Thursday, July 24, 2008

ahmAd uZair at 4 Days Young
(pusat die cabut on this day)
on his 2nd day he was already able to turn his head left right when i place him on his tummy =)


Aunty fadd said...

OMG..cepat sungguh his growth!Bagus ni.Welcome to the world sweetheart :).Tambah lg sorang anak aunty!!!

MommyAdam said...

congrats munirah...murah rezeki you...meriah rumah you =)

i teringin nak visit..boleh tak??

mOmmy of Triplets said...

aunty fadd:
bile nak tmbah anak sendiri ni...hihi.
asyik jalan je tau aunty ni :P

mommy adam:
mmg rumah meriah...rase cam nursery pun ade, hihi

nk visit? JEMPUT LAH!!!!!!
i'll be more than happy to open the door for u! Mari MAri!!

Lan0stZz said...

munirah we'll visit u soon ok laling once we are all well from this demam selsema..yes as in all 3 of us here are down with flu and cough. will call yah :) kiss2 all babies especially uzair. :D

mOmmy of Triplets said...

oh i can imagine how it is like when all down wiz flu. cam when either hArith or athirAh kena..sure ended up the other one pun kena. and it's like never ending. sorang baru nak baik...the other worsen...and yg dh nak baik pun kena's like a chain of flu.

i learnt my lesson, the moment i see sorang wiz symptom of flu..i quickly giv ubat to both.

nway, do come over ya. ajak nadia and her baby gak. then my hse will be like a nursery =)

Aunty fadd said...

Mommy munirah! Insya-allah sy akan tambah kan anak2 sy ni tak lama lagi..kekekek..
note: I am so grrrrr everyday sbb tak period!!!huh

auntie zura said...

auntie zura pun nak 1!

mOmmy of Triplets said...

aunty fadd & aunty zura:
ye..silalah tambahkn anak anda ye =)