Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ice Cream Truck

We bought an Ice Cream Truck (well that’s what written on the box) for hArith and athirAh. And the best part is, although they haven’t fully master the tactic of pushing the truck using their legs by themselves yet, we still need not push them cause we have a boy who simply loves pushing! Hihihi

athirAh muke selenge je kena tolak while hArith looks so ever cheerful. Remember in this post I told you how much hArith luvs pushing Adam who stood on the walker, well now he gets to push athirAh.

So we decided to bring them out. A bigger space for hArith to push athirAh around. We were wrong though. The stones were much more interesting for hArith.

So athirAh was left alone sitting on it. That’s when pApa and mOmmy decided to give athirAh a thrill ride. Papa stood and one end while mOmmy stood at the other end. pApa gave a strong push…where mOmmy would sambut athirAh at this end and gave another weeeee fast and strong push back to pApa. Oh she luvs it. Mean while, hArith was very much occupied with the stone but from time to time took a peak to see athirAh’s ride.

And as usual, after puas main the finale would be a shower under the ‘waterfall’.


MommyAdam said...

oh harith is the kindest baby ever! my heart skips a beat kalau ingat balik dia tolak2 adam dlm walker and also when dia tak elak pun kalau muka kene cekau sikit cos dah biasa dgn athirah...he's so sweet and the most patient baby!


niniez said...

Hi... may i know where did u buy the ice cream truck. am thinking of getting one for my daughter. thanks

mOmmy of Triplets said...

alamak, mommy hArith yg blushing on behalf of hArith, *blush*blush* hihi
Adam, come over lah...boleh hArith push Adam pulak!
I luv seeing them minggling together! Blissful =)

found it in Toy R Us. We first saw kt KLCC tp decided to get at OU since parking kt KLCC jauh mase tu. Susah lak nk angkat.
At OU mase tu blum display lagi coz it was really new. The guy took it out from the store.
hArith really loves the song from the truck. Lots of button to press

Sya Adam said...

Munirah!! I love reading your blog and how you have managed your kids has been a panduan for me.I do have a question, whats your typical daily schedule with them? Would wanna keep em in mind should the day comes that i be a SAHM :)