Thursday, February 28, 2008

The gal

who goes "ahhh..ahhh..ah...ah...ahhhh" non-stop.
Introducing, athirAh zAhraa....

This is also the same sound that wakes me up in the morning...

And also the same sound (conversation / song) that you will hear during car ride journey

She will go on and on non-stop

hmm...mari kite teka athirAh tgh ckp/nyanyi lagu ape...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do you know

that Vicks are not to be used for babies? All this while, I conviniently rub vicks on my babies before going to bed to help them with their block nose. (hmm, we suspect hArith has sinus, coz he always has block nose at night but no problem during day time. Tapi logic ke babies ade sinus?) One day, hubby came back and told me that one of his collegue mentioned to him that Vicks is not suitable for babies? I was like "huh? are you many mothers that I know using it" Then hubby said it is written on it. I quickly checked it out and dang "DIRECTION FOR USE: For adults and children over 2 years."

check out the label at the back...

By the way, any other mothers out there aware of this or am I the only one yang tak tau? Well, maybe some would say that they been using it all this while and nothing happen. But with premature babies, I dare not take any risk. So I immediately stop using it. Lucky thing hubby's collegue informed him that we could get Vicks for babies in Aussie. Hubby managed to get hold of it. It seems to be very effective on my babies. And my dad recently had a trip to Aussie he managed to get another 2 for our stock.

Vicks BabyBalsam
Soothing Baby Care
Essential Oils for Comfort

Talking about sis is now back in her kampung ulu Canberra. No more instant baby sitter for hArith and athirAh =(

p/s: If anyone seen this BabyBalsam here in Malaysia, please inform me ya!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Now that my two babies are getting heavier and heavier,
it makes me feel that times passes by so fast.
Especially hArith, he's putting on weight very fast.
Went for his check-up this morning...he's already 6.4kg.
Yes for some, you might think "gosh...8 months and only 6.4kg?!!?!?!"
Well, do I need to remind you how small tiny winny my babies were....
From a mere 760gram and 600gram.
It is just soooo miracle to see them grow.

Now hArith is very very the lasak.
He's just getting tooo active for me to carry him around.
He pushes his body in all direction.
Especially if I were to carry him while I'm seating,
he'll start jumping non-stop, using my tummy as his trampoline.
Nooo hArith, you shouldn't do that.
You have ur little sista/brother in mOmmy's tummy.
But you can do that with you pApa though,
pApa has a nice comfy cushion tummy...hihi

athirAh is becoming very the manja now.
To feed her milk, we must hold her very close to our body.
She wants to be hug tightly or else she will cry her lungs out.
She cries even louder than hArith.
Never under estimate her vocal chord.
Kecik-kecik cili api!

Each time mOmmy look at both of you,
I would feel amazed,
at how fast both of you have grown
And I know time is running out fast.
I better make use of all the time I have
to make every moment a quality time with both of you
Coz soon, mOmmy's tummy will be bigger and bigger,
I doubt it I can carry both of you much by then...
As my tummy gets bigger, both of you gets heavier
I can no longer carry both of you around
But we can definately have more golek2 time then.

Oh gosh, I can't imagine how it would be
when our new family member arrives...
Even now, hArith is jealous when more attention is given to athirAh.
Can he handle another baby in the house?
Believe or not..hArith is merajuk prone!
He merajuk with my mother for almost a week...
coz he saw my mom talking and chatting away with athirAh
and accidently ignored his presence.
He refused to have any eye contact with my mom
He even jeling when my mom approached him!
He didn't mind if my mom were to dukung him
but he would maintain NO eye contact with my mom.
He would giggle to anyone who passes by him.
Even when my maid acah2 him...he would laugh.
But the moment my mom tried to have eye contact with him,
He would turn else where
Hmmm...very the sensitive woo

Oh bAbies, do I need to tell how much i lOve both of you...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Almost everyone who meet hArith would say that he has a photostat copy of his pApa's look.
mOmmy on the other hand feels that hArith's behaviour is the actual photostat copy of his pApa.
the No. 1 similarity both hArith and pApa have is their appetite.
hArith lOvessss to eat.
He eats anything, anytime.
(athirAh on the other hand, is very choosy and picky
one day, she doesn't mind having sweet potato,
and another day she would simply refused to eat it and maintain her mouth shut
that is soooo mOmmy, hihi).
and when I say hArith eats anything, ANYTIME...i really mean it.
despite being verrryy sleepy,
he can still eat.
check this out...

I tried to stop feeding him, fear that he will get chock.


when I stop feeding...he will open his eye, peep on me...checking why am i not feeding him.

his eyes would be searching for the spoon...

when I continue feeding him, he'll close his eyes and continue his nap.

And, when he's full...he doesn't want to be lift up from the chair

he wants to continue having his nap on it.

Tried lifting him up, he'll cry out loud.

So I will leave him there, and he'll wake up whenever he had enough of his power nap.

Oh...isn't he, pApa's boy.

pasni hArith besar, syok ah pApa...ade partner in food hunting.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


It was GREAT to have pApa at home for the past 8 days. Well...

pApa at home = mOmmy gets her undisturb sleep at nite.

Yup, having pApa means, mOmmy need not bathe hArith and athirAh, need not change their stinky soiled pampers, and best part of all mOmmy need not wake up middle of nite to feed both babies...cause pApa take charge of all that. In fact, during aQiqah the other day, while pApa was feeding hArith one of Tuk Ki's friend asked whether was pApa doing a show in front of others or was he genuinely feeding hArith. Ape lagi, mOmmy pun terus lar bersuara...saying that's definately not a show coz pApa does almost everything whenever he's around.

hArith and athirAh has no problem with the homemade rollercoster ride...hihi

We even had "pool" time. Both were hAppily splashing water. And they had rubber duckie given by Pah's friend during the aQiqah. hArith just couldn't get enough of the ducks. I'm not too sure kenapa die geram sgt dgn duck tu. He actually bite the duck.

konon2 berenang lar tu, non-stop kicking their legs

I want that duck! I want it, I want it!!!

pApa, help...the duck is going further and further

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Most used phrase of the day

I miss out something about my aQiqah...the most used phrase of the day
"Lar, ini ke mak die...ingatkan yang itu"
(while pointing to my sister)
hehehe...people were suprised to see my size as a mother who gave birth to triplets. And I was a lil' bit nottie...after they finished commenting on my size, only then would I break the news
"Oh, err, I got one more coming...end July"
and of coz the respond would be
"Huh?? You are pregnant?!?"
"Yup, I'm 3 months and a half"

*oh of coz Hanah wasn't hAppy the fact that people think she was the mother to the babies. It seems that not only her size looks more appropriate to be called as the mother...but ppl say she looks more matured..hihi
hmm...meaning I look childish?
*I now weigh at 39.5kg =) i'm NOT on diet (oppss, matilar angkat bakul sendiri)

*arrghh, im having problem putting space in between the lines..dh tekan spacebar pun tak jalan