Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yabedabeduuuuu! pApa's roster for the month of October is out and he has 2 days off for Raya!!! And same goes to my brother. But my dad's roster is not out yet and I'm really hoping he gets his day off too.

I'm sooo hAppy, it's uZAir's first raya and pApa will be around. Okay, now I'm feeling the raya mood. It's time to get baju raya for lil' uZAir and lil' rascals. Since my kurung is in gold/brown colour...they have no choice but to follow my colour. Yeah, mom rules this time =p.

Err..hanah, if you are reading this. Are you sure you don't wanna join us?

p/s: pApa when are we going for our annual ramadhan trip to Jln TAR? Hmm, how's that possible with the 3 babies? Lets figure out a way...!

p/s/s: those who will be in KL u r most welcome to come over to my hse. I'll be around (it is rather impossible to travel blk kampung i think). Just give me a buzz if u wanna come.


Yeahhhh, my dad pun cuti smpai 4th raya! And also, Hanah decided not to raya in Aussie.
So we gonna have complete family for this raya. Yabedabeduuuuu! =)


neeza said...

best kan bila hubby dpt cuti raya..mcm dpt bonus pon yer gak rasenye..hehe

MommyAdam said...

i wanna come i wanna come!


but i won't be in kl....erk...

salzahari said...

hehhe...annual trip to Jln TAR? i ingat ape la tadi...i pun x gie Jln TAR this year :( hubbyku mls beramai. so plan nak balik kedah, singgah shopping di penang kot rumah my sis.

last gie Jln TAR cuti sekolah bln 8 hari tu je...tu pun mengah dukung si kecik sorang2 (pegi dgn my sis je).

mOmmy of Triplets said...

a'ah sgt bonus if hubby dpt cuti! last year die keja, tp flt sempat lar beraya pagi tu.
hubster u cuti tak this year?

dtg bkn on 1st raya pun okey...cume most probably makan re-heat food lar kot...hihihi

oh our annual JLN TAR trip pegi last few days of ramadhan n after midnite. Reason being:

1.bleh sesuka hati park tepi jalan
2.tak panas
3.anak2 sume dh tido so takyah bawak
4.if nasib baik, dpt at cheaper price.

hmm...bes bes =)

darling8tabby said... are you dear?
dear..ur dad n bro pun pilot wit MAS gak ker..

mOmmy of Triplets said...

im doing fine but very much occupied wiz my 2 lil' rascals n newborn uZAir.
a'ah, dad n bro pilot wiz MAS gak. ur hubby was wiz MAS before ek?

neeza said...

alhamdulillah..cuti jugak..we're going back to penang.

mOmmy of Triplets said...

bes kn laki cuti raya.
penang kampung sape? i mmg raya kat kl jer, cam impossible nk travel berjam2 dlm keta dgn 3 babies

a NuTty StuDent said...

wah gembiranyer raya tahunni erk?..semua ada..anyways, selamat hari raya..ermmm..cute ah blog awak!..

salam perkenalan


The Queen Bee said...

wah anak branak pilot yer. huhu