Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hmm... a big grin on my face when I saw my photos in Saiful Nang's blog

:D :D :D

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hellostz said...

congrats!!! :D :D :D

-hanum- said...


Hebat hebat hebat..

I ni tak enrol enrol lagik nih!

Ish.. kang menyesal je kang... kan?

Mrs Imran said...

munirah, photos taken by you recently mmg santekkk.

me myself would like to register at photomama as well

will do in one of these days :)

camera i biasa jer neway, boleh ker amik gambar secantik gambar u eh?

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...


ape tunggu lagi hanum, click on the banner kt my blog and enroll. lagi lambat, lagi byk moments nisa' u will miss to capture

mrs imran:
daer...ape cite!!!
bile nk update blog! cepat lah update.
n jom lar join photomama. practice b4 ur baby pops out. nanti bleh amiq gmbar anak tonggeng2 =)

Hafizah said...

hi munirah! ive just sign up for the premium membership, tp tak sure la if the link is from yr blog or org lain. mmg cantik yr gambar, hope to meet u in person at the next PM event :)

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

Yay, come join the fun in taking photos! yup, we shall meet up soon insyaAllah

Mrs Imran said...

actually i'm trying to refrain myself from talking or writing about pregnancy and baby...sbb tanak over excited..ehe

of course excited, but I prefer to wait until the baby pops out :D, tu yg tk update blog sgt, plus I still allergy dgn my blog, I think I need to revamp the blog first before I could continue writing again

me so far so good, sihat cuma discomfort yg biasa2 jer la..biasa la org preggie :)

haaa, i nk join today. will click to photomama thru ur blog, neway u tk jawab soalan i camera biasa, boleh ke amik gambar secantik gambar u?

p/s: i did send email to you about a month ago, tapi u senyap jer..tatau u dpt ker tak

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

good to hear u r doing well.
and i baru realise the reply email tat's supposed to be sent out to u tgh betapa kat my draft. aiyakk...nanti smbung skit lagi and send it to u.

camera biasa pun bleh once u have learn bout the basic of photography (i.e. lighting, background, art of seeing)
this week in the online tutorial Saiful uses hp camera yet nice photos

Mrs Imran said...

i nk coupon la..ada lagi tak? heeee

Ummuzulfa said...


gambar you memang start terus dengan SLR/DSLR ke or dengan kamera biasa je....

will consider joining the photomama