Monday, August 25, 2008


Try guessing what's hArith and athirAh's first word!!!

Yeah...keep the answer coming! =)
*btw, their first word is not the same


neeza said...


Fadzila said...


Noor Hafiza Abdul said...

mOmmy and papa

auntie zura said...

mami.. mami.. mami...

Zuhaini said...

lemme see...

Harith would say something like "appa..appa" (referring to his "papa")

Athirah however says "amma..amma" (referring to u!) mama dia.. :)

tul tak nih..?

suryati said...

harith - mami
athirah - pa

but hv a feeling jawapan i salah nih

umi nadhrah said...

harith - mammaaaa
athirah - babaaa

btw.. can i have you email address.. you can forward it to me at

saya said...

hai..i just came across yr blog and what a surprise.. a triplet?? plus a new addition to the family?? wohhho..what a super mummy u r. really hope that i can a chance like that. btw, can i link yr blog? thank you. and my al-fatihah to your alesya.

mOmmy of Triplets said...

salam perkenalan =)
thanks for the fatihah for arwah alesya

jua said...

babe, sekali dua nak kena teka n lain2 lak tu first wordnya. Sakit kepala i fikir, but i try my best..

Kong (dukung)
Pa (papa)

The Queen Bee said...

first word normally his and her fav things.

ape yek?

i dont remember hariz first word tho. sbb dia buat bunyi mcm2. hahaa

but now he can call "bibik" referring to my mom's maid. huhu (nenek nye tak le plak disebut lagi. LOL)

jetsetter said...

sebut : Pa..Ma..Tp tatau la kan
HariTH- aTHirah

Both- Sayang Aunt Fadd..

jamma said...

wonder n paman?? haha.. just a wild guess.. thou usually patutnye mesti laa mommy n papa kot?