Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Introducing the new Cookie Monster








My boy no longer likes to eat baby food, i mean those kind of food yg lembik lembik. So no nestum, no blended food and all. He wants something that he can bite.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Second-Hand Storksak Baby Bag For Grab

Retail Price in Malaysia: RM993
Letting Go For: RM450
(Dustbag Included)
- Price inclusive of postage

Melanie Turqoise/Mango 006
- a chic shoulder bag that can be worn across the body
-the original stained glass print canvas is teflon-coated for extra durability and stain resistance
-fitted with dual side zip thermo-insulated bottle pockets and a folded micro-fiber padded changing mat
-a key-ring clip, detachable mirror and a wipe-clean interior with individual compartments for nappies, mobile pones and purses
Dimensions: H39cm W39cm D14cm

I've been using it for almost 7 months but now hunting for a bigger baby bag since another junior coming. This bag is spacious enough to cateer for my 2 babies' need. Could easily place 6 pampers, extra clothing for each, small towel, baby wipes and has compartment for two bottles.

Oh, of coz u can zip up the bottles =)

Dustbag Included

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Reason to Celebrate...

My dear fren Fadd gave me a reason to celebrate, or perhaps a reason to have a nice dining. Wondering wat’s the reason to celebrate? It’s secretary week. Being housewives, that makes us (she and I) our hubby’s secretary. I told hubby what Fadd told me and he seems to agree with the idea. ( Oh, well I hope he still remembers that he agreed with the idea, hihi).

Anyway, the other day we went to The Curve and we saw a poster promotion for the Royale Spa at Royale Bintang Hotel. And since they have a couple room thought it would be nice to go and pamper ourselves (sempena the Secretary Week), so I gave them a call to enquire further bout their package, UNFORTUNATELY they do not accept a 6 months preggie lady =(

So we will have to think of dining then, aight hubby dear? ;). Any suggestion, anyone? Hmm..i’m wondering has Fadd decided where are they going…

p/s: In June we have more than just a reason to celebrate… hmm, so far I could think of about 3 to 4 reasons. Wanna make a guess what are the 3 -4 reasons? Well, will talk about it when the month approaches nearer.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


During my triplets pregnancy I wanted so much to have a 3D scan but didn’t have the chance to do so since the babies decided to pop out early. On Wednesday I went for my 6th month check-up with the gynae. While she was doing the scan, she pointed out that the baby was in good position/angle to have a 3D scan and she asked me if I’m interested to have it. I looked at syauQi and he gave the green light sign. Without hesitation I quickly told the doctor to do so, fearing that my baby would change position. It was an indescribable feeling upon looking at it. Masya-Allah.

After leaving the doctor’s room baru lar nak tepiki, how much I wonder the doctor would charged me for the 3D scan, she gave me on a CD. If I were to have a normal scan, it cost me RM100, which does not include the consultation fees. So I made a guess, thought it would be around RM150. Wow to my surprise (and syauQi’s of cause) it cost us RM200! Oh, wait a minute…am I a being ignorant here? Is that the standard cost or anyone else who knows where I can get a 3D scan at a cheaper rate? But then again, it’s something that worth capturing. Anyway, I think my baby has his/her father’s feature coz she/he has sharp nose. If ikut mOmmy…hidung penyek :D

Some asking me the gender of the baby..lets keep that as a surprise. Meanwhile I’m searching for a baby’s name which consists of letter “TH”, since both my babies have it, hariTH and aTHirah. So it does not matter whether the “TH” is in the beginning, middle or end of the name. But please no mahaTHir! If it’s a boy, I have one in mind, a name that I wanted to give if my triplets were 2boys and a gal, but a dear friend now uses it for her son’s name. (hello there, if that dear friend is reading this =)). So if I can’t come out with any nicer name…I guess we will have the same name for our son :D…if I’m having a boy that is. So any idea, anyone? Of coz I want a name with a beautiful meaning…

Monday, April 14, 2008


Hmm..what's with the long hiatus? Not that I have nothing to share but ain't have the time. My mom and dad was away for 2 weeks, so I didn't have the privillege of sending one of the babies (or at times, both of them) upstairs and have leisure time infront of the laptop. No doubt I now have a maid, but in most cases...one will be with me and the other with the maid. And from time to time we will switch babies. Or when both in 'lepak-ing' mood...i'll have both of them and golek2 we golek2 together.

Upon the return of my parents, I thought I could do some update but on the very same day they returned, my aunt who been suffering from breast cancer pass away (Al-Fatihah).

Here's some update:

hArith's & athirAh's First Night Outing

On the 5th April, my skoolmate buddy got married. It was for the solemnization and my maid pulak took emergency leave. I find it not fair for my old maid ( old as in the maid that has been with us for the past 9 years before mine came to work) if I were to leave both babies behind. Unless it was during the day, shouldn't be much problem. But since it is in the evening (after maghrib that is), wouldn't be easy to put both to sleep all by herself. So we were left with no other choice. Oh chop, we actually had another choice, my dear friend Fadd and her husband offered to babysit, put them to sleep and stay on until we return, but now hArith has very bad flue (will talk more about it later) and will wake up around 10pm or 11pm crying out loud that the entire house could hear due to breathing problem. I think he gets frustrated having block nose that he would wake up feeling suffocated thus the loud cry. Even I myself gets panic whenever hArith cries out loud, so wouldn't want to let Fadd and her husband in such situation. Anyhow I felt flattered that they offered to come over and babysit my babies. Sangat lar terharu!

So how were the babies at the akad nikah? They behaved well. And just about time we wanted to eat, both felt asleep, so we put them on the carpet and they had no problem sleeping. They slept till we finished eating and managed to take some photos with the newly wed and off we went.

At the Akad Nikah

The Beautiful Bride and Groom at their Reception

Down With Flue

Both my babies are now down with flue. But hArith's is worst than athirAh. Since both my babies sleeps on their tummy, hArith has problem with block nose in the middle of the night. I tried putting him on his back with his head high up using the pillow. But he's not comfortable with that sleeping position. Leaving us with no choice, pApa and mOmmy took turn to carry him. So first night pApa slept in a sitting position while carrying him to ensure hArith's head is high.

Of cause we brought them to see the doctor but unfortunately his flue condition during the day and night is not the same. At night it is very severe compared to day. So doctor can't really know what we meant when we said hArith have problem sleeping at night cause from what he sees during the day, it is just a normal flue. So we can only try to get the doctor to picture the night situation. We were prescribe with few ubat but hArith's condition worsen. So yesterday we brought him to see the doctor again. Despite having bad flue, he was still active, trying to grab everything and did his baby talk with the doctor. Doctor was hAppy to see hArith's behaviour cause it's the same doctor that helped him to survive from a 760gram baby.

The Major Difference Between The Two Of Them

hArith is the manja type, he loves to be cuddle and seek attention all the time. Whereas athirAh seems to be more independent. We can leave her alone and she always give way to her brother. athirAh has no problem sleeping in her on cot but hArith wants to sleep with mOmmy and pApa. He needs people to pat his back and our cheeck rub against each other when putting him to sleep. Even his hand will start searching for us (eyes remain close) whenever he realise I'm no longer beside him. and oh hArith is a jelous freak! Can never say hello to athirAh before greeting him. If we do so...he will look deep into your eyes and give a very sharp look.

In fact the other day, we brought both for check-up. So happen doctor check athirAh first. He started staring at doctor's face with the look that says "Why are you holding her not ME?!?!!?!" Even the doctor notice hArith's face and started asking us, why isn't hArith friendly?

On the next visit (following week), we brought hArith alone (cause his flue worsen). He was so hAppy to get all the attention, doing all his baby talk. The doctor definately notice the different of hArith's behaviour between the two visits.

Although hArith is suppose to be the big brother (since his the first to come out) it is always athirAh who gives way to hArith. athirAh sangat lar beralah. Now I can't imagine, with the coming newborn, how will hArith handle it.

By the way, 5 days ago...my babies turn 10 month. hAppy 10 months young babies dear! (however based on their corrected age, -the date they are supposed to be born, they are turning 7 months...so as what the doctors said...I should expect their progress to be based on their corrected age not similar to those 10months babies)

On My Pregnancy

I just realised, I never talk about my pregnancy this time. Only after people kept asking me I realised so. When is my due date?? Well, based on my first day of last menstrual period I should be due on 21st July. BUT based on the size of fetus during scan, I should be due on 5th August. So it's either end July or early August.

So now, based on menstrual period i'm almost 26 weeks, but based on scan i'm almost 24 weeks. Gosh 26weeks is a 'scary' week or me. Cause that's when I gave birth to my 3 babies.

But when people see me they don't expect me to be 6 months pregnant. My tummy is not that big and I only put on weight 5kg+. Here's the latest photo of me and my tummy.

Photo taken yesterday

Photo taken a week ago