Friday, January 30, 2009

Semalam dan Hari Ini

-I just realised, instead of clicking at the button "publish post", i click at the button "save now" instead. So this was what I wrote yesterday...

Semalam En Suami pergi kerja
Semalam ade SATU bakul baju2 yang belum disusun ke dalam almari
Semalam bilik agak bersepah

Hari ini En Suami akan pulang
Hari Ini ade DUA bakul baju yang belum disusun ke dalam almari
Hari ini bilik masih bersepah


Hari Ini DAN Semalam hujan turun di petang hari


Hari Ini DAN Semalam anak2 tidak dapat bermain di luar

Oleh itu...

Mereka sangat aktif hingga ke malam hari, tidak cukup penat untuk tido jam 8 malam

Hari Ini DAN Semalam, hArith dan athirAh meragam sebelum tido, serba serbi tidak kena.
Hari Ini DAN Semalam, uZAir tido lewat hingga jam 12:30 malam. Ingin didukung sepanjang masa
Hari Ini DAN Semalam, uZAir telah menguji tahap kesabaran ibunya.

Ibunya tewas!

Hari Ini DAN Semalam, kepala saya berpusing stress kerna tewas dengan ujian yang anak2 berikan.

**Ya Allah ya tuhanku, berikan lah kekuatan dan kesabaran pada hambamu ini dalam menjaga dan mendidik khalifah2 kecil ini. Ameen

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beware of the prices!!!

Beware gals whenever you go shopping at Cold Storage. I’ve read this kind of cases before and we now had the first hand experience. Of coz we don’t usually do our marketing and groceries at Cold Storage (due to the prices of their items) , we were there to get few things that we couldn’t get elsewhere.

While I was getting the few stuffs needed, hubby saw a water bottle in which he been searching for. The price at the shelf stated RM14.90. So he took two. While at the cashier, the gal scans the item and syauQi saw that the item was scanned as RM27.90. Lucky thing we only bought few items thus he was aware of all the prices that were being scanned. But at first he thought they had promotion, 2 bottles for RM27.90 instead of (14.90 x 2 = 29.80). After he paid and received the receipt he saw that there were two items priced at RM27.90. So he asked the cashier what were the items and she showed the water bottle. syauQi pointed out that the items were label as RM14.90 at the shelf. Quickly she went to check it at the shelf, came back and called her cashier supervisor to help refund the money.

Cashier supervisor came, used her few buttons and returned the money to syauQi without even saying sorry and returned to her cashier. Not satisfied with it, syauQi told her “its not as simple as returning the money, I want to see the person incharge”. N she replied saying she’s the person in charge ; Cashier Leader. Thus syauQi said, “No, I want to see your supervisor or manager…someone from the office”. A man then came so syauQi pointed out the issue and emphasize that it seems to be an on going issue, and people been talking about it on the net. So better do something if you want people to keep coming.

When we left, I actually returned to the aisle of the water bottle to see for myself the pricing. The man-from-the-office was there, double checking the case and he took the label and remove it. Well, if syauqi didn’t call for the-man-from-the-office, the cashier lady would just return the money and not even bothered to go check (and do something about) the labeling. And another person would be the victim of wrongly price item. Imagine, an item which was supposed to be RM14.90, was charged as RM27.90…that’s easy way of them to take RM13 from our pocket!!! And in my case, we took two bottles so that’s RM26! Good thing that we only purchased 5 items thus it was easier for us to be aware of the individual pricing. So what if a person to purchase like 20 – 30 items? Will that person remember every single pricing? And if each item were overpriced by RM5, that’s paying more than RM100 unnecessarily!

*the case that I read earlier on, the gal bought the wrongly priced item and received her money back. She went there again few days later and bought the same water. Same thing happen. And the third time she went…the same thing happen. So don’t just get your money back but do talk to the-man-from-the-office.

**maybe this happens at other supermarket too!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shamyl: We cannot eat McDonald and KFC!!!

Me: Why?

Shamyl: Because they are the enemies!!!

(wow, even this 9 year old is joining the boycott campaign, so what about you?)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I can still remember back in 2000, one of my lecturers pointed out that we should boycott Jew products coz the profit would go to the Israel. But another lecturer refutes it by saying “if we do so, lots of other muslim will loose their job. Thus not only the Palestinians are being affected but lots of other Muslim around the world.” And at that time, I followed the later argument cause I still wanna enjoy my burger from Mcdonalds.

However looking at the scenario now at the Gaza, it’s time to say No to these products

I shall quote wat my dear friend Ayu said:

You say: If the boycott works, we'll suffer too... local businessmen their franchise businesses, locals their jobs at franchise chains....

I ask: Can you find another job if you lose your job with Starbucks? Maybe?

Then I ask you some more...

Can you bring back the lives of children lost?
Can you give back the orphans their fathers... and mothers?
Can you restore their crippled bodies, their lost limbs and eyesight, their virginity?
Can you erase their nightmares that is real?

Basic human rights are being violated. Each one of us CAN and WILL make a difference. You do not have to fork out big financial donations, but you can choose where your money is being spent.Zionists are being funded somehow, by someone and something. Let's not be so naive about where they get their weapons to inhumanely massacre innocent people.

Now the Israel is trying to do “etnic cleansing”, they killed the children, they r killing the younger generation. Being a mother, I’m sure u can feel the pain these parents are going through…carrying their badly injured child for medical aid but only to find out that the soldiers even bomb the hospital.

And ambulance that came to rescue ended up being destroyed by army tanker

Here is a story of a child being sniped to death and used for target practice by Israeli soldiers. Imagine the trauma the parents had to go through, seeing ur very own child being shot again and again and again. The parents said "The Israelis killed my kid, not once or twice but a thousand times."

It’s time to boycott those products. You never know, each sip of Starbuck or Coca Cola you drank could means a bullet being used to shoot our brothers and sisters in Islam.

Among the products listed above that I’ve been using all this while are Gap, Marks n Spencer, Huggies, Nestle, Coca Cola, Levis, Kit Kat, Johnson & Johnson and Ralph Lauren. Hmm, so what baby product should I use now? Any suggestion? What are ur babies using? I’m now using Mamy Poko instead of Huggies (tapi sbb Mamy Poko mahal...beli pun bile tgh promotion, borong byk2 skali gus). Gap has cute n adorable babies clothing..will now have to move on to other clothing then.

Keep on bouncing

And the fun n joy continues....

Not only the kids are having a great time, even the grown ups are letting the child in them to jump...hihihi

Oh, I just realised that I have not respond to those who left comment bout the trampoline. Here's the link to the website. Sizes and prices can be found at the website. The guy's name is Ray. He is a friendly Scottish man. Just tell him u get to know bout the trampoline from me (munirAh / ahmAd ) =)

Friday, January 23, 2009

We brought all 3 for their scheduled immunisation jab yesterday. And this morning, hArith n uZAir woke up with flu. And later during the day, athirAh was down with fever. syauQi will be going off to work tomorrow morning, so here I am...handling 3 unwell babies.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Place to Call Kampung...

Since both of our parents live in KL, our kids don't really have a place to be called Kampung. I can still recall clearly how my childhood was each time we balik kampung...naik wheelbarrow, buat trap tuk tangkap ayam tapi bila atuk sembelih sume org tak makan sbb ayam kampung rase agak keras..hihi. kutip biji saga n biji timah, mandi air kolam etc. Oh I had a memorable experience ikut my late grandma toreh getah. And I can still remember my first time riding the motorbike by myself...jatuh tegolek kaki kena ekzos (tu lah padan muka lagi degil taknk dgr ckp..haha). Although I still have my grandparents who live in a very simple lifestyle of kampung in Pontian, Johor (tandas masih kat luar)'s not so convinient for us to travel there with 3 babies. We need to always have our eyes at the lil rascals sbb takut jatuh tangga kampung (nauzubillah). And the house compound is tanah merah, so if nak main kat luar takut jatuh bleh luka since my anak still jalan tak stabil, especially athirAh. So we have to wait for another year perhaps before making our journey back to Johor.

But yesterday, I was glad to know that I found a Kampung for my kids....Felda Gedangsa, Tanjung Malim.

It's the kids grandauntie's place. It's only bout 80mins drive. A nice kampung environment where the kids can see chicken running around (instead of the usual chicken in their daily dish...hihi). hArith n athirAh were so happy running around.

their grandauntie

and here's their auntie

After hours of running around, they were so tired but the heat stop them from taking their afternoon nap. Below, hArith was being such a gentlemen...kipas kn athirAh yang tgh minum.

Next, it was his turn to minum..tapi tunggu punye tunggu, tak jugak rase pape angin. Smpai menjerit member ni tanye asal tak rase angin

Rupe2nye, as usual athirAh puts everything in her mouth.

So tepaksa lar hArith take the kipas and figure out how to kipas himself while the other hand holds the bottle

And, with a lil bit of effort...he managed to do so =)

It was a nice day trip. Will definitely visit their grandauntie, auntie and cousins again =)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Their New "Bag"

I bought my lil' rascals a new "bag". One with a shape of a soft toy frog and we were left with no choice but to purchase a shape of a monkey. But we can't fit anything in this bag. So why did I buy it???

Coz it comes with a 'rope'! Yup, its a harness bag. Well, you might think it look inhuman to be doing this but in my condition...having to look on 3 lil' ones, it's better save than sorry. I know some are against this, saying that why make your child look like a pet but I'm doing this for safety reason. I just bought it recently, haven't really try it at the mall. I'm letting hArith getting used to it at our house garden first.

Hmm..I really wonder why hArith and athirAh love stones so much...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Solid Food

Lil uZAIr turns 6 months young today, which means it's HELLO to SOLID FOOD. But somehow I'm not looking forward to it cause that means my thinking cap have to work extra everyday.."what should I feed uZAir today?" I'm already lost of ideas what to feed the other two since they now become so fussy with their food.

Well actually tomorrow will not be the first time uZair trying on solid food. Ten days ago I decided to let him get a taste of it coz he looked so eager to eat coz for few days he was so grumpy whenever he sees someone eats. And I'm sure he was wondering, not only adults get to eat but also his brother n sister who are just slightly bigger than him get to eat too. There was one time, he actually stuck his finger in syauQi's mouth who was eating n then took his fingure out n immediately put it in his mouth.

He was happy upon getting his first spoon of food =) However I didn't made it in his daily diet ( same reason as stated above: lazy to prepare, hihi)

And now that he turns 6 months young today, I'm still hesitating should I start him solid food coz afterall he doesn't look under nourished. Everyone always commeneted on how gedebob he is.

On top of that we are plannin to have a family holiday next month. Oh the trip would certainly be much easier if he sticks with my b**by. =)

Mommies out there, issit really a MUST to start solid the moment ur baby turns 6 months? Opinion please. Oh, we will be seeing his paeds in few days time for his 6 months jab. Will ask the Prof then. Meanwhile, would love to hear your opinion too. Yes, you...the one reading right now. Opinion please. Thank You =)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


En Suami bikin ku terbakar ! While chatting via YM with him, he send me these photos...

Memang harus lar nak tuntut tuk pegi NEXT YEAR. Peduli lak, budak2 blum cukup besar tuk paham ke tak, yang penting mak budak confirm paham...hihihihi

Today me tersenget2 bawak kids to a birthday party. Yup brought all three. (With mom and maid tag along)...and pApa pulak dapat enjoy sakan at Universal Studio. Cait...

Takpe2, kali ni rezeki pApa. Tahun depan rezeki KAMI SEKELUARGA =)

"Ya Allah, murahkan lah rezeki keluarga ku, dekat kn rezeki yg jauh dan berkati lah rezeki yang sedia ada. Ameen"

Hmm...actually he did invite me to come along with lil uZAir, but I just can't be away from my 2 lil' rascals. So my lost....

Anyway, this was the party that we went...

They had Elmo as the mascott!

And they had this too!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great Opportunity

Well, have you check out The PhotoMama? Have you registered and visited the forum? I have however learnt a thing or two and of coz eager to learn more. Do check out the tutorial and start taking great photos of ur child/children.

Yup, some raised the issue of the fees. Ni negara demokrasi, if u find it expensive...then don't bother but i find it RM260 for a weekly tutorial (for duration of one year) is a steal!

Nway, they gonna have the first inaugural PhotoMama Gathering. There are only slots for 20 families and the list are filling up real fast. I think only few more slots left. So hurry, grab this opportunity. Here are the tentative programme:

Subject : TPMC 1st Community Gathering & On-location short demo
Date : 8 February 2009
Venue : 1 of a bungalows in TTDI (yet to be confirmed)
Practical & Demo venue : At the bungalow's private garden
Breastfeed Room : PROVIDED!!
Makan : Potluck for kuih. The rest, will be provided by penganjur
Time : From 9.00am - 1.00pm
Fees: FOC

Agenda :
9.00-10.00am - Arrival of all participants & icebreaking
10.00 -10.15am - Video presentation
10.15-10.30am - Briefing about ThePhotoMama program throughout the first trimester of 2009.
10.30-11.30am - Practical session & camera review. Please register your name and your best camera model you have. I'll do some study prior to the event and help you to utilize your camera to the max.
11.30-12.00pm - Press conference 12.00-01.00pm - Photo Review through a projector.


*Oh of coz you hv to get urself registered in the forum community before you could RSVP for the event

Friday, January 16, 2009

Do they look alike?

Well, here are random pictures of athirAh....


don't u think they look very much alike?

ni from side angle...sama tak? Their hari pun same kn...

And this is my bro NOW. So agak2nye athirAh besar nanti muka macam mane ek? hihi..

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Wow, we are blessed to have this boy in the house...coz despite being an 18 month old boy, he is already being the house janitor! Check it out.

Remember in this post, where he started having interest in sweeping sampai tertido2 kepenatan. He has no improved. Not only he takes the broom, he would also take the dustpan along with him.

He knows where the broom and dustpan being kept. So each time he goes upstairs, he would take it and start his house chores. Superb isn't it.

And below is his routine of picking up "rubbish" off the floor. Must always check what is in the dustbin before throwing it in the big gabbage. In the picture below, he was picking up my socks I left on the floor. Other items that were picked by him were hangers, tv remote control, MY HANDPHONE and of coz proper rubbish to (i.e pieces of papers n plastics)

And oh this is even better, he is cleaning up his toys!

Tgh lap2 pun bleh temenung jauh...

Dengan penuh tekun hArith sental sume mende =)

Alrite, for this last photo...lets see who is the most creative to give a caption to it. Or shall I say sape bejaya teka what hArith has in his mind, cepat2 cuba teka die tgh piki ape. You might walk away with a Tie Rack Scarf