Thursday, October 30, 2008

To the great couple

Here’s a post to a great couple; Fadd n Apeng who are extremely patient to go outing with us. Although they have no kids (yet) but they simply have the patience to go out with us, the three kids. They don’t mind all the interrupted shopping and meal. They are okay with all the pit-stops, just imagine how many pit-stops we need for 3 babies diaper changing. And also for uZAir who is fully breastfeed. Sometime, baru jer pit-stop to change one of them, next 5 mins another one lak poo-poo. Again another pit-stop. Going out with us is like having excess baggage, but they have all the patience to do so.

Fadd even volunteered to change uZAir when he poo-poo cause I was indulging myself with the great Beef Ribs! And Apeng is so ever willing to carry uZAir at anytime. Even while having his meal.

In fact during uZAir early days, he hardly wants anyone else to carry him but from the start, he had no problem with Apeng. And he always volunteer to push uZAir. Bes wo dpt jalan lenggang2..hihi

And we could even leave all three with them when we it’s our turn to solat!

I'm so glad our path crossed and get to know this great couple =)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Best Open House

I guess it is something common for all of us to be fully loaded with food in the month of Syawal due to Open Houses. Even with three babies, we still try to fullfil invitations that we received Totally not easy to bring all three. Unfortunately we have to skip any houses if the weather does not permit us; rain. (Sorry Lana, it was raining heavily when we wanted to go to your house) Anyway, been wanting to post this, the BEST open house we went for this year. WHY?

1) We were placed at the basement where it was soo very spacious for hArith and athirAh to roam around. Despite the snooker table, table tennis, an area for jamming session, a section for weight lifting and four tables for guests to seat and eat, the place was really big that they could move around without any restriction.

athirAh muka excited cause she could go anywhere without mOmmy saying "No athirAh!"..hihi
2) There were so many of syauQi’s friends who helped us babysit the babies. In fact mase makan, syauQi pointed out…rase macam kuar berdue jer! All 3 were taken good care by his friends.

3) Since there was a table tennis, hArith enjoyed playing with the ping pong ball. I guess all this while we always give him big size ball, so this time around he was fascinated to see a small tiny size ball.

4) And of cause foods were great, and best part of all, we could enjoy the food (since we had lots of babysitter)

Tuan Rumah kuar kan bicycle for athirAh, although the size was kind of big for her, she did enjoyed the ride. mOmmy pulak yg penat kena tolak. I was quite surprise that she was able to sit steadily. But before athirAh took a ride, his brother hArith sibuk nk check make sure it is safe for his sister. Here's the little man kat bengkel tgh baiki basikal...

And lastly, checked the sit to ensure it is steady enough for athirAh so she won't topple over.

And here athirAh enjoying her ride!

Oh, I just love that night. We actually went home past 11pm, while hArith and athirAh busy playing…pApa took the opportunity to play table tennis and snooker while me busy chit chat chit chat.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Aquria - KLCC

I mentioned in my previous post that we went to Aquaria the other day. Here are some of the photos of us in Aquaria. hArith paid more attention compared to athirAh.

hArith gets a kiss from the fish...he peluk pApa kuat wo

After Aquaria, we had our lunch. And it was as though heaven on earth cause all three were asleep! Peaceful lunch we had (err..but only half way. hArith woke up while we were eating)

Since we are the “duta” for One Utama, (hihi, it is like our 2nd home)…we hardly go to KLCC. In fact that was our 2nd time there with the babies, so we never knew they had a spacious Nursery at the Concourse Level.(call me jakun, I don’t care) It was just ideal to let hArith n athirah roam around after hours kena buckle up in their seats. They just love it. Fadd and Apeng were there with us too.

Oh, u know those rides where you have to put in coins…me pegi gatal tangan put hArith and athirAh on it. They luv it sooo much that they refused to get back on their stroller. Well, at first, pApa said they are too small for it as in they wouldn’t appreciate the ride. But me and my tangan gatal sumbat gak coins in it. The moment it started moving…hArith was sooo hAppy. Siap tak kasi kami pegang die okay. Dah benti gerak pun he was still enjoying the ride.

I was afraid die jatuh tegolek since the thing was moving, but he insisted of not holding him. Nway, i think I prove a point here is never too early for a Disneyland trip!

And athirAh gets a ride with Garfield. Serious giler her face driving the car. Pemandu berhemah!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Open Letter to En. Suami

Dear syauQi,

I don’t know how to begin this ‘letter’, I can’t find a word to describe how glad and thankful I am for briging us out to the mall the whole day. The trip to KLCC the other day was our first such trip that prolong from before Zuhur till after Maghrib. We never actually had any trip before that required us to enter the Surau 3 times! Although I know, you find it rather tiring to have such trip, especially when the baby / babies gets cranky, it is indeed rewarding for me. Well, having to spend time at home for the days you are a way could be stressful at times. Especially when the babies demand for extra attention during my least energetic moment or when I could hardly open my eyes but one after another wakes up in the middle of the night. Thus, thanks for the KLCC and aquaria trip coz I badly need something that is out of my usual daily routine.

And the trip to Pavillion was also rewarding for me. Although there wasn’t any shopping done, it is simply rewarding to stroll down the mall. Well I guess any activity out of the house is what I need to keep my sanity. Since you find that holiday is close to impossible, thus shopping malls are the next good thing for me. My life is pretty much a routine nowadays. 6:30am, hArith would be standing up in his cot to act as my alarm clock (yes, despite how late he sleeps, he will be awake by 6:30am). And that’s when my days start, after their meal and bath, will have to keep them entertain till they decide to take their morning nap (around 10am or 11am) , and that’s when I take my bath. Once they are awake, play with them again till lunch and continue entertaining them till evening. They hardly take nap in the afternoon. At night, spend more time with them till their bedtime. And somehow rather all three would demand for their mommy to put them to sleep. Mind you, putting all three to sleep can be rather challenging at times. And at the end of the day, not only my body feels tired but it is mind challenging as well. It is very much mind challenging when the babies merengek2 and I have to figure out what bother them so much.

Yes, I’m sure your job is not any easy as mine, especially with the different time zone and all. But at least your day isn’t much of a same daily routine as mine. That’s why even a trip to the mall is very much appreciated. And I’m sure the babies feel the same. Again, thank you Mr Husband =)


your wife

**And also a big shout out of THANK YOU to Apeng and Fadd for willingly joined us along. It really need lotsa patience to go outing with us since macam flight delay pun ade…skit2 kena stop sbb nk kena tukar pampers larr, nk kena take turn solat lah and all those other interrupted meal by the babies.

***more photos will be uploaded soon

Monday, October 20, 2008

A day before pApa's birthday...

I think I was being very ambitious. I wanted the kids to do a birthday card for their pApa, but all attempt failed! I bought some watercolours and brushes hoping they could paint something on their pApa’s birthday card. I saw mama shmontel did it with her daughter. And after reading her entry I knew it wouldn’t even be closed to possible for me to do just like her but I was thinking why not give it a try?

Of cause, I wasn’t expecting much of an outcome. I prepared everything at the patio and took off hArith and athirAh’s clothes and brought them out. As much as I guess, the moment I let them out…they were happily roaming the patio and garden and of cause the stones attracted hArith very much.

Athirah became confused as to where should I explore first? There or there or there...hihi. I decided to try it with athirAh first, and since she’s well known for putting everything in her mouth, obviously I failed at asking her to do some ‘painting’. She had lipstick instead!

Next attempt; hArith. Failed! Stones were much more interesting. And this time around, they found a new place to play with their stones….near the ' wudhu' ' area. While they were busy playing the stones, I turned on the water..hihi. tekejut diorang...hihi

Here are some of the photos of them enjoying themselves with the water and stone. It ended up being a waterfall session! Well, Hanah once told me that she read an article saying that despite all the high technology toys for children, nature is still the best for their development. Just like those days were we play hop scotch and galah panjang to name a few. hArith and athirAh enjoyed their ‘birthday card making session’ , they were upset when we called it over

Muka athirAh terpegun tetiba ade air turun dari atas while main2 dgn batu...

Didn't I just say...athirAh would put everything and anything in her mouth...

Sorry no photos of my attempt with the kids to do the b'day card. My hands were full handling them with the colours and since all attempt failed, I came out wiz a very2 plain card, the photos had bubbles wishing their dad.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Suprise Mini Party

Preparing pApa’s mini surprise birthday party wasn’t easy without a maid since I can’t go out to get the stuffs. Furthermore syauQi was not working that day, so it was more difficult to do it behind his back but the fact that he was IN the house. But al-hamdulillah with great help from Fadd and Apeng, things became much much easier. (but of cause there were obstacles for us)
Few days before pApa’s birthday, I text message his friend informing of this mini surprise party. All invitations were left for him to do. So invitation; checked. Next was food, handled perfectly by Fadd and Apeng, they picked up the satay, pizza and also cake. Food; checked. Babies clothes, I sew the wording wishing Happy B’day Papa on the kids rompers…did it at a very last minute. Wishes by babies’; checked.

The most difficult part was to set up the party, cause syauQi was in the house. To make things more complicated, my parents were not around too, so couldnt come out with something like "syauQi tolong mama belikn itu ini...." to get him out of the house. Good thing Fadd and Apeng came earlier. Earlier on I told syauQi that Fadd n Apeng wanna eat at uptown, so we shall try to put the babies to sleep and all 4 of us have dinner there. But after maghrib he already started searching for food, I became panic fearing that he would suspect something cause why wasn’t there any food served for dinner. Later on he received a call from her sister to wish him, and I heard him telling his sister of our plan to go to uptown. I felt relieved thinking that he believe the fact that we are going to uptown.

Somehow we managed to bring him upstairs and lepak tgk tv while Fadd and I set the table. Then we managed to bring hArith and athirAh down to change their outfit. Didn’t bring uZAir down fearing syauqi would suspect something. Soon after all of his friends sneak in quietly.

Faces that came

Thanks peeps!

It was then time to call syauQi down. I was really kelam kabut that time till I couldn’t think of a reason to call him down. Somehow I ended up screaming calling for his help saying there’s insect in the house, well I actually yelled ‘binatang’. He didn’t quite buy it, he came down and saw the boxes of pizza from the stairs and thought the pizza was the surprise since he was searching for dinner earlier on. As he approached the table, friends who were hiding scream out “SURPRISE” followed by a birthday song. He was indeed very much surprise!

*I could actually called him down mintaq tolong microwave tak function kn

Birthday boy tried blowing off the candle but FAILED. Sampai terduduk! Siap off kipas thinking that the kipas punca the candle didn’t want to padam. But actually Fadd was the ‘culprit’, she bought the Magic Relighting Candle…hihihi

athirAh kesian kat pApa tiup non-stop, she wanted to help pApa.

Alhamdulillah food was more than enough (since ade left overs) and to sum it up, I do think the surprise party menjadi =) On top of that, pApa’s friend few are photography enthusiast so they had those big big camera taking shots of him mase die turun muka terkejut. Cam celebrity lar pulak konon…hahahah. Even the kids were chased by the ‘paparazzi’ since they were crawling everywhere.

And here are pictures of the babies wishing their beloved pApa...

I hope I made the Birthday Boy a hAppy Boy. Hmm..he looks hAppy, don't you think?

**I actually bought a banner HAPPY BIRTHDAY, totally forgotten to hang it!

And more photos, courtesy from pApa's friend; Yusof, Dad and Ahmad Jr. Thanks!!