Thursday, April 2, 2009

One Two Weeeeee

The other day at Genting, instead of the usual "one," pApa was teaching the elder two.."one, two...weeeeeee (with excitement to raise their hand)"

tp athirAh bolayan, it was only hArith happily raising his hand.

yesterday we tried doing it again to hArith..."one two..weeeee". and here are the result..hihi


Drama Mama said...

total cuteness!

jua said...

nak try wat method rekaan ur hubby kat faris next time.

B&W contrast pic tu sgt super duper cun..

darling8tabby said...


inora putri. said...

Awww cute.

Genting dah macam tak sejuk je. '_'

Zuhaini said...

cutenya Athirah boleh buat bolayan je.. kesian ayah dia..haha :)

anyway, sangat la cun pictures u took... :)

adaho said...

eventhough she's bolayan,but still is cute...n as for harith,he looks cam budak besar sgt now nih... hehheh..

nurul syazana said...

lawa la contrast tuu

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

sila lah click banner photomama dan join. alang2 dh dpt duit belanaja lebih bulan ni..hihi