Monday, March 24, 2008


my bAbies are delaying their bedtime day by day...
does that mean all the bedtime training are going down the drain??

Saturday, March 22, 2008

And more pictures...

Never too early to start...

Ni pulak, ustazah tengah pening...anak murid tak hafal ayat hafazan

Just Pictures

World Peace! =)

Laughter the Best Medicine

Isn't anyone gonna feed me??

I'll just lick the table then...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On athirAh

pApa was about to go out for a relative's funeral and I had to drive our maid to the hospital coz her relative dah nazak. So I could only bring one with me since we will be waiting in the car while my maid run down to visit her sedara. If I were to bring both...mati lar I when both get restless. How on earth do I carry both at the same time in the car. So I decided to bring hArith since he would handle it better when the car is stationary. When I'm about to leave the house, my bro wanted to go for his social obligation, minum minum with his friends and Santai, and he offered to bring athirAh along. Before he changed his mind, I quickly packed a bottle of milk for athirAh. My mom thought it was a joke and kept asking us to bring athirAh up when I'm about to leave. But my bro wasn't joking and with great confident he brought athirAh with him. And wallaaa...he did a good job. athirAh behaved well, drank about 20ml before falling asleep while my bro lepak2 minum.

nyenyaknye & sound

they surived...hihi

And the other day, we went for a drive with Tuk Wan, mOmmy and pApa decided to hold baby one each instead of transfering the car seats to Tuk Wan's car. After half way journey athirAh became restless, tried all position but she seems not comfortable. I thought she wanted to sit in her car seat, but I was wrong. She wanted to sleep, and since she's not on her car seat... she wanted it no other than being on her tummy. Aiyakk dalam kereta pun nk tido meniarap ker?

Just the two of us

Here's another belated post of mOmmy and pApa spending Quality time together. Yup...just the two of us.I think this was like 2 weeks back. Went out to try for the fish spa. Each time we passed by the D'sara tol, we would pass by the Fish Spa (near Tropicana) and pApa would say we should give it a try. And after reading few friends have given it a try, I thought...why not.

As ussual, babies would be asleep by maghrib, so we did our prayers and off we went. Oh do you know that, based on its origin it is not just our foot that should be placed in the water but our WHOLE BODY instead. But the lady told us, this is something new in Malaysia, thus they introduce it by just soaking our foot. Nak test market dulu. But they do have package for whole body for those who love (dare) to give a try. Apparently it helps those who have acne on their back. Of cause if you dare to put your face in, it helps acne on face as well.

It was just me and syauQi. We were the only meal for the fishes. I was extremely geli at first. Only few fishes came to me for the first 10mins, the rest was enjoying the yummy-licious of syauQi's kaki. I was holding tight to syauQi's pants...supposedly to be geli. But in reality i'm not geli when people tickle me. In fact, my brother used to tickle my kaki while watching tv and that would be a perfect lullaby for me. (of coz this happen during my not-yet-married-days). Maybe, knowing the fact that some living thing biting me that makes me geli.
Holding tight...geli

mine, the first 10mins...

syauQi's were more yummy!

Anyway, more fishes decided to have my kaki as their meal after about 10 mins. And it was actually less geli when more fishes came. Baru lar macam sekata skit rasenye. The first 10mins I dare not take any photo, takut kang geli sangat sampai telepas phone dlm kolam. So hubby took some snaps for me.

They had enough of syauQi's leg and decided to try mine...

After 30mins providing 'meal' for the fishes, it was our turn then to have our meal. Yup, with RM50, you get 30mins of fish spa and free flow of food. Well, it wasn't really a buffet but they have bout 5, 6 choices of food for us to choose. Selagi tak kenyang, you can keep on ordering. The food came from next door cafe and they assured us everything was Halal. And it was tasty too! Hubby suggested to come again next time, but during lunch hour....hah, baru lar bleh bantai more food...hehehe.

Btw,anyone sanggup rendam whole body in the water? They provide swimwear...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The boy

who sleeps anywhere, anytime....

first time seating on a high chair at a restaurant and he decided to sleep while pApa enjoying nasi campur

squeezing himself on the sofa while pApa watch a movie

and...we caught this boy sleeping dyring the last song at his playgym class. tgh nyanyi lagu goodbye, die lak ingat org nyanyi lagu goodnite.
I guess the one hour of jumping, golek-ing and singing was just too tiring for him since he didn't take any power nap that day.

but he still received a sticker on his cheeck =)
So is this an indication that mOmmy can bring you anywhere, anytime since you wouldn't have problem falling asleep whenever you are sleepy and not being grumpy and cranky instead?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fun Time

Here's a belated post on hArith and athirAh playgym classes. mOmmy and pApa decided to enroll our little ones for Little Crawler Programme at Kisports & Gym. So far they have attended 3 lessons including the free trial lesson. They seems to enjoy all the jumping and singing. Sampai kat rumah pun non-stop jumping, especially hArith. And since he's getting heavier each day...mOmmy cannot carry you anymore =(. Cause he'll start jumping and all he knows we will protect him from falling down. He jumps in all directions. Whenever someone else is carrying him and pApa comes approaching him and claps both hand sambil hulurkan tangan nak angkat die. He gets so excited, badan telompat2 to the extend that if we don't hold him tight he might just slip. Oh very the dangerous...must beware when he sees his pApa at sight. Hold him tight!

About the gym class, it's an hour session once a week. Wondering what do the kids do there? We sing and we golek2 =). Basically it is to help them with their social skill cause there will be other babies to mingle with and the o cause the main objective is for their physical development.

Especially for my babies, although they are turning 9 months soon ( fact, that's tomorrow) but due to prematurity...tak sabar2 nak kuar tgk dunia (!), their actual corrected age is only 6 months. From the very first day after giving birth, doctors kept on reminding me that my babies will not progress like other babies but it will be according to their corrected age. Thus, to help them with their physical development, we decided to enroll them for the playgym lessons.

So far, they seems okay with the lesson. Right after the lesson finishes, they'll demand for their milk and the moment we placed them back into their strollers, they are already in their dreamland...ZZZzzzZZzzzz.....

Well not only the babies get tired, mOmmy n pApa too. We have to carry and lambung2 them to the tune of the musics. Soon as mOmmy's tummy gets bigger, I need to bring someone else along to do the activities with athirAh. pApa handles hArith.
Oh, after the second lessons, hArith was already familiar with the song. When pApa sings the song at home, he would be doing the same jumping jumping like he did during lesson. Wahh..picking up fast there boy.

Amazed with the bubbles...lets poke it!

Ek, didn't know my gal ade skill Ziana Zain...angkat kening sebelah
cOme to mOmmy dear!
The bib is something essential, or else he'll leave trail of his saliva

Larr,mOmmy suruh crawl lar...not fly
p/s: kenapa lar time pregnant yg teringin makan nenas lar, tapai, durian n all those NO NO food for pregnant moms?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Is this the end

of mOmmy's youthful life?

On Saturday I received a text msg inviting me to join Carisbrook Touch Rugby tournement. I was like..."alarrr I'm pregnant!" After replying to that msg it hit in my head. "Will I be able to have the same lifestyle like before?" Hmm...soon with 3 kids at home, will I even have time to have a run at the field? Initially after giving birth to my triplets I thought soon I'll be able to do some runs. But just when I thought I'm ready to get myself back in shape, I discovered that I'm pregnant again. So there goes my plan...

my last tournament that I joined : 6 Nation Touch Rugby 2007

Hmm, starting July 2008 having three kids at home, I doubt it I can still have time for sports. Maybe I could...but only when my kids are no longer 'babies'. But then then, will I be fit enough to run around the field? I'll have lotsa extra lemak at my tummy and I'll be running as slow as a tortoise and people no longer welcome me on the field =(

Lets just hope that by having the babies at home, I'll ended up having the same ammount of exercise coz I'll be constantly chasing after all 3 of them.

Well,maybe I should look on the bright side. By the time my third child reaches 25 and assuming she/he will be done with his/her studies and already started working (no more dependent on pApa) I'm only 51 years. And by then pApa blum retire, so mOmmy can be lady of leisure follow pApa pegi keja. Yeah frequent holiday for mOmmy!!! (Insya-Allah, if murah rezeki).

So for now, lets not complain. Bersyukur lar dgn rezeki yang ade. But, hmmm... how come pApa can still have his usual badminton and futsal session? Eh, chop....what did i say just now about not complaining.....