Saturday, September 29, 2007


I guess, some people just don't know how to put words nicely. While I was at the hospital with hArith for his eye check-up we received a few stares. They must be wondering why is hArith so small. Well, that wasn't too bad until a lady who sat infront of me actually asked me "kenapa, tak nampak kah?"(why, cannot see kah?). Gosh, you don't simply asked someone is his/her child blind. If really curious, could at least asked, "Is he having problem with his eye sight?"

Well, mOmmy thought that was rude enough until another lady who passed by actually said to me "Oh you are carrying a real baby?" So, thought I'm a crazy lady who really wish to have a baby thus I carry a doll everywhere around?

So hArith and athirAh...make sure you mind your manners ya! Grow up and be a well mannered person.

Little Hero!

Wow, such a strong boy mOmmy and pApa have. Yesterday hArith had his follow-up check for his eye. The follow-up was to check on his previous ROP which he had a laser for it. Al-hamdulillah, everything is okay and there's no reoccur of it. For the check-up, hArith need to dilate his eyey first to allow doctor to check his eye pupil better. Upon putting the eye drops hArith remain very very calm which mOmmy finds it real amazing. mOmmy saw other babies and kids crying out loud and struggling when nurse wanted to put the drop but hArith was very very calm. He allows mOmmy and nurse to open wide his eyes for the nurse to put the drop, hArith didn't even tried to blink at all. mOmmy's optic nerves has been swollen since 2005, so mOmmy knows what it feels when the doctor dilate the eyes.

Then it hit me, do babies really understand when we talk to them. Coz started since few days back I've been talking to hArith, telling him that on Friday he has his eye check-up and he should allow the doctor to check his eye. I told him to behave when doctor check his eye and to be strong. In fact just before the nurse put the eye drops, again mOmmy told hArith, be strong ya...I'll buy you a baju raya if you remain calm and strong. Wow he responded to it. Guess you really want new clothes for raya (good excuse mOmmy has to tell pApa that I want to do some shopping...hehehe)

When the doctor check his eyes, I was told to leave the room. Once done, the nurse called me to take hArith,I could then see he has really red eye bag. It looks swollen cause the doctor use a metal thingy to hold his eyes open. But yet, my baby hArith was nicely asleep. Wow that shows how strong hArith is, that he could continue his sleep straight away. I believe I have a lil' hero! Coz even mOmmy and pApa would avoid seeing how the metal thingy place at his eyes, coz it really looks OuuccHh.

According to my mom, perhaps that was nothing after what he had went through for the pass 3 months. All kinds of procedure doctor did to him already. So he's growing to be a real tough boy! Go hArith! Be a good strong boy and protect your sister athirAh!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Welcome home hArith!

hOoorrAaayyy, hArith is now back home. Home sweet home. On the day of discharge (15th Sept), hArith's weight was 1.87 kg. In most cases, babies from the Special Care Nursery (SCN) will be discharge when they weigh a minimum of 1.9kg, so by right hArith needed few more days before he can come home. But since mOmmy been visiting both of you everyday without fail, so the Prof was confident to let hArith go earlier. It was just in time to meet Wan De (Hana) before Wan De fly off to Aussie.

Since for the past 3 months, hArith been following the routine of SCN, so mOmmy could more or less predict when hArith wants his milk. In fact, his eyes will be wide open at the usual time mOmmy and pApa visit him in the hospital.

The first 2 nites were okay, but then...followed by sleepness nitesSss!. At 12 midnite sharp, hArith will be awake AND cranky. and this continues till 4 am. By the time mOmmy wants to catch my sleep, it's already time for sahur.....not only that, mOmmy thought I can then have my beauty sleep after subuh prayers BUT 7:30 am is your bathing time cause at 8 you need to have your milk together with your vitamins/supplements.

I guess this is the package of having a baby at home. Gosh, mOmmy just can't imagine how am I going to handle when athirAh is home with us. mOmmy will then have to be a supermOm especially when pApa is not around. Maybe, mOmmy will have a choir team in the bedroom, when one cries, the other follows....

*stay tune for the photos

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Historical Dates of First Hug

In normal cases, once a baby born, their parents can straight away craddle their baby. But in rare cases like ours, though my little darlings were born on 9th June mOmmy and pApa were only able to have our first hug with hArith on 7th August. That's almost 2 months later! No words could explain the feeling of joy mOmmy and pApa went through =)

hAppy moments!

hArith was only 1.3kg at this time

As for athirAh, her first hug wiz mOmmy was on the 26th August, but unfortunately pApa wasn't around to have his first hug wiz athirAh. Nothing else is more fragile than athirAh with her tubes and wires.

kecik je kn...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3 months

Last two days hArith and athirAh turn 3 months. Time passes by rather fast. It has been 3 months since mOmmy and pApa made our daily routine of twice a day to see both of you at the hospital. So far, hArtih is showing faster progress and we are expecting hArith to come home before athirAh. However, once he returns home, on Doctor's advice, hArith can't welcome any guest yet coz his immune system is not as strong as other full-term babies.

A lot of people has been asking how does the little darlings look like. For the time being, mOmmy thinks it will be only appropriate if mOmmy put photos of hArith here cause he has free himself from all those wire and tubing.Those who wants to see athirAh...just stay tune =)

tiny isn't he? 1.87kg

And also today marks the third months aleSya left all of us. Last week, mOmmy and pApa visited her graveyard. We surely miss her.