Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 1: Without pApa

Baru satu hari pApa takde, hArith and athirAh dah buat jakun. They were looking outside the window like as though they haven’t been out of the house for months.
So I decided to let them explore the house garden. Hoping that they will use up all their energy and sleep early tonite.

I luv these two shots. Both of them really keep each other accompany nowadays. In fact during the day, hArith was really cranky cause he wanted to play with athirAh but athirAh was asleep. He insisted of going into the room to see athirAh.

Oh, tadi I was chatting with syauQi. He's in Rome now...he said ade dua orang brought along their wife. In fact sorang tu brought their child, age one year plus. Ohh...jelesnyeee. Wish its possible for me to have a vacation...but i know that's close to impossible.
I guess you can say that I'm spoilt. Dulu, almost every year I'll go for vacation...so now tetiba takleh pegi for the yearsss to come, that's something hard for me to accept.
*uZAir was awake last nite from 3:20am till 6:10am. While hArith and athirAh, both woke up once for their milk


Jua Zulkef said...

oh god, loves so much their photos. sgt kasih sayang wooo.. AND loves the shoes too (mana beli?)...i ni bukan boleh tgk tapak kasut cantik2..hahaha

mOmmy of Triplets said...

brotherly sisterly luv...hihi
tak sabar nk tunggu uZAir besar, bleh join diorang.

the shoes pApa yg beli. athirAh's bought in japan while hArith's bought in OU. lar org tgk kasut...die tgk tapak, hihi

jetsetter said...

ya allah..!! So cute anak-anak aunty.Wish aunty can join both of u.Tp kenapa athirah pakai kasut biru..??athirah kan ada yg pink.Igt tau athirah, fav kaler aunty tu :)

mOmmy of Triplets said...

kasut pink ketat skit...tu pakai yg biru.
auntie..mari lar join hArith and athirAh!

Anonymous said...

Best la blog u ni.... Byk gambar. Me loike !!!

Nothing beat pictures. You can write all day long but a picture, tell a thousand words/story.

take care moMmy :)

hana jahudi said...

omg pakai kasot dah!!!! n athirah pakai jeans dah???? *sobsob
sedeh me not there...

p/s: mommy... plz jgn tuck in my baju. x cool langsong! luv, athirah n harith


mOmmy of Triplets said...

hanah a.k.a wanderrr


tu bkn tshirt, its rompers. they were using rompers during the day and since nk main kt luar i put on their jeans takut lutut sakit main atas rumput...

nway, walid pun agree never wear rompers with jeans...ahhaha
takpelah kt garden rumah je :P

salzahari said...

hahaa...i did pakaikan Aliah rompers with jean kalau nak kuar.sbb mls nak tukar le! kalau tak pakai,nmpk sexy mcm atlit gimnas.lak..ehhehe..

mOmmy of Triplets said...

oh i mmg selamba pakai rompers je kuar jln2..hihi
senang if nk tukar pampers