Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One hAppy fAmilY

*try looking closer...hArith's sticking his tongue out to pApa

Their first solid food

hArith and athirAh had their first solid food...AVOCADO. mOmmy chosed avocado because of its high nutrient content. hArith had no problem eating. But athirAh, had difficulty to swallow the food, so doctor suggested to give some time before we try feeding athirAh again. Harith enjoys eating, he definately has pApa's appetite..hihi

Well, I find preparing fruits puree very convenient. I smash the avocado and keep it frozen, so I need not smash every morning. Here's how I did it....

Each cube is approximately 1+ ounces, allowing you to have an idea of the amount of food your baby is consuming.

the cubes to be kept in the freezer, so mOmmy can use the ice tray to smash other food =)

take one cube and few drops of milk, and heat it up using the bottle warmer

Tadaaaa.....It's ready

As suggested by the website I read, we need to try each new food for 4 days, so we could detect any allergies reaction. Both has no problem with Avocado, now they are having bananas. Yum Yum....

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I often hear moms saying that their newborns are fragile. But for me, I considered their babies very healthy AND big....cause my definition of fragile would be this...
my 600grm baby girl
*kecik je kn
my small tiny gal has grown ,
she's now approximately 2.5kg


although mOmmy feels that athirAh has grown big
friends and relatives still thinks she's small,
maybe that's because they didn't see her newborn size
and afterall for a 5 month old baby,
she is indeed small,
i can even carry her with one hand


*unfortunately i don't have hArith's (760grm) newborn photo

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Now that my angels are 5 months and 1 week, it means they will have another 3 weeks before they can start on solid food. Of coz, every mom wants the best for their babies. I'm planning to give them homemade food (hope, i dont sound too ambitious.). So anyone who knows any reliable website for babies food, do inform me ya. So far, I have found one very helpful site .

hArith and athirAh, u soon gonna have some yummy-licious food. No longer just milk 24/7.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Definately NOT easy

mOmmy been trying to take a nice shot of both of you. But each time one of you is in a good mood for photo shots, the other would be asleep. Susahhnyeeee.... despite lots of shots taken, mOmmy still not satisfied wiz the photos...luckily we have digital cameras nowadays..hihi

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Car Seat

We all know about the increase road accidents (touch wood) nowadays, thus making parents listing down "car seat" in their essential list of things to buy. I've been hearing mothers having problem to get their babies to sit in their own car seat. Well, I recently bought my darling babies their car seat and the salesgirl shared with us some tips. Of coz, I also fear if my babies cry through out the whole trip, and imagine the noise if both started crying, doing the choir, and i ended up getting them off the car seat coz can't stand the loud choir. Which then doesnt serve the purpose me spending money on those car seats. Two car seats certainly not cheap.

Anyway, the salesgirl told us that we should get the babies used to the car seat, dont straight away buckle them up in the car. Get them used to it. So we ended up putting the car seat in the house, and placing both of them in it from time to time. It started off with a few minutes session on it, then gradually increase the time period. First try, both of them cried, so we put them on it without buckle up the belts. Then later when they look more comfortable we tried on the belt. Wow, good progress...hehehe. hArith is certainly doing fine, but athirAh being too small, she basically sank in the chair. So we just have to wait she put on few more kilos (she's now 2.3kg) before we start again her seating session. hArith started off with few minutes session and end up having no problem watching tv while seating in his car seat. Falling asleep and waking up in it.

So his first trip in the car seat was to my brothers house cause the pest control wants to pray chemical all over the house. Me bawak them lari to my bro's place. hArith had no problem at all, even when we reached my bro's place we let him remain in the car seat. Brought him in, and put him on the sofa. Suddenly we realise he was already asleep...comfortably. athirAh managed to sit in her car seat, but once arrived, she demanded to be out of it. Well, fine with me.

Because hArith seems so comfortable seating on it,in fact enjoying it, we decided to bring him along to fetch my sister at the airport. Again...no problem at all.

So mothers out there, if you are having problem getting getting your babies to sit in ther car seat, start it off with few minutes session and gradually increase the time frame.

g00d luck!

during those training-to-sit-in-his-car-seat

Friday, November 9, 2007

...and mOre photOs...

hOme together
hArith: "luv u sis, n i miss you...dont get yourself readmitted again kay. i want u home!"

mOre of mAndi tiMe

athirAh zAhraa

ahmAd hArith

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I lOve mandi time!

but not too sure are the babies enjoying it as much as I do...hehe

however, athirAh enjoys it more than hArith

1) mOmmy's bathing session with athirAh

athirAh so small,we can have her mandi mandi in the sink

she's now approximately 2.2kg

2) pApa's bathing session with hArith

mOmmy feels that this mandi time is a time for bonding bonding, that's why i try my very best to mandi both of you by myself or by pApa. the only time grandma mandikn was when I had to room in with athirAh in the hospital. I'm lovin' it =)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm a mOther of twO
*excuse the senget headscarf, my dad wore it for me for this photograph purposes
athirAh has recovered from her hernia operation
now back home to be with the rest of the family