Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The PhotoMama

I can't wait for 2009 countdown. No, not because eager to watch the fireworks or any of the celebration but....

for the launching of PhotoMama

check it out mommies =)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tag - 16 Random Things You (Don't) Want To Know About Me

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.

Alrite, I dont usually do all this tag game thingy coz I hardly have the time for it. But since the latest pictures are in hubster's laptop...I'll just try to do this one...tag by Lana. And since it is called random facts bout i'm really doing randomly without any proper sequence, well which ever that pops in my head first ya

  • Seriously, my SPM result was pure luck, up till today I have no idea what I studied especially the science subjects; physics, chemistry and additional maths. If you were to give me this year SPM paper…I doubt it I could even get 10% score. But I’m very glad I managed to score (and at least have an idea of what I studied) in my degree. And now I wonder, considering that I didn’t carry along any of my SPM knowledge to complete my degree…could I score the same result if I were to do my degree at the age of 16. As in, instead of buat SPM…trus buat my degree… logic ker? well, even though I was bad in my add maths but i was suprised that I managed to do pretty well for statistic in uni

  • I luv sports!!! I just love the adrenaline rush. I also used to enjoy outdoors like camping and all…but I guess as we get older we would prefer comfort as opposed to rough it out. But I think the ‘history’ of how I got myself into sports activities was because…it was a legal way to skip classes =) Yup, sports practice = skip classes. (that explains why I didn’t excel in classroom during school days I guess) hahaha

  • Oh talking bout skipping classes, I did that very often in form 3, pegi sekolah sesuka hati, at times masuk mase third period, kadang after recess…depending on what subject that day. And if last few subjects pun cam hampeh me selamba balik awal. Noo..not to the mall or wat. Balik umah terus (sambung tido) And oh, I didn’t do it behind my mom’s back…whenever I feel like skipping classes, I would just tell her…”ma, arini anta sekolah lmbat skit plz.”. And I don’t masuk through any lubang tikus or whatsoever. I entered the main gate but because I’m wearing tudung…nobody thought I ponteng sekolah…coz people think me budak sessi petang dtg sekolah awal for kokurikulum. Well, somehow all students in my class attended tuition classes, so teachers pun tak kose nak ajar sbb students sume buat pekak, tu pasal I choose wat subjects I wanted to attend. Subjects yg cikgu tak kose nk ajar, me pun jd tak kose nk pegi

  • Form 4, I realised that had to stop my habit of masuk sekolah ikut suka hati bapak aku so sbb m’yu tak byk in my skool…I was offered to be Pengawas. Mmg sound very skema and poyo giler but I took the offer up to ensure myself tat jadi budak ponteng sekolah…hahahah. Tapi niat sebenar again was pengawas = legal way of skipping classes. Mmg saya lah pengawas yang rajin giler volunteer for any duty yer, sentiasa menempek kat bilik pengawas….in fact at the end of form 5, it paid of….received the PENGAWAS TERBAIK award. LOL

  • I had a nickname in high skool; JANTAN. Yup, most of my long lost friends are suprised to hear that I'm married with kids =) One friend even complimented En Suami "well done...for taming the Queen" hahahah.

  • Girlfriend boyfriend was something out of norm for me during primary skool. And when I entered secondary (in a different neighbourhood) I was quite surprised to hear that X has 3 ex-boyfriend, Y has 5 ex-boyfriend…. A was with B for 3 months and C was with D for only a week. I was like “gosh what kind of people are in this school ?!@$#@%@????” So I told myself that I won’t be like them. And today I can proudly say that my FIRST boyfriend is now my HUSBAND =) Thus whenever I c youngster at mall kuar dating, I cant say “ish kecik2 dh gatal” coz its just like saying it back at my very own face…haha

  • And we survived distance relationship. We started off in form 3 but he left for boarding in form 4. After SPM, I was in matrics UIA PJ while he was in Malaca Flying Academy. I then continued in UIA Gombak while he was transferred to Kuching (to do West Malaysia domestic flight – Fokker).

  • I was in my final year when we got married. Had 2 more sem to go…tp org dah ajak kawen kn, takkan nk kate taknak. Tu keja giler namenye…hihih. Convocation was superb, hubster gave a rose for every 0.01 pointer…so ended up getting more than 300 roses!!! He bought the roses and made the bouquet himself, thus I had various kinds of flower arrangement (made with love). Additional to that, other family members gave me flowers too…so I was a proud graduan carrying lots and lots of flowers…walking all around campus smiling from ear to ear.

  • And oh, another good reason to be smiling ear to ear on my convocation because my graduation moments were captured perfectly, courtesy of my wedding photographer SAIFUL NANG of CANDID SYNDROME. I couldn’t be any luckier than that!!! He was with us (family and I) all around the campus! (sila lah jeles =))

  • I’m a fussy eater…I don’t eat any gravy yg bewarna, kuning, putih or oren…so basically mmg tak bekuah lah, no curry, no masak gulai, no masak lemak or even tom yam for me. And I also don’t like hot food. Chinese food is my fav…all those sweet sour fish, ginger chicken, honey chicken, butter prawn etc… So if I don’t eat all those bekuah and all, how do I be a good cook… how do I taste the food if I don’t even know how it supposed to taste like??? Therefore I hate any receipi yang tulis “tambahlah garam /gula secukup rase” sbb saya mmg tak tau rasenye or shall I say TAK suka rase.

  • I didn’t know that I was having contraction (for my first pregnancy), when I reached the hospital I was already 9cm open! Thus I had no choice but to give birth at 26 weeks gestation. NO C-Section…went through a normal labour pushing all three out, each with 6 mins interval.

  • You can call me not ambitious or whatsoever coz I don’t care. Since school days I have always wanted to be a Stay At Home Mom and Al-hamdulillah I am now one. Thanks to hubby who doesn’t mind me not bringing in any money for the household but spending his instead. I was being fair (I think) coz dari zaman dating lagi I made it known to him that I wanna be a housewife, so since he still continued with the r/ship... i take it as he doesn’t mind aight. Well, my mom is a Stay At Home Mom, she did all the sending and fetching to skool, tuition and all other extra activities. Right from the beginning we have a mother figure 24/7, so I told myself that I want to do the same thing to my kids.

  • I always wanted to study abroad but I knew it would be too much for parents to pay for my fees and there was no way for me to take up scholarship (1. SPM result wasn't straight A's 2. i wanna be SAHM, so wouldn't want to be bound with anybody 3. unlike doctor, accountant and engineer i dont think anyone wanna offer scholarship for me who took up Psychology.)

  • I used to have a lil brat sista. We didn’t get along well when we were younger (we are 5 years different) coz I was rather tomboy (coz I have 2 elder brother) but she’s all dainty and girly. But now my lil brat has turned into a young lady who’s into fashion more than I ever am, who goes for beauty than comfort (unlike me). Soon, we are gonna gave her home for good…she just completed her degree at age of 21! Sounds WOW but gosh kesiannye at 21 she’s already leaving on her own pocket…no longer parents. Unlike me who graduated at age 23 (blame on the local uni who made us completed almost 60 subjects (to graduate) - or was it more than 60, all those major subjects, minor, supportive, elective and wat not?

  • Orait for this, get ready to read with your mouth open (ternganga). Since young until TODAY, it is my DAD who has been buying all my UNDIES and BRA! Yup, my dear Daddy. So each time I need a new set of panties I would be saying things like this “Bapak, belikan hAnim panties. Nak macam aritu tau, yang tulis kat packaging tu “bikini” cutting…hAnim nak yang corak2, dowan plain. And dowan white. If possible even if it’s colourful patterns avoid white background” Yeah, my dad knows my panties AND bra size! (my adik pun my dad belikn). Now, breastpad pun kekadang suruh bapak belikan. Siblings and I are blessed with the coolest dad ever. Even today I could still get a piggy back ride on him or even on his shoulder!

***alamak as much as I guess, I can’t complete this tag game..uZAir is already awake asking for milk. I’ll just finish this of with

  • I’m blessed with my darling triplets, lil’ uZAir, great husband, supportive family and surrounded with great friends around me. Luv All of you!

* updated

  • the best shower I had was after after completed the Malakoff Duathalon...20km cycling and 20km running. I came in 2nd!!! n i remembered "swearing" not to ride on a bicycle again.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tahun Baru Hijrah

Today mark a New Year in the Islamic Calendar. If zaman sekolah dulu, asal hijrah jer sure nyanyi lagu...

"Satu Muharram Detik Permulaan,
perpindahan nabi dan ummat Islam,
dari kota mekah ke kota madinah....."

Somehow it makes me wonder...asal dulu ustazah / ustaz ajak nyanyi lagu ni? Mayb bcoz dalam isi lagu tu ada lar bleh dpt blajar a lil bit of history Islam kot.

Nway, now dah about we all baca dua' masuk tahun baru instead of nyanyi. Lets all pray that we will have a better year ahead and more rezeki, insyaAllah.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

blog vs email

No doubt that through blogging, I have made new friends (in fact im quite amazed at how much friends I have made). But what sadden me is that, ever since I have my blog, I kind of neglected my email. I hardly write any personal emails to my friends nowadays. Whenever I have the free time, I would end up typing for a new post instead of typing an email.

Oh I feel bad. I have a dear from from Germany, whom I knew when I attended the Mensa Summer Camp in Vienna. She was my facilitator but has now turned to a good friend of mine. The Summer Camp took place in 1998…that was 10 years ago. Since then, we email each other almost every week…keeping one another update with our life. She even came to Malaysia once and I returned her visit. It was such a memorable trip when I visited her. I can still clearly remember the view outside the window of her house when I woke up in the morning. First thing I did was to look out if there’s snow that morning and next I would run down the steps to read the thermometer to see the temperature. I would be smiling away if it’s below 0 Celcius =) (simply because that can never happen in Malaysia, so jadi jakun…hihi)

But since I have this blog…I hardly send her an email because I was thinking whatever I wrote in the email was just a duplicate (almost) of my blog entry. And since I knew she reads my blog, I ended up updating my blog instead of writing to her. And I was glad that I could still keep her update (and at the same time allow others to read bout my update).

But little did I know that…posting on a blog is never the same as sending an email. It’s not personal and also it’s only a one-way thingy. She reads bout my life, but what about her life. Gosh, now I’m feeling selfish…I kept on talking about my life yada yada yada and never care to drop a line or two in her mailbox asking bout her.

Yes, I do realize that I haven’t been in much contact with my dear friend so Christmas was an ideal reason to give her a call (to make it even more personal than sending email). It was nice to hear from her. I was smiling from ear to ear throughout the conversation. She told me bout her new hobby (which I’m sure I would definitely knew about this hobby IF ONLY we still keep sending email to each other – see, am I not being selfish who only talks bout myself and never asked bout her side of story) And I totally don’t blame her for not writing to me coz who wants to continue writing if at the end of the day never gets any reply. (I’m knocking my head now…bad bad munirAh)

And what makes me realize that updating a blog is never enough and can never be the same as corresponding through email was when I asked her about her family. I felt terribly bad to hear from her that her father had passed away…on 31st July 2008. My heart most condolence to you my dear friend. She said, she didn’t have the heart to break such news to me thinking that is was near my birthday. How considerate was she! But that makes me feel really really bad, a friend who actually kept such news just because she didn’t want to spoil my birthday. (whereas birthday is just another day for me).I felt really hopeless, I was just too busy blogging away till I didn’t even know that my friend lost her father. I was just too busy blogging that I wasn’t there to give my dear friend support when she needed it most. Because of this, I’m gonna make a promise to start sending emails again…even if it is just a line or two. I’m sure that’s more personal (and NOT selfish)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Teeny Weeny...

This was what left for me….

Yup, that tiny little space…for me to sleep.

Whenever the lil ones are down with flu, naturally they will have a disturbed sleep (due to block nose)

And whenever this happen, one will wake up all grumpy and cranky coz of the discomfort and difficulty in breathing. And of coz the loud cry would wake the other up.

Thus we are left with no other choice but to put them near us…so the moment I hear their nose block, I would quickly take the vicks and start rubbing on them before it worsen (and to avoid them waking up.)

Because of that, despite the King size bed…I’m only left with this teeny weeny small space, I can hardly turn anywhere….
(good thing hArith sleep upstairs with pAh…fuh)

I sleep in between uZair and athirAh, while pApa sleeps besides athirAh
uZair usually sleeps on his tummy, but to help with his block nose I was told to raise his head. I tried couple of times but he didn't like that sleeping position. Suprisingly, he sleeps well with the memory pillow! Sorry pApa, that pillow is no longer yours but uZAir's! (and u can have it back once uZAir is free from flu)

Monday, December 22, 2008


mOmmy and all 3 lil' rascals are down with flu.
It all started from lil uZAir...I really pitty him, struggling to breath with his blocked nose.
So now we gonna have sleepless night as one after another will be awaken by their blocked nose.
Am glad that syauQi's coming home tonite..oh what a relief...

Jump Jump Jump

We are moving!

Nah, not moving to our own home

But we are moving from indoor


Yeah, this was what happened last Saturday. We got a 10ft trampoline fixed in our garden! Now, not only the kids can have fun but also us the adults. (do u know that jumping on trampoline burns more calories than jogging does? Google it up, and you’ll see lots of benefits of trampoline)

Here are the photos the man putting up the trampoline…

it was at noon, so hArith was forced to have a look from inside coz of the hot weather

yup, it comes with the safety net

pApa and the man doing last round of inspection

and here’s hArith giving it a try =)

Once completed, I rang my neighbour…the three of them came over without a clear picture of what kind of trampoline I’ve been telling them (tgk muka sume tak heran)

And here’s the reaction the moment they saw En Suami hAppily jumping on it...

muka2 teruja seeing En Suami buat demo... n quickly they got themselves into it

hAppily jumping non-stop =)

Well, I came across an article in the newspaper bout trampoline:

“Many authorities recognize that a child’s ability to learn depends on his control movement. Children’s success in movement depends on his understanding and control of his body.
The trampoline is one of the most helpful training devices for coordination and muscle control. Jumping and bouncing on a trampoline is recommended for all children but especially for children with poor coordination. Tremendous improvements have been noted in area of total visual and body control that are necessary for success in classroom.”

The moment, I finished reading the article, I voice up my intention of buying it to my mom…and without hesitation..she agreed.

Well, if you wanna know more of the benefits what a trampoline can do for ur kids, you can email me at and I’ll be happy to send the write up to you or you can just google it up.

Believe me, this is the easiest form of getting kids to exercise too… while many adults find it impossible to jump around for 15minutes on the trampline, kids can play the whole day on it…need not wait for us to have the time to bring them to the park since it is just in our very own courtyard.

Well, if space is an issue…they do have trampoline size of 6ft…it’s lower than mine (but without netting coz it’s lower…so it’s safe enough) You can put it in ur driveway…when not in used, can just tilt it and put it against the wall.
Let's all jump high! =)
p/s: one of my neighbour told me a doctor highly recomended trampoline for children... interested to have one in ur garden? buzz me

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Gosh, I struggled putting all my lil rascals to sleep tonight
(and all other nites tat hubster is not around)
All three doesn't want anyone else BUT me to put them to sleep.
And now, hArith demands to sleep upstairs with pAh.
Of cause it's a good thing for me, but not when pAh is not at home and yet he insists of sending him upstairs!
It is like a constant battle to put one after another to bed.
Just when one is about to close his/her eye, the other decides to cry/hum/scream/sing (read: noise)
Each time I had to go through this 'battle', I would envy En Suami who is in another part of the world enjoying his sleep in the comfort of a hotel room....
The fluffy pillows and comforter...oh soooo relaxing
But to think of it, En Suami well deserves those comfort
As he on the other hand, have to go through another battle...
To make ends meet for us, the family
To provide comfort for all of us back home
So enjoy those comfort u been getting at other parts of the world pApa! =)
(and continue to help mOmmy with her battle when you are here at home, hihi)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


My children are bunch of lucky ones, they are blessed with soooo many things;

They are blessed with a father who enjoys going to Toy R Us and buy them toys rather often.
(of coz it’s just not any toys, toys in which we believe would benefit them)

They are blessed with a grandfather who buys 90% of their clothing
(yup, we parents only buy 10% of their total clothing..hihi)

They are blessed with a grandmother who doesn’t mind her living room turned into her grandchildrens’ playland and also grandma would add up to the toy collection.
(and in fact grandma would luv whenever father comes home with an educational/ developmental toys)

And now they are blessed that their grandparents doesn’t mind turning their garden into...

Guess what? Jeng jeng jeng...

The one with the right answer will receive a Tie Rack scarf! from nice2haveit (limited choices)
And of cause they are also blessed to have their mom with them 24/7 =)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Arrghhh..i kena allergy. And I call it allergy org kaya. Why? Coz I cannot pakai brooch biasa dh bila pakai tudung...ended up my bawah dagu jadi merah and luka2. For the past yearssss i never had problem gune brooch yg 3 for RM10 skrang skin dh takleh take it.

So takkan nk kena beli yg betul emas punye brooch kot, ni la sbb i panggil allergy org kaya. sbb org kaya jer pakai brooch real gold tu kn...

Hubby suggested pakai tudung mcm munawwarah / ariani tu since yg tu takyag pakai brooch. But then again, nk beli few of the tudung pun would be costly kn....aiyaakkk.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dream Big

Yesterday, I was having an intellectual discourse with my brother and we were talking bout a particular hadith. He further explained that Allah would give us from what we expect from Him. To simplify things, he mentioned to me…”from what you wish to have in life when you were in secondary school….I’m sure most of it u already have by now.” To this I sat and ponder of how true what he had said. Yes, I think I almost had it all. The number 1 that I had always wanted was my ambition; TO BE A HOUSEWIFE. Back in school days we always had to fill up our ambition in a form..we had to list down 3, and I always wanted to write HOUSEWIFE, but I fear the teachers would say I’m not ambitious, so I remembered writing just like what others wrote…among those are accountants, architect, doctor and bla bla bla (yeah, it changes every year, depending on what my friend around me wrote…hahhahah) But the truth was, I told myself I wanna get a degree in psychology and stay home with my kids, with hope that what I learned would be beneficial for me in raising my wonderful kids.

Thus after SPM I took up Psychology and that time around I was confident enough to make it known to others that I wanted to be a housewife. All my lecturers knew about it. They never pass comment that I’m not ambitious neither did they look down on me. And now Al-hamdulillah I’m blessed with a wonderful husband which make it possible for us to live without the need of double income, making it possible for me to be a housewife.

On top of that, since young I was blessed with such privilege that allows me to travel every year. I remembered wishing and hoping that such privileges will remain as how it is. Again, Al-hamdulillah I’m married to a man that allows my dream to remain so.

Besides that, I always adore twins…a pair of a girl and a boy to be specific. Each time I came across a pair of twin, I will definitely give them a second glance…well most of the time I ended up giving them third and fourth glance, hihi. And when I was confirmed pregnant, I was told of the wonderful news of having triplets. But Allah decided to take alesYa back with Him after three days. Of cause I was sad but look on the bright side…I now have a pair of a girl and a boy, just like how I always dreamt of.

and here's my very own pair of twins for me to adore at, day n night =)

and the arrival of uZAir to add more spice to the family...

And of coz there are lots of other things in life I wish for and I now have it (of coz one of it was to have a designer bag =) ). And also after the birth of uZAir, we were in search for a bigger car but most of the brand new were beyond our reach, and we were thinking twice bout getting reckon cars. And now the Hyundai Grand Starex is a heaven sent. A brand new car that accommodates great comfort for the whole family. And next year, we will be looking forward to a brand new home, with dreams that Allah will ease us living by ourselves (no longer under my parents roof). Of coz I have lots of thinga running in my head when talking bout our very own roof.

a heaven sent =)
My brother added that, it’s good to dream big. We need to dare to dream big (although some might say jangan suka berangan) but look back into the hadith, as Allah already said that He will give us what we expect from him. For instance, you might say it is just impossible to have one million in your account despite that you work so hard. Oh, it’s okay to dream of having one million, Allah will find a means for that dream to be realized. My friend once said “bumi Allah ni luas, rezeki Allah ade merata-rata”. Allah works in a great way to which we shouldn’t question but to have faith in him. For example….one might have thought that if I wish to continue having the opportunity to travel, I should have work hard to earn lots of money to enable me to travel…but it didn’t work that way. Since I wanted to be a housewife, I won’t be able to work and earn myself (so how can I afford to travel aight?)…thus Allah came out with another way; to marry the man I am now married with…which now allows me to travel like I used to since childhood.
After much pondering, I realize that most of what I dreamt of during school years have been materialize. Obviously during my teenage life, I only look at 10 years ahead. So now that I’m already 26 I should start sitting down and think of my dream and wishes in the years to come… to dream of what I (and the family) want to be until pass retirement age.

I’m also starting to dream what I want for my kids when they grow up and what I want from them. Of coz the number one that I want from them is for them to be responsible enough to take care of us, their parents.

So pApa, if you wish to have a sports car at a certain age…start dreaming of it NOW! =)
And also to others out there…start dreaming! Yes, dream BIG. orait, go get a pen n paper n do ur wish list ;)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We are Back

We are back from our Penang trip but unfortunately I dont have the mood to write bout the trip coz i misplaced my camera. A story without photos doesnt sound alive to me...thus i'm lazy to do a post bout the trip....(arrghhhh mana my camera??!?!?!!?!?)

All in all, trip went well (and of coz very tiring!). Main intention of the trip was to pay the children's greatgrandmother a visit (syauQi's grandma). Although after 3 years of marriage, this was only my third time balik Penang but I felt very much at home. Al-hamdulillah had no problem mixing around with the in-laws (syauQi's aunties, uncle, cousins and of coz grandma)

That's all i have to share bout the trip..till i find my camera (arrghhhhh)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We are now in Penang, stayed one night at my friend's house...served with yummy-licious food by friend's mom n great hospitality from the family. =)

And tonight, we are staying in Gurney Hotel & Resort.

Will blog on it later....

Friday, December 5, 2008


A friend of mine had just gave birth to a baby boy at 28 gestational week. Lets all pray for her son's well being and also for the family to have a smooth journey ahead, insya-Allah.

My Junior Handy Man

I am hAppy to know that my son, hArith is following his father's trait...a handy man! He loves doing work around the house. The moment he sees someone doing any knocking or a simple task like changing bulb..he will quickly rush to have a look and hoping that he'll be given a chance to do it.

He even enjoys gardening, at times we allow him to be out at the garden when our gardener is around. He simply enjoys it regardless of the hot sun.

Below are the two siblings watching curiously at the lawn mower...

And now, hArith loves sweeping. Give him a broom and he'll be occupied for the next 30minutes...the least.

He will do it with all his heart...see, he's going real down to get rid of all the dust =)

And this morning, he saw my maid sweeping...and he ended up quarelling for the broom. So we gave him another broom for himself. Oh boy he sure had a good time with the broom.

After awhile, he was more interested to sweep the carpet. I told him that we need a vacuum for the carpet...but he ignored me and continue sweeping the carpet...

Even the maid called him to join her to sweep the next room, but he still ignored...

He was really focus with his carpet cleaning

And now he is extremely confident that the carpet is super clean that he decided to take a nap after a tiring sweeping session....

psst, hArith pasni join sental toilet and cuci keta pulak kay! ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Faces

Today, I brought all 3 babies along with my maid and mom to KL. Wanna know why?
Well it was to get this...


and this....

turned into THESE.....

wondering what are those? It's our personalize stamps =)

One for the family...

one for hArith,

and since we couldn't make up our mind which photo to choose for athirAh, so we ended up having two sheets for her,

and one for uZAir,

here's a close up of how the stamps look like...

oh aren't these cool, a stamp of our own....yup My Stamp, Setem Ku =)

You can get it done at any Post Office, but you need to do it in bulk....but this week, is Stamp Week, where you can do it even for just one sheet...ready on the spot! Just bring a photo along (thumbdrive/ CD / or even ur hp)...but photos must be vertical ya.
How much?
It's RM19 a sheet (for 30sen stamp) and RM28 a sheet (for 50sen).
So why not for a change...instead of having the usual gmbar buah / gambar Agung on the envelope...have ur photo on it! =)
Hurry, head on to Berjaya Times Square (Ground Floor) to get your face on the stamp...hihi
(sape2 nak kawin...bleh lar, tampal stamp ur face tuk anta kad jemputan)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

While pApa is away for work...

Here’s what we did…

On Saturday we were supposed to join my mom for morning walk at the Lake Garden but athirAh and uZAir were still asleep…so ended up joining mom and her frens for breakfast at a kopitiam in Mid Valley. Once we were done with breakfast, we decided to take a stroll at The Gardens since it was already open. Damn, what a wrong moved! I think I should forbid myself going to malls during sales coz it’s so damn blooddyyy tempting to spend upon seeing those 30%, 40% or even up to 70% discount. Arrghh, berpinau mata tgk, so I decided to head home after 30minutes of stroll in the mall.

Sunday morning,by 7am uZAir and hArith were awake ready to join my mom to the Lake Garden. athirAh was still asleep, thus I switch on all lights and joyfully wish her (or rather scream out loud…hahahah) “Rise and Shine!!!”

Mom when for her routine walk with her friends, so I (and the maid) brought the kids to the playground. Seriously…it caught me by surprised. I didn’t know they have such playground there (yes yes you can call me jakun, but since I’m gonna forbid myself to the mall…perhaps soon I’ll discover more playground, hihi). They have a theme called Fantasy Planet. They have The Elves and The Shoemaker, Jack and TheBeanstalk and I also saw a castle like shape, which I shall assume that could be representing The Repunzel.

Here's me making use of my kids as a ticket to be on the see saw..hihi

Although hArith and athirAh are not big enough to climb all those playground…but they simply enjoyed having the freedom to move around and busy looking at other people. Well, they did go down the slides couple of times, both of them would always go down the slide head first. They also love the see-saw.

hArith was everywhere! It was total freedom for him...

They were also busy observing others...

and minah ni lak busy body kacau barang orang...

It's always head first...

Once my mom and her friends were done with their morning walk, we headed to the mamak for breakfast. Ni muka budak puas main and kekenyangan makan tosai. (ish tara sopan punye budak, abis makan...kaki naik pulak)

At noon pulak, we decided to go to Al-Rawsya to return their dulang Lamb Mandey yg masih tak terpulang2kn lagi. And of coz, alang2 dah kat sane, we had Lamb Mandey for lunch, yummy!
Ni pulak budak beria sibuk nak order food...

athirAh: " One Lamb Mandey and one avacado juice please"

And petang, as usual I would invite my 3 adorable neighbours to come over. They brought their ride along, which ended up athirAh and hArith tumpang semangkuk. They luv it tapi yg nak menolak tu lah penat kena bengkok kan badan.

"errr...can we go faster pleaseeeee"

It’s been quite some time since my lil’ rascals bath at the ‘waterfall’, so I allow them to do so. But this time around…it was so difficult to scrub them. Each time I soap them, they continued to play with the stone…so I ended up rinsing them in the sink. And of coz the luv that too. In fact, hArith cried when I call it off.

Yeahhhh, pApa's coming home tomorrow! And gosh, seriously...I dont think it's possible to ban myself from going to the mall...arrggGhHhh.