Monday, December 22, 2008

Jump Jump Jump

We are moving!

Nah, not moving to our own home

But we are moving from indoor


Yeah, this was what happened last Saturday. We got a 10ft trampoline fixed in our garden! Now, not only the kids can have fun but also us the adults. (do u know that jumping on trampoline burns more calories than jogging does? Google it up, and you’ll see lots of benefits of trampoline)

Here are the photos the man putting up the trampoline…

it was at noon, so hArith was forced to have a look from inside coz of the hot weather

yup, it comes with the safety net

pApa and the man doing last round of inspection

and here’s hArith giving it a try =)

Once completed, I rang my neighbour…the three of them came over without a clear picture of what kind of trampoline I’ve been telling them (tgk muka sume tak heran)

And here’s the reaction the moment they saw En Suami hAppily jumping on it...

muka2 teruja seeing En Suami buat demo... n quickly they got themselves into it

hAppily jumping non-stop =)

Well, I came across an article in the newspaper bout trampoline:

“Many authorities recognize that a child’s ability to learn depends on his control movement. Children’s success in movement depends on his understanding and control of his body.
The trampoline is one of the most helpful training devices for coordination and muscle control. Jumping and bouncing on a trampoline is recommended for all children but especially for children with poor coordination. Tremendous improvements have been noted in area of total visual and body control that are necessary for success in classroom.”

The moment, I finished reading the article, I voice up my intention of buying it to my mom…and without hesitation..she agreed.

Well, if you wanna know more of the benefits what a trampoline can do for ur kids, you can email me at and I’ll be happy to send the write up to you or you can just google it up.

Believe me, this is the easiest form of getting kids to exercise too… while many adults find it impossible to jump around for 15minutes on the trampline, kids can play the whole day on it…need not wait for us to have the time to bring them to the park since it is just in our very own courtyard.

Well, if space is an issue…they do have trampoline size of 6ft…it’s lower than mine (but without netting coz it’s lower…so it’s safe enough) You can put it in ur driveway…when not in used, can just tilt it and put it against the wall.
Let's all jump high! =)
p/s: one of my neighbour told me a doctor highly recomended trampoline for children... interested to have one in ur garden? buzz me


okinokiyo said...

wahh i loikeee..coz i nampak ada rumah kat my husband's office pun ada tarampulin.Nasya pun suka lompat atas ni masa kat tumble tots...sukanyeeee..but i bet mesti penat gilerr kan

salzahari said...

dulu kecik2 i suka lompat atas katil dumplop (lupe la ejaannya) ..sronoknya kalau besar2 pun leh buat lagi! :p

neeza said...


mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

mmg bes lompat..even though penat pun...better dpd penat berlari...hihi
my kids really loving it

hahah...i mase kecik pun suke lompat atas tilam. then darjah 4 dpt bday present trampoline yg kecik mom takut patah katil die kot, hihi

Ida said...

wah seronoknya...kat Perth almost all houses ada that thing. Ala...maknanya I tak menang la scarf tie rack tu...huk huk huk...sedih giler...

lollypopspeaks said...

hanah sure kurus balek nanti kan kak nem?? bleh jamma join tumpang menguruskan diri jugak?

Sarah B. said...

AAAAAHHHHH!!!! I was just telling mama about buying one of these heavy duty trampolines for Bilal! Yay, now we can come and play instead... hehehe

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

tu lah, the guy yg dtg pasang is scottish..die pun kate in UK almost every hse ade and he wonder y houses in m'sia takde...

hanah? kurus? die tu dok sibuk nk gi manicure jer kejanye, nk kurus macam mane camtu...ahahahah

yah,come over!
but u have bigger compound... perhaps u should get the 16ft! bigger space to do somersault and tunggang tebalik...hihihi

mom2que said...

mun, the first pic tu athirah main toys tu (tak sure what is it called), beli dekat mana?

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

wah .. sakan tgk lompat2 dlm tue ... .. umh luas esuai letak mende nie .. yeahhhh pas nie leh lompat2 dgn jayanyer ... kita tumpang nengok k ;-)

Sarah B. said...

oooh the 16ft mesti best giler! where did u buy hanim? how much did you pay for urs... ada website tak?

The Mrs-Bride said...

coolness!! umah kitorg ada padang tapi xleh ada trampoline lg coz xde org nak lompat2.. hubby je ada.. n me ngan perut yg makin membesar.. hahaha! but that sure looks like FUNNN! :D

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

beli kt Toys R Us One Utama...
nearer to the exit. They have lots of new products brand Imaginarium, tat's one of it.

sume tgh lompat sakan...hihi

kt my hse pun not only the kids lompat...adults pun dgn gembiranye lompat. especially bile baca tat it burns calories more than jogging does...trus termotivated utk melompat2 =)
when u one to hv one in ur compound, buzz me kay

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

Sarah B:
got the contact number from newspaper Star under Parenting section, they had article talking bout the benefits of it.
Perhpas I shall post the write up ere

ibuhannah said...

wah, bestnye.. I'm dragging my kids to you house tomorrow.. hehehe.. kidding.. kami tinggal di condo, takde tmpt nak install trampoline.. =(

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

come come over dear!
eh but chop, kena tunggu my kiddos recover from flu dulu.
haiQal pun joining us..jom lar beramai!
erm bout the condo, u beli satu letak kt playground bawah...jadi waqaf...hihi

mamafaiz said...

hi..baru jumpa yr MIL yg keje kat NURY pun sibuk suruh beli trampoline ni utk my son..mmg bagus benda ni utk budak2, especially yg ada kesukaran nak utter words...good job

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

hi there. oh i know tau tat trampoline ni mmg byk advantages but didnt know bout the diificulty nk utter words (thanks for the info) =)
so r u getting one trampoline for ur kids?

mamafaiz said...

itula..berbuih2 mulut my MIL..tapi anaknye buat dek je...yes, trampoline ni boleh bantu problem tu..just ask the child to jump n ask them to talk to u while doing that..insyaallah..itu yg MIL more thing, she never scold my son if Faiz make her bed as a trampoline..hehehe

eyzra hussain said...

seronok nyer...
i baru ckp kat hubby nak beli trampoline for my son aged 2y.o... tapi hubby tanak sbb dier kata yg dier tgk tu mcm takde safety... since i dah gk yo punye ada safety net, i think i should propose to mr hubby again kan?!.. is it possible for you to provid the contact no or web site ker....??