Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On athirAh's eye...

On Sunday, while i was doing my Asar prayer..athirAh had a fall. She was busy rolling on my bed and fell off and knock her eyes at the edge of our chest drawers. She was crying loudly when my sister-in-law picked her up , the moment I finished my prayers i carried her and she stopped crying. So I thought it was just one of those fell in which she stop crying when I carried her. But to my horror...her eyes were bleeding!!!! (but she was no longer crying). I was shocked (and of coz panic). I wasn't sure were the blood came from her eyes or somewhere else. It look terrible coz it was mixture of her blood and tears. It was as though the blood came out from her eyes.

I started screaming, calling my mom to come down and have a look. Dad carried her while I put my head scarf on to go to the clinic. It was still bleeding but she was calm. In fact she was the only person that remain calm at that time. Since she was no longer crying, we managed to detect where the blood came from...just above her eye lid. We put ice on it..which made her started crying all over again. My dad drove us to the clinic...and guess what? My little hero was so selamba...she actually felt asleep!

She cried when the doctor clean up the wound and put some oinment on it. And on the way back she continued her sleep. Upon reaching home, she was still sleeping and woke up bout 30 minutes later. She behaved like nothing had happened, back to her usual active behaviour. Here's a picture of her after taking her evening bath. Kena air mase mandi pun tarahal punye.

And today...her swallon seems to be rather obvious than yesterday...

And here is a close up of her eye... (ade gaya macam kena penumbuk tak? )

On the other hand, my bam bam is buzy crawling EVERYWHERE now. dapur pun ade chance die masuk. tangga pun dah panjat naik...extra eyes needed to control all 3.

And this boy of mine is in the phase where curiosity level is at peak! Sume mende nak digodek. And he knows that at about 11am, my maid is busy cooking..he'll start knocking on the door nonstop coz he wants to see the cooking session. If we allow him in, he'll demand to be carried so he could see what's in the pot. When carried, he'll point to the lid, to uncover it so he could have a better look. Aiyoo jenuh ah sambil masak nk kena dukung die...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Patut lah...

Patut lah selama ni kaki saya sakit bedenyut2
Patut lah selama ni if duduk smbil dukung anak, susah untuk saya bangun
Patut lah dah berkali kali makcik urut datang, tapi kaki tetap sakit
Patut lah selama ni senget jer bila duduk antara dua sujud dalam solat
Patut lah bila buat blood test sumenye okay (alhamdulillah)
Patut lah tido malam pun terganggu sbb kaki sakit bedenyut
Patut lah bangun pagi sure sakit kaki nk turun katil
Patut lah ade kalanye kaki sangat sakit smpai jalan tehenjut2
Patut lah bila saya cuba2 tuk lari sbb nak main touch rugby tapi tak terlari
Patut lah telan panadol pun kaki tetap sakit
Patut lah bila sapu minyak panas atau deep heat kaki tetap sakit
Patut lah if drive keta manual kaki nak tekan clutch sakitnye memang terasa

Rupe rupenye saya kena muscle tear

Selama ni, tahan je lah sakit tu...tak berani nak merungut sebab takut nanti sure mak akan kata:
" tu lah masa dalam pantang taknak jaga betul2...jalan laju2, suruh makan itu ini taknak"

Jadi sekarang saya dah tau tiada kaitan dengan penjagaan diri ketika pantang...

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yesterday was one of the days that athirAh choose not to take her nap. She was actively roaming the house the entire day. It was also raining in the evening, which means they are stuck in the house. And yesterday syauQi wasn't home....yes, try imagine how tiring that was.

But on the bright side, she slept straight away after her evening shower...which was about 7pm. Woke up around 3am for a bottle of milk and back to lala land.

uZAir on the other hand, demanded feeding rather frequently last night. Seriously, i don't think i even entered my deep sleep zone at all. You know those feeling where you think you are asleep but you are aware of every single movement happening. So do you considered that as sleeping? My body was aching coz i was on one position too long (coz was breastfeeding).

Good thing, hArith was kind enough to sleep well. Good think i took the step of putting him on my bed. As long he could feel the presence of someone besides him, he's usually okay. Die tido suke ngendel2 kat orang. if die sedar takde orang, siap ah die bgn.

En. Suami punye roster next month is out. I looked at the roster with mouth wide open it coz he'll be away for 10 days straight.

Hmm, away for 10 days means:
1. 10 sleepless night for me
2. 10 days of keeping the kids occupied by myself
3. 10 days tolerating their crankiness
4. 10 days of putting all of them to sleep by myself

Gosh, i can barely imagine how lembik i'll be by the end of the 10 days....
Tapi periuk nasi punye pasal...lets just deal with it.

Hmm..wouldnt it be nice if hArith n athirAh go for playschool for half a day. At least i have some room to breath in the morning...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Malaysia and Maintenece?

alamak, ramai pulak yg bertanyekn ape jadi to my trip ke bukit tinggi n genting. first let me warn u...tulisan dibawah adalah berdasarkn suara hati yg tidak puas hati, maka logic lah if penulis exxagarate keadaan dan situasi di sane and mayb i dont to proper justice to the place..hahaha. so jgn amiq bulat2 kata2 saya ni.

First of all, kami sampai tempat tu kul 11 and most places baru bukak. Destinasi pertama kami is to the botanical garden....masalah biasa yg kami hadapi, tempat bertangga2 impossible to bring the kids. kami turun just few steps tuk tgk the place but dari jauh tak lar nampak menarik bebaloi untuk kami angkar bebudak tu turun naik anak tangga so kami pun patah balik ke kereta menuju ke colmar.

Dah nk smpai colmar ade lar pakcik guard direct us to the covered carpark. Yer, terima kasih pakcik kerana guide kami ke car park..pastu ke mane kami nak tuju? signboard direction hampeh takde. dah lar tempat parking elok2 dijadikn stor lar pulak, byk lar stok spare part toilet bowl, sinki, bathtub "parking" kat situ skali. Oh kami jumpe lift. then nk tekan butang ape? tingkat mane nk gi. oh takpe, masih bleh gune logic kami tuk tekan lobby lar kn (d-uh). pas menuju colmar tu kami rase lapar nk isi perut dulu sbb en suami tak makan pape lagi. restaurant dah bukak tapi tgh transaction from breakfast ke lunch so no food serve. tak dapat lar kami nk makan.

Nk keep the kids occupied, jumpe children playroom...Yayy!! (oh jgn terlalu excited awal2 yer, haha). hArith n athirAh nk naik mesin2 yg kena letak duit tu. Oh perlu gune token ye bukan syiling. mane nk beli token? sila ke next room (game archade room). dah sah sah tau mesin kat children's room tu memerlukn token, letak lar mesin token kt bilik tu jugak..takyah lar susah2 nk ke bilik sebelah. Dah gi bilik sebelah, mesin token tak berfungsi!!! Satu makhluk pun kami tak nmpak tuk bertanye macam mane nk beli token. kesian lar anak gue yg dh excited main dgn stering mesin tu tapi tak gerak 2!

Meanwhile, syauQi gi survey tmpat tuk lunch:

Restaurant pertama:

syauQi: abang, sini lame tak if order makan.

org kedai: pelayan dgn cashier tak masuk lagi lar bang.

syauQi: ?

org kedai: saya tukang masak jer, kang sape nk open bil?

syauQi: kedai dah bukak ke blum?

org kedai: kedai dh bukak tapi diorang tak masuk keja lagi.

kesimpulannye, takleh lah nk makan situ

Restaurant number 2

syauQi: bang, sini lame ke kalau order makan?

org kedai: (dgn jujurnye jawab) lama jugak lar bang, kadang 25 min, kadang 30 min.

syauQi: takde org pun lame ker?

org kedai: lama bang, tgk gak tukang masak yg mane masak.

syauQi: (blankk)

Hmm..mungkin sebab ari selasa, weekday kn so tempat tu mati skit. so sbb kesiankn anak yg dah restless tak dapat buat pape, kami decided tuk naik genting je lah dah alang kt belah sane...

Kejadian di genting pula?

Kt genting nothing much happen cume i feel that the rides takde yg sesuai tuk hArith n athirAh. for their age group actually bleh lar naik mende indoor mcm "boat" sume tu. tapi mende tu cam lembab nk mampus. mau baru seminit duduk anak2 gue sudah restless mau terjun keluar.

Tapi rasenye kt Genting rides tu overpriced ah...baik gi lagoon je kot. Eh chop, dah lame tak gi lagoon...tak tau masih okay tak maintanence die. ade sesapa penah gi lagoon lately? minta tlg kasi feedback skit.

Hmm...tapi mmg Colmar tu i find it shantek, but y lar malaysia ni ade masalah dgn maintanence??? sayang tul mende dah ade tp tak di-maintain.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can you join photomama without DSLR?

For the past few post i've been talking bout photomama and there were a number of people asking me what if they don't have dslr? can they benefit from photomama by using compact camera.

Yes, i think it is common for people to ask can they take good photos without dslr. first let me quote what Saiful Nang himself have to say about this matter:

DSLR is an advantage, but the arts of photography doesn’t so dependant with the gear we have. Check some of our earliest video, there you can see how a cheap camera can do wonder with a right tune in the basic photogrpahy skill as well as the Arts of Seeing. All that and more is in our weekly video.

In my case, previously i snap all sorts of photos, main snap jer..not considering the right angle, lighting or background etc. All this are refered as Arts of Seeing. I shall give example for angle. From photomama i learned that in a potrait, at least satu anak mata kena ade in the picture. but of coz a good potrait biarlah nampak both anak mata and also bile amiq gmbar anak go down to their eye level. well it is obvious that we are taller than our kids..so go down to their eye level so we can capture their expression better. Hmmm...bile gmbar at their eye level..dont u think tat kind of picture would be better dpd anak kena dongak ke atas tgk kite. Small2 things like this we kind of overlook. But actually it matters alot in producing great photos. That is just one example among the many tips i learned from photomama. Of coz there are more than those basic tips. Thus regardless of what camera u use...i'm sure Photomama would be benificial to you.

However it is not as simple as watching the video and u'll be a good photographer over night. You would need some practise. Take lots of shots with different angles...and see for urself the difference from one photo to another. And do send ur photo for the experts to comment, n u'll learn to improve after reading their comments and tips. You will also learn by looking at others' photos.

Some asked "is the tutorial easy to understand? does saiful uses bombastic jargon that would sound like alien language?" Well, for me i find it simple. And if tak masih tak paham, don't worry sila angkat tangan and tanye soalan (aik mcm kt sekolah lar pulak). I mean, don't hesitate to type in your question and others would be more than happy to guide you.

And do you know the first few tutorials are free for u to watch. Yes u can give it a try and see if u can understand the language used / instruction given. Go to the tutorial and click "read more" and scroll down ke the first few tutorial. see for urself.

Well, to make things easy for u, here's the link...try lar tgk the first few free tutorial:

n actually ade gak ajar photo editing gune photoshop to enhance our picture tp i takde the photoshop software lagi, so tak dapat lar nk godek2 to enhance my photo =(


and here's the link to thr trailer for Premium Member

psst...this week punye tutorial, ade Saiful Nang gune handphone gak

By the way, here are some photos i took using compact camera, canon ixus. Well, it may not be good but certainly some improvement comparatively to those picture i took before Photomama using this same compact camera.

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hArith's master piece

Remember in this post, it was hArith's first attempt in painting. And in his 2nd attempt...he successfully made himself a master piece and mOmmy proudly frame it =)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hmm... a big grin on my face when I saw my photos in Saiful Nang's blog

:D :D :D

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lesson Learned

Today, we were out since morning till evening. Left the house at almost 10am and reached home at almost 6pm.

And the lesson learned is...tak payah pegi Bukit Tinggi and Genting lagi dah.

Jangan tanye kenapa, xde mood malas nak cerita...

But thanks to En Suami yang tidak jemu membawa kami ke hulu dan ke hilir. Thanks!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bali - On Transport

To those yang nak contact number for transport kat Bali:

From Malaysia i emailed Sofiyan:

Tapi bila kat sane, the driver that was assigned to us was Shahrul:

So up to you nk contact sape. Nak trus sms pun bleh. When I first email Sofiyan, die trus called me. Efficient kan..takyah nk tunggu lame berbalas email.

Nway, we used Suzuki APV and the daily rate was 350,000rupiah. Comfortable enough for 5 adult and my 3 lil ones.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Athirah taken...?

Our neighbour was away for 3 Days. They just got back today n my kids dgn tak malunye serang their house. Ashman was asleep when we entered..athirAh terus panjat the sofa and comfortably position herself like this....

Ashman was still half asleep, but his reflect action was to hug athirAh too. See the picture below, tangan athirah actually tgh gerak2 dok tepuk dada Ashman..which then woke him up. He was rather confused seeing athirAh ...hihih =)

Psst, athirAh oh athirAh dah besar kang tak bleh peluk2 mcm ni tau...;)


I just realise i still have another post for Bali but photos are in En Suami's laptop. Meanwhile since ade few people asked about the villa..here's some info.

We stayed at Ulin Villa (Seminyak). I would suggest those interested to do your own booking instead of going tru travel agent. It is much much cheaper. At first we went through the local (Bali) travel agent but came to know it's much cheaper to do it myself. Basically, go through the intenet to choose your preference villa. There are few ways to do it,

(i) you can just google up "Bali Villa" and you'll be given lots and lots of choices smpai rambang mata!


(ii) you go to this kind of website, and narrow down the choices of villa you one (i.e. location, number of room(s)). once you found the villa you like. try to google for the villa's official website, and see the rate. compare the rate from the previous website and the rate given in the official website. Don't be afraid to email them and try negotiate for the price. Ask if they have any special rate. Because I emailed them, we saved USD 50 a night. 5 nights means we saved USD250 (RM 900). And by doing all the reservation myself (instead of via the local travel agent), we saved almost RM3k!!!

So, why did I choose Ulin Villa?

1) we wanted a villa near Kuta, but unfortunately private villa in Kuta is rather limited. Kuta has more hotels instead of villa.

2) Seminyak is closest to Kuta. Without traffic, it's approxiately 10 - 15 minutes.

3) I wanted a villa without all those patung2 decoration. When u visit the website u can view the photos of the villa and see for urself...which villa attracts you most.

4) I wanted a lap pool (not a plunge pool)

5) The villa is aware that we muslim need halal food.

6) And best of all, their service is superb. They replied my email almost immediatly (provided it is still working hours on their side). Yup for me, if they reply ur email fast..tat's a good sign of "first impression". n true enuff...their service was excellent. Ape nak, call jer reception mintaq. sure possible..remember i managed to get free flower petals for the tub. tp jgn lar request yg mengarut2

7) Oh do you know that Seminyak has more boutique shops compared to Kuta? Kuta has more surfing shop (i.e Quiksilver, Billabong) but Seminyak has more independent brand clothes boutique. Lots of luvly ladies attire, blouse and dresses.

And how do i move around?

We contacted the driver in advance to arrange for the transport. But since the villa provided airport pick-up and send-off, we didn't take the driver service on the first day. He came to our villa on the 2nd day according to the time that has been arranged. Very punctual! The guy is a muslim so getting halal food is not a problem. And he is not just muslim by name...memang solat and all. so very easy..nak cari surau sume not a problem. There are couple of times that we just want to relax in our villa. So instead of fetching us in the morning, we told him to fetch us at bout noon, but we gave him money the day before and asked him to help get us lunch. Just tell him what time u want the food. Say, you want it at 12pm, he'll send the food at the villa at 12pm...ate our lunch and only then we start moving to places we wanna go. Tapi korang jadi lar byk hati gak..jgn lar order cukup2 tuk korang jer, beli lah satu set extra for him. Boleh lah die makan (dalam keta) sementara tunggu korang menikmati hidangan enak tu tepi pool =)

The price?
350,000rupiah per day, plus minus 10 hours a day. Anywhere u wanna go.

Oh by the way, i didn't go to all those tourist hotspot like Tanah Lot, temple and wat not..just not convinient to go with the kids plus me and En Suami been there once and mmg tak minat

Friday, March 20, 2009

International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

This is just a short note of the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya:

Public can have the opportunity of getting a ride in the hot air ballon...it doesn't go anywhere far though. It goes up to a certain height and comes down. The hot air balloon kena tambat dgn tali. However, tickets ade quota...so u have to be the first 80 to be able to get the ride.

Tickets can be purchased at the Scretariat Counter (where all the other food stalls / bazaar ) for RM10 per head.

(will write another post bout our trip to the site)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Am I Not Lucky?

We had some workers over at the house to do some repair work, and hArith was of coz happy to see all the work being done. And suddenly we caught him out in the garden climbing up the stairs, me on the other hand bukan kabut nk gi get him down tapi kabut gi amiq camera..hahha, the few shots yg sempat amiq sblum selamatkn die... hihi

And, he is also into gardening!

And this morning, i caught him in the toilet brushing the toilet bowl!

Am I not lucky? Such a handyman =)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Butter - fly

Speaking of Butterfly Park, I remembered a story once told by my lecturer about her nephew (bout 4 years old):

While his mom was cooking in the kitchen...this boy confidently open the fridge and took the butter out. He then dengan selambanye tanpa rase bersalah threw the butter out of the window

Mother: Abang! Why did u throw the butter out?!?!?!?!??!

Abang: (calmly he replied) I want to see the butterfly

Mother: (Speechless)

p/s: oh, i miss my lecturer Prof Dr Hariyati Shahrima

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Butterfly Park

We went to the Butterfly Park yesterday, and i have one word for it..ST*PID!!! Don't you think they should know better...obviuosly families with children are the main target for the park yet they dont have ramp for strollers..there were lots of stepssssss. It was plain st*pid. When we wanted to buy the entrance ticket..the lady at the counter pointed out to us that it would be difficult to enter with strollers coz they hv lots of steps. We thought of turning back but En Suami said alang alang dah ade kt situ masuk je lah angkat stroller tu kt tangga. So there we were carrying the strollers each time we approached steps. It was about 30 steps down. We thought that was it. But they had few more steps along the way and the pavement were rather bumpy for the strollers.

Arrggghhhh...it was plain st*pid. macam mane lar nk promote tourism malaysia camni? The least they could do was to help us getting up and down the steps. Lucky thing we brought 3 single strollers or else senget bahu nak angkat twin stroller.

And besides the steps...it wasn't that interesting compared to Bird Park. Seriously, i dont recommend anyone to go, just not worth it. If I knew it was like that, i wouldnt mind going to Bird Park again.

Sorry, no pictures..just couldnt be bothered coz was struggling with the strollers.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nikmat dunia pertama

Saya masih ingat, bulan lepas ada suara suara sumbang yg bising kate photomama tu cekik darah? yang mengatakan byk jer cara lain tuk menuntut ilmu photography. Tapi saya pilih untuk tidak terpengaruh dgn kata2 itu dan meng-invest duit tuk blajar. Kalau korang pembaca blog saya dari dulu, pasti korang tau kn camane gmbar2 saya dulu. sume main snap jer...tanpa any emotion in the picture. in fact, saya rase rugi sebab hArith dan athirAh dah 20bulan usia mereka and i wasted 20months of great shots. and uZAir pulak saya sudah rugi 8 months of great pictures. Takpe, yang sudah berlalu tu kite biarkn dan yang akan datang ni kite pastikn tiada lagi penyesalan. Sekarang alhamdulillah, mmg blum di taraf professional hasil gambar saya tapi saya rasa sudah ade banyak improvement..sume sbb blaja online kat photomama. Kepada suara suara sumbang itu, kata lah ape korang nak kate. Yang pasti, saya puas hati melabur RM280. Kadang terpiki gak "kan bagus if Orked dilahirkan lebih awal, sure photomama wujud lebih awal"

Lihat lah perbezaan ni...ni gmbar saya ambil masa uZAir lahir...masa tu main snap jer. amiq camera trus snap. Xpun, korang tgk je lah entry2 tahun lepas dlm blog ni. tgk lah gmbar2 saya time tu...

Gmbar2 bawah ni selepas 1 bulan belaja kat photomama...

Dalam mase sebulan , alhamdullilah gmbar saya dah lebih bermakna. Saya tak perlu bazir masa nk google up cari cari mane nk dapat free tutorial. nk google pun akan memakan mase bukan. jadi saya dapat jimatkn masa dgn hanya type http://www.thephotomama.com/ . hmm, klau dalam mase setahun macam mane pulak gmbar saya ek? hihi

Tapi korang jgn lar ingat, asalkn enroll premium member kt photomama bleh trus jadi handal. of coz lar kena practice, tru trial and error. kan practice makes perfect.

Hmm..mesti ade yg confused kan asal saya beria ria nk promote photomama ni. coz i have wasted 20months of great moments of my children and i wouldn't want others to waste those great moments with your kids too.

Kalau korang tanye kawan2 universiti saya, apa nikmat dunia pertama saya, sure diorang akan jawab "tido"...ye dulu saya selalu kate, nikmat dunia pertama ialah tido. tapi skrang saya akan jawab "nikmat dunia pertama ialah bila dapat snap nice photo of my children". ya, itulah nikmat dunia pertama saya =)

Mak bapak korang ade tak amiq gmbar korang mase kecik. Mama bapak saya ade, dan bile tgk balik gmbar2 mase kecik, mesti kami adik beradik gelak...dgn rambut takdenye, comotnye, baju skema giler...macam2 ragam ade. Skrang turn saya pulak nk amiq gmbar2 anak saya.

Jadi, tepuk dada..tanye diri. Bazirkah RM280 jika di-investkn untuk capture gmbar anak sendiri?

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

I don't quite like it if it rains in the evening coz my kids would be restless when they are stuck in the house. Usually at about 5pm, they will start pointing outside wanting to play in the garden. On rainy days they become grumpy and cranky coz they are restricted from having outdoor fun.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


It makes my heart melts whenever i see the 2 of them playing and giggle together... tgk tu smpai tertonggeng tunggang tebalik jatuh. org2 tua kate if gelak byk2 sure ade yg nangis..but kali ni takde sape pun yg nangis...

They were attacking each other with athirAh's soft toy...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bali - On Avacado

While we were in Bali, all anak beranak (xcept En Suami) jadi hantu alpukat. We had avacado juice in every meal.

Believe it or not, hArith drank in one shot...sedut taknk lepas smpai habis. tgk lar pipi die tu...

And this lil boy enjoyed the juice too! He had it non-stop. Lambat suap jer die melalak.

Gosh...its so yummy. There was once we got our driver to belikn the juice for us. Die gie area pasar and we told him we want really think, no water added. And he came back with such a yummy-licious juice...and best part of all that was the cheapest of all. Other places average of 10,000rupiah. some places even charged 20,000 rupiah. but our driver belikan yg palin kaw kaw pekat sedap nk mampus at only 5,000 rupiah...yummy!

Magazine Survey

Mom's out there, I would like to do survey on parental magazine.

1) What parental magazine do you usually read?
(i.e. Pa&Ma , Young Parenthood etc.)

2) Why do you choose that magazine?

3) Other than parental magazine, what magazine do you read

Hope dear readers would leave the answer at the comment section. Please please please

I thank you in advance

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sophea Dania

Went over to syauQi's friend's house today to welcome baby Sophea Dania to the world. The couple sure look happy entering the new world of parenthood. We took the opportunity to turn 6 days old Dania into our "guine pig" ...hihi. But we dare not experiment too much coz we wouldnt want to make the anxious parents worry too much. Hopefully with the few shots we made would gain the confidence of these parents to allow us tonggeng tonggang tebalik kn Dania in our next visit.

I luv the tiny toes =)

And more pictures of the proud parents with their bundle of joy

Ni gmbar sekadar hiasan, we brought uZAir along with us


PhotoClinic - Lake Garden

Yesterday brought all 3 to Lake Garden for photoclinic by ThePhotoMama. (yup, who said it's juz online tutorial...we do hv physical lesson from time to time). Unfortunately on Friday syauQi was called up for a flight coz he was on standby. It sure was a struggle to bring all 3. Lucky thing I had extra help frm my sis and SIL. However having ratio one kid to one adult makes it difficult to take photos. The moment we let hArith n athirAh off the stroller, they were everywhere. Mmg tak dpt nk snap gmbar sbb kena monitor takut ade yg jatuh tegolek from the playground. athirAh was very close to jatuh tegolek.

I let uZAir roam around on the grass. At first he was okay with it...curious with the new texture. Pastu dh boring, mula lah nangis minta diangkat. Sedihnye, not much of beautiful shots were taken...again reason being sbb tak cukup tangan. Gambar2 kat bawah ni hanya sekadar mewarna warni kn post kali ini...

Taking hArith and athirAh's photo were almost impossible. The were running around constantly. Then finally athirAh stood still sbb dapat bubble cum wisel from another boy. Excited dpt tiup wisel...

Ni, muka dah tak larat, nak balik. Even my sister pun dah tak larat chasing after them

Anak teruna ni dah teduduk keletihan...

and uZAir pun ajak balik....

we then smbung kat kopitiam for breakfast...

p/s: PhotoMama having promotion frm now till the 11th, subscribe at a reduced price of RM230. I have two coupons to let go if ade yg berminat

**updated: only one coupon left

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