Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Little Baju

Yesterday, as usual mOmmy and papa did our usual routine in the morning to see both of you. mOmmy got so excited when the nurse told me that we can actually bring our own clothes for hArith to wear. Yabedabeduuuu!

The moment we reached home, mOmmy selongkar all the baju that we (opps, I mean Tuk & Pah) bought. Tuk did buy clothing for premature babies, written at the package "Early baby, up tp 2.3kg".So mOmmy straight away wash it and put it in dryer. Well, it really look like those baju people wear it on their teddy bear...heheh

After dinner, we went again to the hospital, and this time around looking forward to try on hArith's new clothing of course. Wow, it fit him perfectly! Can't wait to put the clothes on Athirah too!

To those wondering how small my lil' darlings look like, here's how small his baju looks like compared to the standard new born babies' clothing.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Few days back, (20th August) mOmmy and papa miss a stunt made by Harith. We miss it just by few seconds. As we arrived to visit both of you, mOmmy saw the nurse putting Harith in proper position. I asked what happen, and to my suprise the nurse told me you turn your body all by yourself. Previously you were lying on your chest and somehow you were able to turn over and lie on your back. Wow you turn yourself! Tak padan dgn kecik betul.

In fact, even for a full term baby, at only 2 months most babies won't be able to do that. But amazingly you did it. And yet when mOmmy mentioned to people you are still in the hospital, they would ask question like, "do they open their eyes?" "are there any movement from them". So, it's not just movement people. It's a flip over! hehe

Athirah too is very active, but she must minimize her movement since she is still on tubing. Well, Athirah, if you want freedom of movement like Harith...then you have to start breathing by yourself so the doctor can free you from the tubing. C'mon Athirah...you can do it!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Another ROP

Today was Athirah's turn to have her laser treatment. Mommy reach the hospital at 10:01am but by then Dr Choo has already started doing Athirah's eye. Mommy didn't have the chance to see you and gave you moral support. Yesterday, doctor started doing Harith's eye around noon, that's why I thought coming at 10am was early enough. Hmm...was I wrong.

Since I couldn't see Athirah, I decided to spend time with Harith. As I enter the room, I saw one of the nurse was trying to rock Harith to sleep... I asked the nurse," Why, what happen?" Oh it seems that the moment Dr Choo wanted to start the laser treatment on Athirah, it was Harith who showed discomfort and started crying. Awww....soo sweet. Big brother showing his love for younger sister. The nurse asked me to took over, to comfort Harith. So through out the laser treatment, approximately 1 hour 45 mins, I had to rub Harith.

Al-hamdulillah, things went well. Doctor managed to do the laser without much major complication. Suprisingly after about 10mins the laser treatment completed Athirah was able to open her eyes wide open. Well Done gal!

Hmm...looks like nobody can mess around with Athirah cause her big brother will take care of her! Go Harith!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Today and tomorrow are rather tense for mommy and papa. But papa seems to be calm compared to mommy. Looks like papa really have faith with the medical facilities. Or maybe he tries to be as calm as possible to avoid mommy getting more tense up. Anyway both of you have to undergo a laser treatment for your eyes. This often happen to premature babies, called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) . And mommy hopes and pray that the laser will be a success so both of you need not undergo another laser again.

Mommy is more worried with Athirah cause Athirah is still dependent on the machine to breath. Athirah is more prone to apnea. Again, mommy hopes and pray that you'll get over with the treatment successfully.

Oh, yesterday was a memorable moment for your granny, Pah. Pah's friend who's working in the hospital manage to "smuggle" Pah into the Special Care Nursery (SCN) to see both of you. I could see the wide big smile Pah had on her face upon seeing both of you. And the first thing she said was "Cepat lar besar...boleh balik" (Grow big faster...so you come home). Since Pah can only be in the SCN for couple of minutes...she was like "eh, which one should i see now, Harith first or Athirah...?" Then the moment when she was looking at Harith, Athirah began to open your eyes wide open. So I called Pah "come have a look at Athirah", and the minute Pah was with Athirah, Harith then gave a smile. Pah gets confused...which one should she see. Although it was just a couple of minutes Pah had the chance to see both of you, I'm sure it was a very meaningful moment for Pah. Oh, Pah did past a comment saying that both of you don't look alike.

Talking about your looks. The nurses kept on saying that Harith is papa's clone...hehehe. And Athirah is mommy's clone.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Harith produced a 'bomb'

Past few days had been a pleasant moment for mommy and papa. One of the nurse told us to lift Harith up. I was puzzled, asking "how do I do that?" So she gave me a demostration how to lift you while you were in the incubator. I shall assume you love it, cause the moment we placed you down, you began to cry.

On 6th August the nurse asked me do I want to have you in my arms? OF CAUSE! So she wrapped you in blanket and brought you out of your incubator. Nurse put you in mommy's arm. No words could describe mommy's feeling. Papa was of cause happy too. In fact I was telling you to tell Athirah (yes, mommy was expecting that you could do telepathy with Athirah) to breath just like you. So once Athirah is off the machine, mommy and papa can wrap you in our arms too.

In fact now Harith has started wearing clothes. Nurse said your breathing has improved, they need not monitor your chest that often, that's why you are now qualified to wear baju..hehehheh.

Oh something funny happen. Harith did "magic"! He produced a "bomb". Nurse told mommy and papa that she was changing your diaper cause you did "big business", nurse thought you completed your business, as she open your diapers and about to put another new pampers...you gave a big "poop" which causes your poo-poo to splash to the wall of your incubator....hahahaha. Nottie you. Please, don't repeat that once you are at home.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sebagai peringatan

Today, doctor is trying to start Harith off the machine, meaning Harith will breath by himself. Mommy really hope u can do it. Hopefully malam ni when mommy and papa gi tgk, u would still be off the machine. So once breathing dah bagus, its a matter of gaining weight pulak. As for Athirah, maybe soon she'll be off the machine too. Coz the setting is lower now.

Yesterday, mommy watch movie Cinta. Towards the end of the stroy there was a scene org meninggal. So they angkat the jenazah ke kubur. I felt like crying, in fact air mata dh penuh kat mate, tunggu time for it to flow. Of coz the story line was touching but mommy wasnt sad because of the story line. But the funeral scene reminds me of your sista Alesya. I could still remember how much I wanted to be at the funeral but doctor said one of the parents should be around for both of you. So reluctantly, I told papa that I'll stay at the hospital while papa brings Alesya home for the funeral.

I also remember sending text msg to my brother, Yeop; your uncle Hisham (which i'm not sure yet what name will you call him). At that moment Yeop told me there was a large crowd at home and jenazah sedang dimandikan. Relatives, friends and neighbbours came to see Alesya. Although I wasn't around, mommy was glad a large crowd send off baby Alesya for me.

Now that mommy is done with confinement, papa and I are suppose to go visit kubur Alesya to tempah the tombstone. Previously when papa said nak pegi tempah batu nisan I told him to wait for me. I wanted to go along and choose the batu nisan. But now, I don't think I'm strong enough. I'm sure I'll cry when I see the graveyard. But no matter how, I'll try to be strong when I'm there.

My plan is, once Harith and Athirah are big enough to understand. I'll bring them to the graveyard every now and then. Bukan setakat tuk bersihkn kubur arwah tapi sebagai peringatan kat kami yg masih hidup that satu hari kami akan pulang ke Allah juga. Dgn harapan, with that kesedaran, kami anak beranak akan jadi org yg lebih beriman, Insya-Allah.