Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today, the weekly gardener came in the morning. hArith as usual luv to see the gardener at work. but it was too hot to let him out. So he was only able to see tru the window. And the moment we let him out this evening...he wanted to do just like what the gardener did.

So arini pokok2 sume mmg kenyang nak mampus, hihih

ade gaya kan hArith siram pokok

even, celah2 sume die siram...mmg teliti buat keja

athirAh as usual...just not bothered, hihi

ha, pokok ni paling kenyang skali..water smpai over flow hArith buat

Pastu, not only the trees and flowers die siram...athirAh pun kena siram skali

Ni athirAh melarikn diri sbb kesejukan kena siram, menggigil babe

Oh chop, if kat kampung bebudak main parit if kat bandar parit takde...nk main ape??

Main longkang lah, hahahahaha

Tgk ni, ade gaya macam nk tangkap berudu dlm sungai tak?

Tp dont worry, sebelum kejadian, hArith dah siram longkak gak, hihi

Their first train ride

No, it is not the KTM, neither it is the LRT nor monorail...but it is Thomas Train in d house =)
While we were fixing the track, athirAh started conquering the train...not allowing others to ride on it.... mujuh lar hArith boleh beralah.

see, even the following day athirAh conquered it...

But because the train is rather slow, she soon get bored with it n let others ride it

uZAir pun x sabar mende ni slow sgt die dok gerak2 badan die ke depan mcm tgh horse riding...trying to make the train go faster.

n then they started to cooprate to make the train move faster....tolak babe, hihi. pastu gembira sbb diorang bejaya make it go faster

athirAh mcm tengah teran nk berak pun ade...hahah

yg ni pulak, pApa kate mcm citer hindustan...main2 kt track keretapi

And I like this the most...sume 3 beradik pakat2 naik sama2 =)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Saturday

Last friday, i mentioned to En Suami nk main touch rugby the next day. Coz since he was around, he can tlg tgk kn the kids. initial plan was to bring along the elder two so they can run and go wild all over the field. but hArith was asleep when we wanted to leave the hse. in most cases i tend to leave the elder two behind if one is asleep...coz once one awake he/she will search for the other one. so ended up uZAir cam tagging along.

we were late actually. usually game starts at 4pm, but we left the hse at 5pm... so ni lah die org masuk padang tanpa sempat warm-up langsung. smbil lupe diri die ade muscle tear!

i only played for half an hour coz the sun was terik giler and the others played since 4pm and they could no longer take the heat. so they call it off early..sempat lar me main kejap.

uZAir was happy crawling on the grass,and i think he ended up eating some too. jadi kambing lar pulak anak ku ini jap.

Although matahari tgh terik...good thing there were big trees by the side for En Suami n uZAir. so dpt lar duduk bawah redup.

hopefully i can have another run next week. kesian boot saya, dok bersemadi je kt dlm cupboard tu.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Couple of days back my kids had playdate. Twice.

The first one was with haiQal, we all went over to the park. All kids were busy roaming around, we were busy chasing after them thus I hardly managed to take photos of them. athirAh tetiba hilang and suddenly saw her at the tip of the climbing frame, looking down at us when we called her name. Benti kejap my jantung fearing that she might just jump off it thinking it was fun.Fuhhh...gud thing hQ's father was quick enough to run from the other side while I hold on to this side to prevent her from jumping off. And at the same time i had few parents giving me looks of gosh-why-wasn't-she-taking-care -of-her-daughter.

haiQal, we hope u had a good time running around and a thousand appology coz my kids attack ur food and water bottle. Ampun ya. Hope tak serik tuk join kami lagi

And remember in one of my previous post, i suruh teka the FUN my kids were about to have? Here's the answer to it...

Yup, water balloons!!!
And this time around we had Faris joining us. haiQal were supposed to join us too but they had last minute guest...

Faris was shy in the beginning, so we took out the ball hoping that would warm him up before getting wet...

Unfortunately i think i kind of make my kids loose interest in the water balloon. coz while i was busy filling up the balloon...the elder two came to me and started taking the balloons n throw at each other. Oh of coz they were amazed at the thing. Each time they drop it, water splashes on their faces. But i ended up scolding them. Coz the moment i fill up 1 balloon...3-4 balloons being destroyed. I wanted to fill up the pail to play later when Faris arrived.

And the result, when I gave the green light to play...they are just not bothered anymore. Coz furthermore, they have their mini pool and water sprinkler too.

At first, Faris masih malu...he was playing with the waterballoons alone...

but later he joined along...throwing the balloons into the mini pool where hArith was.

And that day, hArith found something new...playing with the water host.

And budak ni pulak, dah pandai merangkak merayau kuar dari mini pool
Thanks Faris for coming over...datang lagi yer!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

happy feet

teka teki...
sape nk teka ni kaki2 sape?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

4 nites ONLY

En Suami just got back from work, but this time around for only 4 nites. Yes, after going through 10 nites without him....the 4 nites felt like a piece of cake, hihi

Petang ni kami ade agenda FUN yang baru...sape nak teka ape? Harap2 nye tak hujan lar petang ni...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If ade dSLR, gambar confirm cun?

Ramai org kate...if ade dslr mmg lar gmbar cantek. well, in this post..i did write about joining PhotoMama without dSLR.

And this time around..i wanna share with u that tak semestinye once dah ade dSLR gmbar confirm cun. yer..u can read the manual to learn bout the setting. what about other basic photography and art of seeing?

Ingat tak about my trip back to kampung kt Tanjung Malim, yang ni first time pegi. Time tu kami dah miliki camera dSLR...and dah pun paham ape itu aperture, ISO and shutter. tapi camane nk praktikn sume element2 tu ke dalam gambar. angle sume hampeh kami tak reti. background pun ntah ape2.

Then kali kedua balik kampung...ade lah berbekalkn skit ilmu yang saya pelajari online kt PhotoMama, dan hasilnye ade kt pos yg ini.... (yg bebudak gembira jakun main air)

So dua tempat yang sama, camera yang sama...tapi hasil gambar yg berbeza kan....jadi adakah memilik dSLR means everything?

Nway, PhotoMama will be having its 2nd photoclinic. As usual, free for premium members and RM45 fees for non-premium members. So ni lar time tu tanye in person ape2 yg tak paham kt video tu.

Hello's time for Photoclinic Session again.!!! So to all mommies, this is the time for you to get to do the practical with the Sifu around you..Sifu will correct you if you are wrong on the spot!

Here's the detail of the PHOTOCLINIC 2 :

Date : 2nd May 2009

Day : Saturday

Time : 9am till 11am

Venue : Lake Garden

Fees : FREE for all Premium Members ( RM45 for non Premium Members)

Trainer : Saiful Nang

Others : 1 premium members can bring maximum 2 non-premium members (other than husband or wife) but must be registered with TPMC community for FREE. But the priority will be given to the Premium Members.

Activities : You Shoot the Sifu will Correct it..

Join the hottest community in town now!

Monday, April 20, 2009

At the Park

After 10 days of work, syauQi had 7 days off...and today he is back at work. However while he was packing his bag just now...athirAh stopped him from doing so. He distracted syauQi by demanded to be carried. And each time syauQi open his bag to pack his stuff, athirAh will close it ..preventing her dad from packing. I reckon, in her mind she was saying "nooo, you are not going to work again, coz the last time u went it took u soooo long to come back". And most touching moment was when syauQi finished packing and wanted to bring the bag to the front door, she practically placed her hand on it trying to stop syauQi and soon realised that she doesnt really have the power of stopping...she lift her hand from the bag and softly said "ba bye, ba bye....."

Seriously, it really did make syauQi felt like not going to work....

Nway, here's another activity we did while pApa was around....a trip to the park =)
Main intention was to fly the kite, but it seems that only uZAir was interested....

coz, once hArith gets a ball....nothing else could beat that. so layang2 tak laku...

And athirAh as usual was everywhere...she was practicing 100 meter run, hihi

And there was a group of men doing some exercise, which she joined along. She went close to those men...looking up and down trying to figure out what they were doing. And she managed to imitate them well....

Only uZAir were hAppy to see the kite flying...his mood was all cheerful, so decided to take photos of him.

N also I had a friend who wanted to try out her new uZAir became the model for the day...thus my friend could try out diiferent setting of her camera. Meanwhile, i took some shots too...coz aritu syauQi pegi keja bawak camera, maka saya pun ade lupe pasal setting2 n mula terkial2 nk buat setting camera....haha

Oh, uZAir pun terror buat One Two Weee tau... =)

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