Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Off to the hospital....
(was having my contraction every 7 minutes)

Few minutes after labour

uZair wiz family members...

h0me sweet h0me

welc0me h0me uZair =)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My sleeping hours

Slept at 12:40am....

1:15am - 2:20am : Breastfed uZair

3:40am- 4:30am: Breastfed uZair AGAIN

hArith woke up. Remember I told you he is a morning riser.
pApa did milk for him but he didn't want to continue sleeping. He was doing his kuliyyah subuh "blaaaa ahhh, taaa tattttaaaa....."
Tried putting him back to sleep..
He fell asleep at 6:15am

6:40am: AGAIN breastfed uZair

This was my sleeping hours last night (and same goes to other nights)
Like I said, I can't remember having 2 hours uninterupted sleep
And during the day, my bAbies hardly have a long nap...thus making it impossible for me to have any nap...

*Last night athirAh slept wiz my parents, or else another extra to wake up...

Thus every minutes of sleep I have, is very precious to me

this boY is on night shift...

Monday, July 28, 2008

He is strong!

At 9 days old, uZair is able to turn by himself. I placed him on his tummy in his cot. Few minutes later I came in the room and he was no longer on his tummy!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who are you to judge us?

** Warning: this is not munirAh the mOmmy of triplets writting...but a hormone rising post natal woman... Proceed with caution.

Recently, someone past a comment saying how come even with a maid we (syauQi and I) find it rather tiring to handle our 3 kids (or should I emphasis that we have 3 BABIES, not kids).

Well, yup u may have more children than us but do we need to emphasis that ours are all very much dependent on us. Whereas your children are all of a different age group. If your eldest happen to be 6 years old and youngest still a baby, you only need to feed the youngest. But in my case, all 3 have yet hold their own bottle. (yes, unfortunately hArith and athirAh simply refused to hold their own bottle, they can carry any other heavier stuffs except for the bottle). And do you still need to chase around your 6 year old child? No you don't aight? Unlike us, where we contanstly need to have an eye on them all the time...crawling, climbing everywhere. And as for athirAh we really need an extra eye for her coz she puts everything in her mouth.

And even though you have more kids than us, do you need to bathe all of them, change their diapers, dukung them, suap them, put them to sleep (and the list goes one)? No aight? And i'm sure you get more hours of sleep than us! We have to attend to 3 babies in the middle of the night, each of them wakes up at different hours of the night. Oh I can't remember having more than 2 hours of sleep uninterupted since the birth of uZair. So how can you judge us for not being able to handle our babies.

Yes, we do have a maid...but it is not as though the babies are with the maid all the time. The babies are very much attach to us. It makes me feel like crying to see either hArith or athirAh play by themselves. So even though I'm in confinement, I still dukung hArith and athirAh, golek2 and play with them. (hArith is 10kg while athirAh is 7kg). They are soo attach to us that they demand that we put them to sleep. Even grandma tak laku to put them to sleep.

In fact my makcik urut pun bising kate my peranakan jatuh lar...dah urut pun masih jatuh not yet back in position. Mau taknye...the very next day after beranak I dah dukung hArith.

Seriously, I don't think it is fair for you to judge us. We are totally in two different league. You may have 4 or 5 children, but we have 3 BABIES. So takyah lar comment kate ade maid pun tak larat ke?...or takyah lar smpai kate suruh anta to her and she will jaga. Or maybe I really should hantar to her... and see can she really handle it.

Wonderful World

Well, syauQi's and my definition of a Wonderful World a.k.a Peaceful World is.....
All three asleep!

ahmAd hArith

athirAh zAhraa

ahmAd uZair

Oh, don't you think our room looks more like a nursery now? I have to push all 3 cots near to our bed to make it easier for us to attend to them in the middle of the night

And it would be even more perfect if all those 3 asleep and at the same time we can also fall asleep at this nice cosy king size bed...but unfortunately our Wonderful World would last for a maximum of 20 minutes only since both hArith and athirAh only takes short power nap during the day and uZair on the other hand demands for milk very often...

In fact 20 minutes of the Wonderful World is hardly obtainable, perhaps 10 minutes sounds more like it...

So, what's your definition of a Wonderful World?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cheeky Lover Boy

I did a post previously on athirAh the busy bee...

And this time around, it's a post on hArith the cheeky lover boy.

hArith and athirAh have different characters...

hArith smile and laugh easily, and he always have a cheeky face...

And he is also the 'lover boy'. While athirAh is always busy exploring every single thing..hArith would come to us coz he loves cuddles and kisses. He would expect people to greet him. He would 'merajuk' if u tegur athirAh but not him. Awww...such a darling!

See below, while athirAh busy exploring the house garden, hArith comfortably sat on pApa's lap.

Oh, unlike athirAh who is extremely choosy in food..this boy of mine eats ANYTHING, ANYTIME... at times i wonder doesn't he know the meaning of 'kenyang'?

Remember the video I showed previously...he can even eat while asleep! He will never say no to food...

He enjoys bathing time, I guess water is his next best friend (after food that is)

Die swim smpai kaki kecut2!

And another great thing of him...he can sleep anywhere too!

The first top photo, he actually fell asleep while doing his obstacle course at his playgym class!

All in all...his a cool boy. Peace!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm off to the hospital...uZair kena jaundice =(
(hope tak kena hospitalized...)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

ahmAd uZair at 4 Days Young
(pusat die cabut on this day)
on his 2nd day he was already able to turn his head left right when i place him on his tummy =)

Monday, July 21, 2008

How it happen...

As i mentioned in my previous post, I suspected I was having contraction cause the interval was consistent every 7 mins however I didn't want to head to the hospital yet since I didnt want to be in the labour room tooo long.

So sempat lagi before pegi hospital bgtau hubster me want to eat durian. heheh. He went out to buy it and I ate 4 ulas (or was it 5?), we were joking around "kang anak kuar2...nangis bau durian"...hihihi

After eating durian, off we went to the hospital. I could still tolerate the pain but since it was a Saturday we decided to go to the hosp early fearing it might take some time for the nurse to call the doctor.

We reached the hosp, it was my first time at the ward...told the nurse at the counter "nak beranak" (i wanna giv birth)...sume cam confused. They asked me, am i in pain? i said "yes, every 7 mins". They send me to the labour room and observe my contraction. It was every 5mins then. Thus they started calling the doctor, Prof Siti Zawiyah. When prof arrived, she checked and told me i was bout 3 - 4cm open. And in usual scenario it will take at least 4 hours for it to open maximum thus she said, "i just picked my daughter from school, i'll send her home and come back".

Oh, looks like my case wasn't the usual scenario. In less than 2 hours, i was already 8cm open. Nurses tried contacting Prof but no reply (apparently she put her phone on a low volume coz she was conducting a seminar that morning). Thus it was the midwife that "greet" my baby into this world. Prof came just after my boy pops out, so she took over to kuarkn my uri and did my stiches down south. Midwife cut my down south bout 4 cm coz size of the baby was rather big.

Hubster was wiz me all the time...not only he stood beside me, he went over beside the midwife to see how things are being done. In fact I was actually reminding myself to be strong and make my labour go as smooth as possible fearing hubster would tell others how terrible I was during labour. Malu lar kn if nanges or tejerit2 cam hesteria, kang org tanye hubster how was it and all those terjerit2 n nanges2 revealed. So I tried my very best to make hubster be able to tell others a smooth sailing labour process (hmm,I wonder did I succeed in doing so...)

Oh, I didn't take epidural, I took entonox(laughing gas). While using it, i was actually 'composing' my blog . Telling myself what to write about my labour... hehe. I was saying..." oh this must be the feeling of 'high - out of the world' that drugs addict seek for. but after awhile as I became too 'high' i was like "oh gosh what's so great of being high"... it's a kind of feeling that you yourself can't control, in which I didn't like it. I was afraid I became too high that I wont be able to treasure the moment when my boy pops out. I really wanted to let go the gas mask I was holding but I had a second thought "what if I then can't bear the pain?..should i or should i not let it go". Well, I did let it go for few seconds. It was rather immediate that I felt I'm back to the reality world. And the pain felt rather immediate I put on the mask again and telling myself..oh the gas won't bring me away to the lala land that far since the moment i took it off im back to the real world. Thus the moment I saw my baby's head, I immediately took the mask off so I could hear the cry of my baby.

Oh what a wonderful moment. My previous pregnancy I couldnt hear by triplets' cry coz they were extreme premie, so this time around it was a first time experience for me. I asked my hubster to rub my back each time contraction happened. Another thing, through out the labour period, i was feeling extremely hot. Infact I was sweating. Hubster had to use a clipboard to fan me. He blame on the durian but I don't think durian was the culprit coz during my previous labour I had a stand fan right infront of me too. And talking about durian, fortunately the baby's cry didn't have any durian smell but after being transfered to a different room...the gas really made me feel nausea. Unfortunately nurse didn't come in time to give me a container to vomit...i vomitted on the floor....and the whole place smell durian!!!! Yuckksss, kantoi lar pulak.

The delivery makes me recall bout my first delivery. Oh couldn't believe myself how did I do it without the presence of my hubster. Maybe because Allah knows hubster not around, thus he gave me the extra strength needed, and now since hubster ade...Allah gave me the privillege of being ngada ngada...hihihi. I really did squeeze his hand to 'transmit' the pain I was feeling.

All in all, two things I will treasure:
One: The moment I saw my boy's head and heard his cry
Two: The kisses on my forehead that I received from my dear syauQi after my boy pops out.

Oh what a wonderful moment =)



6:40PM, 2.96KG
(normal delivery)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yesterday was the day!

Al-hamdulillah, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday (19th July) at 6:39pm. I did a normal birth and my boy's weight is 2.96kg.

Will write more about it soon...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Will it be today?

I'm feeling some pain/ discomfort since morning. But I wasn't sure, could it be my contraction or just another stomachace?

But now I notice that the pain is every 7 minutes. Since the interval is could it be my contraction?

Parents said I should go to the hospital now. But my plan is to go later, so I could give birth straight away when I reach the hospital. I wouldn't want to end up in the labour room for hours...

Anyway, I should start packing my stuff now. Oh and also the baby's stuff, in case today marks the day.

So if you don't hear anything from me next few know why aight!

Wish me luck!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Suprise Baby Shower

My one and only sista, Hanah organised a suprise Baby Shower Party for me last nite!!!! Really didn't expect her to gather my friends despite it being a weekday. THANKS HANAH andThanks a bunch to all that came. A BIG THANK YOU too Fadd and Apeng for bringing the main dish...Nasi dagang (thanks to her mom for cooking it!). We also had roti jala and lots of dessert, cupcakes, cake (thanks Irin!), fruits and traditional kuih.
Another shout out of THANK YOU to Hanah's friendsss who helped her to decorate the hse. So where was I when all the decoration being made? Out with hubster to OU to get my stuff. Well, basically I did know there will be a makan2...but I was told Hanah gonna have some friendss over...which is quite common for those TKC gals to have a get together at my hse. So tot it would be just another usual 'noisy' nites with the gals.
But, as I reached home...walllllaaaa. Everything was nicely decorated and the presence of my friends and Hanah's friend. I had a big grin on my face of coz =)
Here are some of the photos taken...

That's Hanah...

Alamak, font at the picture cannot be seen...anyway its written "That's an 8 1/2 months pregnant tummy". Is that consider big or small?

The TKC gals that came to help out..THANKS

Makan time...

Oh, Hanah even organised few games. A challenge to see who can finish the ribena in the feeding bottle... it was funny to see big adults sucking on bottles...hehehe

Another game was to design the rompers. Judges were my brothers. Here's the artists busy at work...

Everyone proudly holding their master piece...

And, here's the art design winner.... with her chocolate as the gift

Well, I hope everybody enjoyed themselves as much as I did. And thanks to my babies too who behaved well despite having the crowd at home. And of coz thanks to hubster too! And to my mom who became the "Finance Minister" of the night...yup Hanah organized but on mama's expense, smart of her aight! heheh

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh, in my previous post, I forget to mention that gender is not an issue for athirAh.
She is even more daring than hArith most of the time.
See...she even ajak hArith to challenge who can do more pumping

piece of cake for her...

Oh, she can even do it with her eyes close!

And I did mentioned that we call her the Busy Bee, but there are times that we call her Lion. Why? Coz she loves making this kind of voice that none of us could imitate.

(sorry, the camera was a bit shaky coz trying to avoid athirAh from grabbing it)

She's a tarzan too...she really can scream!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This girl is everywhere....

A gal who has no fear of anything...

Other babies cry at the party when being approached by the clown


my gal on the other hand..."attacked" the clown

the clown called me to take my gal away coz he needs his nose and hair...

She climbs anything...anywhere

Everything turns out to be adventure for her...

We will definitely bring you for rock climbing soon dear...

Because of that..we call this lil' girl THE BUSY BEE...

and oh, she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, if suddenly she is so "well behaved", quiet and so occupied...we really have to check what kind of "food" she has in her mouth!

p/s: seriously who ever in need of a slimming come over and babysit this gal! She will really make you work out as you need to chase after her all the time