Monday, February 2, 2009


What makes me smile?

Whenever I see any young mothers, with 2 or 3 babies/toddlers/young age kids tagging along them. In fact, the more tersenget senget the mother handling the children, the bigger my smile would be.


Because at least I know, we are in the same boat. Trying hard to handle our lil' ones. And at least I know, I'm not struggling alone =)

And whenever I see young mothers with school going kids, see how easy for them to go family outing, I would admire them…and in my head I would say “in a couple of years to come…that’s how I want to be”.

So what makes you smile?
(of coz besides seeing ur lil' ones)


Mommy lyna said...

when i make a wish during the night & tomorrow it comes true.

wish tu biasanya berkaitan my kids lah. hehehe.

neway pasla tersenget2 tu mmg senget2 pun i ni. sorang tarik kaki mintak dokong, sorang jerit suh betulkan positionlah, salin pampers lah.. sorang nak nenen, sorang lagi pun nak jugak.


joegrimjow said...

gosh, this make mi miss mi mom
b gud mother!!

okinokiyo said...

what makes me smile?enuff sleep, enuff rest, good shower, best food... :)

SyahNur said...

we r in the same boat! haha... mmg tersenget2 la time outing..

u know what... my 3 lil' princess pun buat perangai same mcm ur kidz... uwaaa... mmg menguji kesabaran betul... at least, u gagahkan jugak post dlm blog, i ni, x sempat langsung nk taip utk blog sendiri, coz i dn't hv maid which means, i kene buat everything dr A-Z... huhu... mmg dugaan!

zamnzara said...

for me, it has to be seeing my little zara trying to "jump". Perut jln dulu tp tak terangkat. Keskeskes...bila teringat sure miss her.