Sunday, May 31, 2009


Would u believe that this small piece of cloth can be used in all these different ways

as a skirt...

or top AND skirt, like this

or this...

or just the top like this...

or this...

or this...

the backview...

and best of all...for nursing mom, u would luv this!!!
You can wear it like this...

or wear it as a poncho


to feed ur lil one =)

See, feeding ur lil one in public is no longer a problem! =)

cool kan,

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last weekend we went to En Suami's parents' home and hArith hAppily did some gardening.
He was busy sweeping the dried leaves but realised he wasn't using the right "tool".

It was really smart of him to change it to penyapu lidi...ha, tersenget2 ni nk angkat penyapu lidi...

And again, everything is about scooping =)

And uZAir on the other hand is sooo much like athirAh (character wise), one of it is...sume mende nk masuk mulut, see...

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On hArith n athirAh

Yesterday was hArith 6th day of skool. There was still crying here and there but the teachers said he showed improvement. I took the opportunity to take photos of hArith when I drop him off yesterday.
These were the things that hArith did...

I stayed for awhile before sneaking out quietly.

Having his morning snack,

Did some colouring...

and what he likes most...scooping and pouring...

Ever since he started doing this activity in school..meal time is all about scooping n pouring too. He will scoop his rice onto athirAh's place...and then transfer it again to his plate, again and again. He can also eat using the spoon now. Scoop it and feed it into his mouth.

He also has pick up few new habit. If anything spill in the house, he will run to get tissue and start wiping it. He will also take tissue to wipe his hand each time after he washes his hand. Or if athirAh cries, he will kelam kabut search for athirAh's fav plush toy and give it to her for comfort. (coz whenever he cries in school..all friends will start giving one toy after another...trying to comfort him)

Hmm, 6 days he has already pick up those habit..not bad aight?

And athirAh on the other hand...kesian, kecik2 dah dapat surat dari lawyer tau!!! Tak pasal2 kang kena masuk court


Her outstanding bill from the hospital...yup the first 4 months of her life. Previously they told us we could pay bit by bit...installment, any amount. Then they suggested to take out duit EPF, so we had to pay RM80 for the hospital report as one of the document needed for pengeluaran kwsp. It took more than 6 months for us to get the report, and yg bengong nye kt coloumn “penyakit critical”, they tick “ya” tapi kt column “membolehkn pengeluaran kwsp” they tick “tidak”. Apakah??? They told us to do so, and we had to pay for the report and tunggu punye tunggu report tu..blakang citer report tu takleh pakai. Camane nk kuar kn kwsp camtu??? Kan ke bengong namenye tu..

Nway, to elakkn any further complication and further action from the hospital / lawyer we decided to pay one lump sum. Paid for hArith's outstanding bill too...and the total was a whooping 5 digit figures!

Tu pegi government hospital..if private hospital per head can be up to 6 figures!!! Well, whatever the amount is, we are more than hAppy that they are now healthy and turning 2 next month!
Nope, there won't be any party for them. Besides not getting the approval from the finance minster, now with the amount we just paid yesterday...hence definitely no party. Hmm...perhaps we can have playdate. Anyone wanna join hArith n athirAh to get WET and DIRTY?? Sila angkat tangan, =). Lets set a date for some fun.

But *WARNING...sape2 yg rase tak sanggup mandi dlm kolam yg kecil ade pasir2 sebab hArith n athirah kuar masuk kuar masuk lari2 atas rumput and terjun balik dlm air...disarankn tak perlu angkat tangan..hihi

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last week, someone asked me am I pregnant?

NO, I am not

And up till today, it still bothers me.

Ok, yes...I am fat / have flabby tummy.


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Saturday, May 23, 2009

kempis, kuncup dan tercium

Hmm, saya konpius lar...

kenapa lar some people sanggup lar nk kempis2 kn perut diorang atau kuncup2 kan buntut dan ade juga yg sanggup tercium2 dinding lift tu...

apa kate, org2 tersebut..kuar jap dari lift tu, beri laluan sat kepada saya yg sedang tolak twin stroller gabak dan en suami yg menolak single stoller yg tak berapa gabak dan juga tak terlalu compact itu...pastu korang masuk lar balik lift tu..

kan senang? tak perlu lah smpai kena kempis kn perut, kuncup kn buntut dan tercium dinding lift tu

oh, saya kurang minat if musim sale? sbb time tu sume lorong jadi kecik, diorang letak barang2 promosi kt tengah2..macam mane nak lalu?

tp if kt jusc0 aritu, bukan tgh sale kan counter diorang slalu kt tengah2 kawasan baju tu kn...jadi saya tak berjaya nk tolak stroller ke counter. tak cukup ruang. last2 tepaksa letak balik barang2 tu sbb tak bejaya nk bayar. takkan nk biarkn bebudak dua tu sendiri2 sementara saya beratur tuk bayar?

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inflatable Bouncer

I've been wanting to do a post on this, but didnt have nice photos of it. but somehow i dont know when will i take photos of it we shall just settle with the photos i have in my folders.

Well, it is on the kids' early birthday present from their beloved Pah and Tuk Ki. Even uZAir was curious what was in the box when he first saw it. Of coz lar mOmmy yg lebih excited dpd sume org..hihi

athirAh was being helpful, beria nk tolong... x padan ngan kecik tp nak gak angkat

Even when to check if there's anything more left in the box...

Since the item was bought in US, we had problem with the power supply...tak same voltage with Malaysia punye. Made a phone call to Playlend, asked them for help, and he suggested to go to Jalan Pasar...yes time time tu jugak kami gi Jalan Pasar.
When we first laid the thing..the elder two were clueless what it was,

running around on it,

then, pApa started to switch on the blower...

that made this boy even more curious,

half way there...


And here's my gal soon to be my climber buddy =)


and even this boy enjoyed himself =)

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