Saturday, November 29, 2008

Words on Bum Bum

Few weeks back, we went to watch the 6 Nation Touch Rugby....goshhh it was soooo tempting for me to get down the field. Yes I even brought my boots along just in case I could give it a run. Well, I had a chance but since it was raininig and I didn't bring any change (and it will be really hard to run with drenched clothes...dah lar stamina mmg dh takde ni lg pulak if lari basah kuyup), so I just sat and watch.

Ni hArith tgh pelik...asal lar bola ni bukan bulat like all other balls he have / seen

Mase tgk diorang main ni mmg kaki dh gatal rase nak join in...

And I'm soo looking forward to get down the field this weekend, but unfortunately I read hubster's roster wrongly...he left for work last mcm mane nak pegi, takkan nk tinggalkn all 3 at home

We decided to leave early coz it was raining...and this was the first time we rasmikan 'rain cot' stroller ni...both mcm confused why ade mende plastic cover them..hihi

Oh, every year I went for the tournament, I also fancy those Mont Kiara International School girls pants...written at their bum bum instead on their tees. Tapi takkan lar me dah jadi bini / mak orang but wanna wear like that kan....

*ni gmbar lama...back in 2006

So yesterday, I was at Ikano and entered Brands Outlet, the moment I saw this, without any further thought...I bought it for my lil' gal... oh i luv it =)


Fadzila said...

wow..u play ragbi ker..? dahsyat..tabik spring (5x)
no wonder u can manage three babies at a time...eheheheh...

CtJamarlPatH said...

hi mommy triplet....owh..i just foung ur blog and become a reader for ur blog...nway...ur amazing mother. at least i can read ur experience on ur pregnancy and be one of ur friend... ;)

Mommy to be : CT

mOmmy of Triplets said...

alar bukan tackle touch rugby...takde ganas2 pun

hi there, salam perkenalan =)

Lan0stZz said...

ahaqs sexy bummm athirah!