbourne, mommy told pah bout the pain. It wasn't that bad, Mommy manage to tolerate the pain until subuh, then I told pah perhaps we should get a check at the hospital since the pain didn't go off.

Doctor checked mommy and said that i'm in labour. All 3 of you were ready to pop out. Mommy was a bit sad coz papa wasn't around to witness the moment. Al-hamdulillah, there wasn't any complication during labour. Mommy gave natural birth to all 3 of you. However, I had few doctors who came to me asking me to be strong for all 3 of you because you were premature.

Harith pop out at 9:05am, Alesya at 9:11am and Athirah at 9:17am, and u all weigh at 760gm, 600gm and 546gm respectively. And your length were, 33cm, 32.5cm and 31cm. I knew something amiss when pah said it's not necessary for me to see u all at the Special Care Nursery I should take a rest first. Pah said, doctors are handling all of you. That nite, doctor called me down to see the 3 of you. Oh dear, u were all so tiny. I wasn't even sure what should I do, should I touch you or should I just look at you. Doctors told me all 3 have 50% of survival but Alesya was more critical. Papa arrived shortly after that. He tried to comfort me, but later I saw he was also in tears. Both of us were afraid.

However on the 11th June, at 5:30am doctor called papa saying Alesya is in critical stage. Mommy was still in the hospital so i rushed down. Alesya was looking very pale. Papa and mommy stayed by her sight until 11:30am and went back to my room cause we were expecting visitors. But 20mins later doctor called us down was time for us to say goodbye to Alesya. At 1:17pm Alesya gave her last breath and left us. It was during the azan Zuhur.

I'm not sure if both of you could feel the lost of your lil' sister but that night papa and mommy had a touching moment with both of you. When mommy touched Harith's head, we saw tears from your eyes. Then papa went over to Athirah and touched your head. The minute papa touched Athirah, you were also in tears. I guess both of you could feel the lost of you sister. Because of that, mommy make a promise to myself to be strong for the 2 of you, to comfort and ensure you things will be alright, insya-Allah.

You might be wondering what causes Alesya's death. Alesya was too small. Most of her body system has not fully matured yet. Her lung especially and also her blood vessel. She had bleeding in her brain. The day she left us, doctor detected bleeding in her lung and stomach. Looking at her pale body mommy was really sad fearing that she was in pain. Mommy knew I had to let her go. I guess her name reflects her destiny; Alesya which means protected by God. Allah decided to take her back to be with Him.At least mommy knows she need not suffer any longer to fight for her life. She's papa's little girl. She has long limbs, legs and fingers, sharp nose and even the shape of her face. She had my eyes though.

So Harith and Athirah, you should be grateful that Allah is giving you the opportunity to live. So don't be nottie yah!

It's official...

I was undecided in which blog do i write, shall I make a post in my frenster blog or here. Finally after reading alom's @ lyna's blog I've decided to follow here idea, which is to make a separate blog for my darlings. (lyna, hope u dont mind, me kidnap ur idea) Initially, I made this blog to share my pregnancy journey with other similar triplets mother. However, the journey only end at 26 weeks...

So, since this is officially my lil' darlings blog...i shall start writting about them n for them. As a start, I should perhaps cut and paste the relevant post in my other blog so Harith and Athirah can read what happen to them (and their younger sista ) when they are big enuff.