Saturday, December 29, 2007

Weight gain

Yesterday, we brought hArith and athirAh for their special immunization, Palivizumab. They need this immunization because they are at high risk of Respiratory Syntical Virus (RSV), thus this immunization is a form of prevention, insya-Allah.

Anyway, before their immunization were given, nurse took their weight. They are showing good weight gain. hArith is now 5.02kg and athirAh is 3.74kg. For babies like them (premature) their weight gain should be between 15 - 30 gram a day. That's about 450gram - 900gram a month. Last 4 weeks, hArith was 4.16kg and athirAh was 2.98kg. Which means they increased 860grm and 760grm respectively.

Talking about good weight gain, mOmmy on the other hand is showing poor weight gain. Gosh, i'm loosing more weight. I now weigh less than 40kg. And this poor weight gain made me loose my ring! (NO, not my wedding ring) The other day I did notice that my ring is loose, so instead of wearing it at my fourth finger, i ended wearing it at my third finger. I thought that would be safe enough. I only realised that my ring is no longer at my finger when i had my body massage yesterday. Goshh....this is sooooo not good.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Life after 8

My life (and pApa's) after 8pm is just like other married couples without child / children. And why is that so? Cause the babies are nicely tuck to bed. It has been a month or so that my babies been sticking to their bedtime. It took me about 2 weeks to train them.

Wondering what's their bedtime routine like? Basically, their bedtime starts at about 6:15pm, well sometimes 6:30pm. They will have their nice warm bath. After their bath, it will be their feeding time. They will have their milk in a night setting bedroom. I'll turn off the lights and only turn on the night dim light and also the aircond. So they will have their milk in the dark room. During feeding, I'll say good nite to them and for the first few minutes of feeding i'll keep on telling them that it is already dark (night), it's time to go to sleep. Once their milk finish, i'll burp them and even if they are not yet asleep i'll place them in their cot and pat their back to sleep. Even if they were to cry as loud as a plane takes off, i will never pick them up to carry them. I'll just continue to pat their back.

During those training week, i even had to pat hArith for an hour long. He cried (loudly!) non-stop. There are times, it was soooo loud that I almost lost my patience and wanted to carry him. But I choose not to, and be very firm. Cause I felt that, if I were to carry him, next time he would do the same, cry his lung out in order for me to carry him. So what I did was to make dua' to Allah "Ya Allah ya tuhanku, permudahkanlah utk anak2ku tidur, dan sekiranya nangis ini adalah untuk kebaikannya, maka berikanlah kesabaran kpd diriku.Ameen"

Now al-hamdulillah, bedtime is sooo much easier. After feeding, I only need to pat their back the most for 10 minutes. And in case you are wondering what time will they wake up? Well, it really depends how tired they are. If they had a long tiring day, they will sleep longer up till 2 or 3am. On usual days they will wake up at about midnite. Just before I go to bed. And their next feeding time will be subuh. So now I have 2 subuh alarm clocks (which I definately can't press the snooze button).

This bedtime routine is sooo great, coz after 8pm...i'm free to go out. I'll just leave the baby monitor on for either my maid or my mom to listen. (in case they wakes up...which hardly happens). So I can still say YES to One Utama and Uptown, and be back before midnite for their feeding time.

Friday, December 14, 2007


to all the doctors and nurses for their efforts
to save and nurse my babies to health,
and also for their support and friendship.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Miracle bAbies
From a mere 760gm and 600gm babies
they are now 4.2kg and 3.2kg


Monday, December 3, 2007

Quality Time: Father & Son

Whenever pApa is not away for work, he will make a point (or rather mOmmy will make sure..hehehe) that he mandikn the two babies. hArith seems to love his bathing session wiz pApa. Maybe that's because pApa's hands are more like cushion for him to rest his head, whereas mOmmy's hands mcm tulang. If mOmmy mandikn, the first 5 minutes, he'll be quiet and then he'll start making unhappy noises. But whenever pApa takes his bath, even if it was 10 minutes under the tap, he'll remain quiet.

*soon hArith will be too big to have his bathing time in the sink, no more "waterfall" for him

Even feeding time, hArith demands pApa to feed him. The other day, pApa was having his breakfast so mOmmy decided to feed hArith first and pApa would continue later. hArith refused to open his mouth, but when pApa took his mouth was wide open. Hmm...

*yummy bAnanas