Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Potrait

Here are the superb photos by Eyes of Grace (kak Zubye)....

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm done with my confinement but now down with fever. Baru ingat after abis pantang nk kuar puas2 before Ramadhan starts..... =(

I'm also having muscle ache could be due to breastfeeding. I mean all the nutrion goes to the milk. And since I'm allergic to milk, thus I'm lacking in calcium....

Even during pregnancy, I had leg cramps almost every night. Even after the doctor increased my calcium tablets dossage, I still had leg cramps at night.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Try guessing what's hArith and athirAh's first word!!!

Yeah...keep the answer coming! =)
*btw, their first word is not the same

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome to MY World

Yesterday was great, for me and the bAbies. hArith and athirAh had a blast with their pApa. Golek2 and lambung2. When pApa reached home, both were screaming for attention. The moment pApa carried hArith, athirAh would ask to be carried too and vice versa. There were lots of laughter and giggles in the house.

And I certainly had a good sleep last night. After breastfed uZAir, I passed him to pApa. Oh he loves sleeping while being carried. So pApa carried him while watching Malcolm in The Middle. And I had my beauty sleep. pApa also handled when hArith and athirAh woke up in the middle of the night. At almost 5am, uZAir wanted milk again, thus pApa passed him to me and he hit the bed. Just about an hour of sleep, hArith and athirAh woke up. pApa started making milk for them hoping that they will sleep again. It sure was difficult to get them back to sleep. Like I said, they are early riser. They wouldn’t want to continue their sleep. pApa kept on trying, and I wasn’t sure was it a success or not cause I was enjoying my sleep.

In the morning, pApa told me how difficult it was when both woke up. And all I said was “Welcome to MY World” =)

psstt...wan derr, balik lar sini for raya so i could welcome u to MY world too ;)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 5:pApa's home!

hArith was expressionless when pApa reached home. I guess he was trying to figure out "Why wasn't this man around for the past 4 days?"

But after few minutes of warming-up, hArith was smiling hAppily =)

*athirAh was having her morning nap when pApa reached home...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 3 : Without pApa

3rd day without pApa + 3 babies = Sleep Deprived

uZAir decided to do qiamulail last night. I slept at about 11-ish and was awaken by uZAir’s cry at 2:20am. Started feeding him but that did not put him back to sleep. I even heat up the EBM hoping that if I give him one shot skaligus banyak it would put him to sleep but I was wrong. He wanted to be cradled all night long. At 5:50am (yes uZAir still refused to go to sleep) athirAh woke up. I gave her milk but she didn’t want to drink. I was very zombie by then and hArith decided to join the 3 of us. It was 6:20 and all 3 were awake. I kept athirAh occupied by playing wiggles on You Tube but hArith wasn’t interested (in fact hArith doesn’t seem to like any TV programme).

It was almost 7am and my maid has completed her morning chores so she took hArith and athirAh to play with their toys in the living room. I send uZAir to my mom since she has finished her Subuh prayer. At last, at 7am I went to sleep. Unfortunately I couldn’t have my beauty sleep for long coz at 8:30, uZAir was back with me (and still wide awake!) cause my mom has plans that morning with her friends. uZAir wanted to be carried all the time or else he will cry out loud. So basically I had just few hours of sleep. And it was just impossible to sleep during the day…and I find it amazing that I could still function normally ;)

Of cause I was sleepy (and still sleepy), but after reading a link my friend placed in her blog…I suddenly feel energetic and fully recharge. Basically this was the highlight of the link:

In addition, Anas relates this hadith from al Tabarani:Sallama, the nurse to the Prophet’s (sallalahu aleyhi wa salaam) son Ibrahim said, ‘O Messenger of God, you have brought tidings of all good things to men, but not to women.’ He said, ‘Did your women friends put you up to asking me this question?’ ‘Yes, they did,’ she replied, and he said,’ Does it not please any one of you that if she is pregnant by her husband and he is satisfied with that, she receives the reward of one who fasts and prays for the sake of Allah? And when her labor pains come, no one in the heavens or the earth knows what is concealed in her womb to delight her? And when she delivers, not a mouthful of milk flows from her, and not a suck does she give, but that she receives, for every mouthful and every suck the reward of one good deed. And if she is kept awake at night by her child, she receives the reward of one who frees seventy slaves for the sake of Allah.’”

The article talks about breastfeeding too =)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 2: Without pApa

My two lil rascals had a blast splashing waters today. I placed their small pool on the grass (that’s what we usually do) but just few minutes after they started splashing water it started to drizzle. So I decided to bring the pool to the patio. They like it even more because they could climb out of the pool and started crawling everywhere. They couldn’t do this if it was on the grass cause they didn’t like the texture of the grass….tajam2.

So it was freedom to them when I placed the pool at the patio. But I was a lil worried that they might slip and knock their head on the floor since it was slippery. All eyes were on them takut they slip. They were really enjoyed themselves. Could see the glow in their eyes when I didn’t restrict their movement. ‘They even took the garden stone and place it in their pool. And as usual, they keep each other company. Although they have a pool each, they still prefer to be in one pool together. The two pools become their obstacle; they will climb from one pool to another…tertonggeng tonggeng diorang.

Well, I’ll let the photos do the talking now…

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 1: Without pApa

Baru satu hari pApa takde, hArith and athirAh dah buat jakun. They were looking outside the window like as though they haven’t been out of the house for months.
So I decided to let them explore the house garden. Hoping that they will use up all their energy and sleep early tonite.

I luv these two shots. Both of them really keep each other accompany nowadays. In fact during the day, hArith was really cranky cause he wanted to play with athirAh but athirAh was asleep. He insisted of going into the room to see athirAh.

Oh, tadi I was chatting with syauQi. He's in Rome now...he said ade dua orang brought along their wife. In fact sorang tu brought their child, age one year plus. Ohh...jelesnyeee. Wish its possible for me to have a vacation...but i know that's close to impossible.
I guess you can say that I'm spoilt. Dulu, almost every year I'll go for now tetiba takleh pegi for the yearsss to come, that's something hard for me to accept.
*uZAir was awake last nite from 3:20am till 6:10am. While hArith and athirAh, both woke up once for their milk

uZAir is One Month Young

A Lovely Superb Photoshot by Eyes of Grace!

New Playmate: Adam

hArith and athirAh with their new playmate; Adam

(thanks to Adam's daddy for the beautiful photos =) )

Oh, I think we owe Adam's parents an apology coz we kinda spoilt Adam's diet. We offered him some rice crackers. Dengan gembiranye Adam gigit the crackers. But ain't to sure parents die gembira ke tak...oppps sorry ya.

Kesian Adam tgk hArith and athirAh mkn, so we offered. Afterall sharing is caring kn ;)

Monday, August 18, 2008


Gosh...I could foresee five miserable days. pApa left for work few minutes ago. He was carrying hArith while waiting for his pick up. When transport arrived, hArith refused to let go his pApa.
And now he is grumpy AND cranky....

So how do we go through the next 5 days???

Sunday, August 17, 2008


hArith & athirAh met their new playmate, Adam today. hArith was very much curious upon seeing his new friend. Tersenget2 die tunduk to get a closer look of Adam, hihi. All three were busy with the toys, the pool ball and also the gazillion bubbles. Adam's dad took lots of great photo and now I just can't make up my mind which photos should I put up here. Meanwhile let me show off to all of you the lovely gift Adam's mommy did for lil uZAir. Thanks a lot Aida and thanks for coming over! We will pay you a visit one of these days (once we are able to figure out how to travel with 3 babies...hehehe)

b00ties from Aunt Aida =)

Oh, are always welcome to come again and again =)

Twenty Six

It is a number that represent me as of today. I’m not too sure does that age indicate I’m (still) young or it is a number saying that I’m (already) old.

There are some 26 year old who are still enjoying life and choose not to settle down yet with the reason that they are still young. They say it is still early for commitment. So what should I feel? Am I still young or already old? Hmm..if you see a girl lady at a shopping complex walking around with 3 babies you’ll certainly label her as old won’t you? Does that make me old??

Well, for the record I got married at the age 22 (I turned 23 after 2 months I got married). Being married and was in my final year, I certainly didn’t have much time for fun. I had to juggle my time thus I stop most of my activities (and have yet able to continue any of it ever since) Well, at least hubby still had time for his counter strike back then. And now he is still able to slot in some futsal and badminton. (Well, I’m not complaining coz despite all those futsal n badminton he never abandoned his responsibility as a great father to the babies. Yup I'm not complaining but just a lil envy I guess coz I'm stuck at home...)

So today I’m 26 with 3 kids babies. Although to some the number 26 still represent ‘young’, I we (syauQi n I) on the other hand don’t get to be young. We are now surrounded with commitments in raising our 3 babies. Thus being young is no longer in our vocabulary. There are certain things that other 26 year old can do but we on the other hand can only look and envy... For instance, the other day hubster brought back a brochure of Club Med Mauritius, we could only admire the place by looking at the pictures of the broucher. And of coz wishing that we could go. These are among the things that other 26 year old could do but we can't. How do we make it possible to travel with 3 infants?

Well, even though I can’t behave like one…I still do wish to look like one. I’m still very much comfortable with just jeans and t-shirt. Really can’t wait for my babies to be able to walk so we could go to the garden and run around. Go on the swings and slides, climb all those thingy at the parks. When my babies can do that, it will be a reason for me to be young all over again. To climb and slide down with them. Or perhaps get all 3 of them to push me on the swing..heheh. Yes, get them to bring me back to my childhood time.

In those days, every evening at about 5:30 I’ll be at the playground. It was very convenient cause the field was just in front of my house. I can still remember that we (my siblings and I) lost our bicycles couple of times. We left the house with the bicycle and when it is about time for Maghrib prayer, sume kelam kabut lari balik rumah and forgotten that we left the house with our bike. Only later after taking our shower and did our prayers, someone would point out bout the bike. And only to find out it was no longer on the field when we look out the window.

And now I’m past quarter century old. I’ve learned a lot for sure. From the early days of pre-school, to primary, to secondary, to IIUM and now my time is spend mostly at home with my family; three adorable bAbies and a lovely husband. My uni days taught me a lot. Not in terms of the subjects I had chosen but uni days taught me about life itself. Of cause there were certain things I regret doing and certain things I regret NOT doing. I guess that’s part and parcel of life.
For now, I shall learn from my past and make my future better. This time around not just for me but for the whole family. Yes, at the moment I am happy and content. 14 months ago we were blessed with our miracle babies and now we have uZair joining us. =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sneak Preview

We had a blast yesterday taking photos with Kak Zubye from Eyes of Grace. It was supposed to be a two hour photo session, but it turn out to be 3 1/2 hours (with a short interval of tea break). hArith and athirAh became cranky towards the end cause they didn't have their nap that day.

Oh, I can't wait to see the photos. Meanwhile here's some sneak preview of it (I took from Kak Zubye's blog.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pinky Cheeky athirAh in d house cot


I have few more days to make up my mind. Should I or should I not? I’m giving it a thought, should I buy the Medela Pump In Style Advance. At the moment I’m using Medela Mini Electric Plus (the classic double nozzle). So far I have no problem with my current pump (it has also served my friend well) but I believe the Pump in style could help increase production. Someone said she could get 12oz in 10 to 15 minutes!

No doubt I’m not a working mother so why do I need the Pump In Style? Well I do pump quite often. Average of 3 to 4 times a day. Besides wanting to keep some stock (cause I foresee that in the future I might not be able to bring all 3 babies when I go out) I also need the express milk when I’m occupied with hArith and athirAh. I could just heat it up and get someone else to feed uZair. Thus whenever I’m playing with hArith n athirAh, I need not drop everything in order to feed uZair. On top of that, I wanna train uZair to be able to use the bottle. Takut if dh biasa b**bs kang taknk bottle. So since 2nd day I feed him using bottle at least once a day.

So why do I have few more days to make up my mind? My dad is going to the State and I believe it is cheaper to get it there. But although it is cheaper comparatively to the price in Malaysia, it is still not that cheap. I mean, still damage to the pocket. So should I get it or should I just settle with what I have?

Btw, IF I’m getting a new one, I’ll let go my current pump. Anyone interested to buy it? Perhaps I shall let it go at RM350? (bought it for RM699) Any takers? If there is, then I’ll definitely consider bout getting a new one.

My current pump: Medela Mini Electirc Plus Breastpump

To be considered: Medela Pump In Style Advance Breastpump
Few people recommended freestyle. Anyone wanna share their experience using freestyle?
Since I am a SAHM, size doesn't really matter to me. Basically my main concern is milk production. Hmm...PISA or freestyle?
p/s: ade sesape nk beli PISA / Freestyle? Can help u purchase from US at a cheaper price

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wanna join us?

Anyone wanna join hArith and athirAh mess up this living room? hihi

Play Land

Here's an additional mess toy to the living room...
A ball pool

Previously Pah bought them a tent for their we-can-now-crawl gift =)

Here's basically the things that keep them occupied...


hArith looks very relax in the pool ball

athirAh as usual..always busy

And I like this picture the most...cute ain't she?

gelak beria sgt smpai tutup2 mata

Friday, August 8, 2008

Breast pad

To all Mommies out there, care to share with me?

Would like to know what breast pad are you all using. Need some suggestion coz all this while I’m using the disposable breast pad and I do think it would be very costly if I keep on using the disposable pad.

I’m on look out for the washable pad. Any suggestion which brand should I get?

*aiyakk weight dh back to normal tapi byk baju dulu tak muat coz b**bs are bigger now since breastfeeding. so agak sendat baju on the upper side... still have to work on the waist. 2 more inches to go

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gosh...this is the sweetest thing ever!!!!!

My sis Hanah msg me on my YM just few mins ago:

hanapunyer: btw guys, i was reading kak nem's blog n teramatlah kesian kat her.. was thinking of poppin over to help around n play with harith & athirah so she can get sum rest n all.. but x nak la pegi sorang2.. anyone in wif me?
hanapunyer: our thread on facebook from syuzz
hanapunyer: :)
hanapunyer: sweet, no?
hanapunyer: but just in case it doesn't happen, it's the thot tat counts rite? hehe

Syoozy if you are reading this,I want u to know that I just can't stop smiling after reading what Hanah YM me!

In fact I am still smiling while typing this post! Perhaps should bring you for another round of Fondue Hagen DAnz ;)

And, like Hanah said,even if you can't make's the thought that counts.
I was checking my emails just now and as usual early of the week I’ll get a news feed from the Touch Rugby team on their weekends Touch; their progress, who scored the most for the week, who get injured, names of new comers, their future plans and yada yada yada yada.
It’s been a while since I last joined them and sadly missing lots and lots of tournaments including some international tournaments. From the e-mails that I’ve been reading, seems that they are really trying hard to make some major improvement for Touch Rugby in the country to the extend that they been in touch with various regional bodies as well as the Ministry of Sport in Malaysia.

I really hope that soon I’ll be able to get down to the field and do some running. Hoping that I’m not that rusty (after soooo long not playing) and at least still be able to catch the ball. Oh, I picture in my head that soon hArith and athirAh can walk and they would follow me along to the field. Running around, getting themselves dirty…playing with the mud, kicking some balls while being look on by pApa who is carrying uZair in his arms. Oh what a bliss.

Hmm, when could that happen? Oh didn’t I just say about not having enough sleep? So would that ever be possible?

Found this in my photo collection...

Six Nation Tournament 2006 (we ended up 3rd place,I think...)

Can't remember what tournament was this, but I do remember that we were being sponsored by Canterburry =)

First Night

without pApa...

What time did I sleep?


pApa, I need you home!

I'm just too zombie to write more about it

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On uZair

It has been 18 days since uZair joined us. But somehow it feels like he has been with us longer than that. And why is that so? Coz uZair doesn’t behave like his age. Or maybe he does but since my previous babies are premature thus their progress is not the same, which makes me surprise most of the time at what uZair is capable of doing.

Yes, I mentioned before that at 2 days young he can turn his head when we put him on his tummy. And that wasn’t just a one time thingy…he does that often. And he also lift his head easily, I call it the turtle head. Well, you know when turtles stuck their heads out of the shell. And today, again he managed to turn over when I placed him on his tummy (first incident happen at 9 days young).

On top of that, at first I thought we need not buy him bumper cot just yet coz assuming newborn doesn’t moves around. But we made wrong assumption coz uZair really moves around when he sleeps. Aritu sedar2 muka dah melekat kat ‘dinding’ cot die. Aiyakk…now we really need to get bumper cot for uZair.

Hmm, even at the age of two weeks he's moving arpund...I wonder how am I gonna cope when he starts crawling....

Oh, anyway remember I mentioned before uZair kena jaundice? We brought him to the doctor but his was just borderline, need not go through the light thingy (not so sure wat u call it). Was very happy coz need not spend another nite or two in the hosp. Doctor said, if it worsen we need to come again. So meanwhile we followed petua orang tua, mandikn dengan buah keranji. Rebus the buah keranji and mandikn with the water. Two days later we went again to do uZair’s blood test to check his jaundice level. Tadaaaa, it drops from 244 to 227. Not sure, memang the buah keranji helps or it was just a coincidence thingy. By the way, uZair was extremely calm when doctor wanted to take his blood. Didn’t cry at all. In fact once everything done, doctor pat his head and he ended up falling asleep.

mOmmy yg confused knp tenang sgt uZair when doctor amiq darah. See the picture in the last row, mata dah sayu2 nak tido, when doctor sapu2....trus lena.

Well, tonite pApa gi keja, his first night-stop since I gave birth to uZair. He sure did help a lot. Very nice of him to bring hArith and athirAh out at least every alternate days, coz kesian tgk both of them bored and restless at home. Oh, how I wish I can join them. (hahah...dream on mOmmy!) least I can rest assured that IF anything were to happen to children will be well taken off by their pApa.

Yes, I always knew I married the right guy =) (yes, Hanah...u can spank me for being melodramatic here =P )

psst...I managed to get my b4 pregnant weight back. Now have to work on my waist...almost there

Monday, August 4, 2008

Gosh, not again!

Few minutes ago, I caught my mom's helper scolded my helper. (apparently, my helper was joking and fooling around and used the word bodoh (stupid) at my mom's helper and somehow she took it seriously and scolded my helper). I could see how scared my helper was when she was being scolded like as though in her head she was saying "oh am i going through tonite with an angry lady in the room" (yes they share the room).

I ignore the whole situation and pretended I did not know anything. But I could really see the fear and how upset my helper was. Later on, as she continued doing her chores I saw her eyes watery. So I confronted my helper but she said 'nothing'. So I started the conversation " she scolded you?" and my helper started telling me " i was just joking around...bla bla bla...." so I said, "oh she's old already and she gets angry easily, just ignore and she'll be ok wiz u in no time" and I continued telling her how we (yes including my mom) also get scolded by her. And of coz wat we usually do is, we ignore. Alar org tua PMS. And she was telling me, "yes I know she's old but this happened often...I get scolding frm her"

I totally understand her feeling. Coz I myself couldnt take it when my mom's helper in her PMS mode too often.And to make thing worst, my helper have to tolerate it day and night coz they share the room. So now I'm that a sign I'll be without a maid again?!?!?!? I'm not suprise if she can't take the pressure and decided to call it a quit. Ohhh nooooooo!!! I guess it is never a good idea to have 2 maids in a house.

And now, I feel like crying. Thinking that soon (and I hope the day will never come) I'll be without a maid and 3 babies to handle. And worst if pApa is away working leaving just the 4 of us behind. How do I managed that. I will definitely cry if I fail to provide enough attention to all three. Especially when I see the two; hArith and athirAh playing by themselves.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Exam Period

No no, i am not gonna further my studies! So why is my title for the blog "exam period"?

Well, since the birth of ahmAd uZair...I really feel like as though I'm in my exam period. The lack of sleep that is. It's like back in those uni days where through out the exam period baru lar nk menggelabah stay up. After one paper finished...baru nak start making notes for the other subjects. Yup, while others started reading their notes I on the other hand baru nak buat notes (with all those colourful pens I have, hihi). And when time running out I would make a promise to myself not to do such last minute reversion (or rather notes making) for the next semester but somehow I NEVER managed to keep to tat promise. Yeah...screw me. Anyway, enough of my uni days. Tat's not my main topic I wanna talk about for this entry.

The reason why I mentioned about it is because having 3 babies now I definitely haven't been sleeping enough. Especially since I breastfeed uZair. He wakes up almost every hour and he doesn't like feeding while I lie down. He prefers for me to sit thus I can't catch my sleep while feeding.

The MAJOR different between now and my uni days of exam period is that exam period last for one month (the longest) whereas this 'exam period' i'm having now would last for AT LEAST a year!!! Another thing is that, uni exam period I would drink coffee after coffee and of cause my Livita honEy but now in confinement cold water is a NO NO...arrrggghhh. So how do I keep myself awake?

After a month of exam period I could sleep like nobody's business. BUT now? I guess I'll just have to start to train my body system that all it can have is like 1 hour of uninterupted sleep and a total of about 4 hours a night.

Oh gosh...i really think I need a break. Besar tul hajat kn, baru 2 minggu dh nak a break. Dream on munirAh! It is not even close to possible to have a break. Maybe in 2 years time it COULD be possible. COULD? Well, I really hope so.

p/s: definitely need something for my eyebag