Monday, September 29, 2008

Junior Climber

Although she can't walk YET, but she can CLIMB.

** sorry I can't rotate the video clock-wise, perhaps you could rotate ur screen...

Coming to an End...

Just a day left before Ramadhan comes to an end. Part of me feels guilty and another half of me feel proud. Yes, I feel very guilty for being less religious this time, there are number of daysss I skipped my terawih (which automatically makes me skipped my solat tahajud, hajat etc.) and I hardly read Quran. In previous years I always took the opportunity to khatam in this holly month, but this year around…I can actually recall the numbers of pages I read (yes, shame on me!).

I mentioned this to my friend on the matter that I skipped doing my terawih (at home) and didn’t have the chance to go terawih at the mosque. And she replied with a very comforting answer “takpe ummi kate, jage anak pun pahala”. Yes, basically the reason I ‘neglect’ my religious duty due to time constraint. Previously after every solat I would have ample time to read the Quran, now nak solat pun kelam kabut, apatah lagi waktu tuk baca Quran. And since pApa at times won’t be at home, leaving me 3 babies to put to sleep, I’m quite used to sleeping early. The moment I managed to put all three to sleep, I will also hit the bed fearing that at anytime one of them will wake up. Thus whatever amount of time I have to sleep, I’ll make full use of it. And since my body is conditioned to such routine, even when pApa is around I tend to sleep early. (which explains the neglecting of my terawih prayer)

But the other half of me feel proud. Proud that I’m able to fast and need not make used of the rukhsah Allah gave. Despite breastfeeding and having to chase the two lil’ rascal, al-hamdulillah I’m able to stand the thirst and continue with my fast. After every feeding session, I would feel thirsty, but if I can run around the field during fasting month from morning till evening for a touch rugby tournament, why can't I do it this time? Just running around the house without the ray of the sun. So I ignored the thirst and continued the day like any other days. And I also feel hAppy. hAppy that my milk supply is enough to feed uZAir. =)

This year, we will all be here in Kuala Lumpur. Raya-ing in the city. So we will be witnessing the deserted city of Kuala Lumpur since majority folks will be in their hometown. Those going back to hometown, have a safe journey home and have a joyous celebration!
On behalf of the family, hArith would like to wish all of you....

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yabedabeduuuuu! pApa's roster for the month of October is out and he has 2 days off for Raya!!! And same goes to my brother. But my dad's roster is not out yet and I'm really hoping he gets his day off too.

I'm sooo hAppy, it's uZAir's first raya and pApa will be around. Okay, now I'm feeling the raya mood. It's time to get baju raya for lil' uZAir and lil' rascals. Since my kurung is in gold/brown colour...they have no choice but to follow my colour. Yeah, mom rules this time =p.

Err..hanah, if you are reading this. Are you sure you don't wanna join us?

p/s: pApa when are we going for our annual ramadhan trip to Jln TAR? Hmm, how's that possible with the 3 babies? Lets figure out a way...!

p/s/s: those who will be in KL u r most welcome to come over to my hse. I'll be around (it is rather impossible to travel blk kampung i think). Just give me a buzz if u wanna come.


Yeahhhh, my dad pun cuti smpai 4th raya! And also, Hanah decided not to raya in Aussie.
So we gonna have complete family for this raya. Yabedabeduuuuu! =)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Who does he looks like?

People been asking me, who does uZAir looks like? Well let me see...

1 month old uZAir

2 months old uZAir

Hmm...I dont think he looks like his brother, hArith...

neither does he looks like his sister, athirAh...

and I don't think he looks like neither one of us...syauQi nor me...

and not even like any of his grandparents...

So, who does little uZAir looks like?
Well, this is the closest I could think of...

He looks like my 83 years old grandfather (on my dad's side)...

So do you think I'm right? Lil' uZAir looks like his great grandfather...?

*excuse hArith's sleepy head look. He just woke up at that time

Friday, September 19, 2008

Difference in size...

hArith and athirAh at 6 1/2 months old

uZair at 1 1/2 months old

Look at the difference in size....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Supposed To Be...

*this entry is kinda long...

Based on their corrected age, hArith and athirAh turn one today. Yup, there are suppose to be 1 year old today, not 3 ½ months ago (6th June) It is nice to see them grow gracefully. I assume most of you know that I gave birth at 26 gestational week, that’s 14 weeks early (3 ½ months). I could still remember clearly just how tiny their little fingers and toes when they were born at 760grm and 600grm respectively. Oh of cause arwah alesYa was even smaller, 564grm.

How tiny they were...

I’m sure it is something common for every parent to walk down the memory lane of raising their son / daughter when their child turns 1. What we went through was totally different than those moms who give birth to a full term baby. It was the starting of a very long journey for us. Doctors did brief us that the first one week would be very crucial for them, a matter of they can survive or not. As they entered the 2nd week, what we fear would be virus infection. Trips to the hospital were our daily routine for the first 4 months. Of cause the first 2 months were the most critical moments, at the third month, hArith showed good progress and it was just a matter of gaining weight. athirAh’s progress was slower because she had PDA (patent ductus arteriosis).She had a ductus between her lungs and heart that wasn't closing. This ductus is supposed to be open in fetuses in utero. It supplies oxygen directly to their blood while their lungs are developing. It usually closes upon delivery with the first few breaths of air. Al-hamdulillah it closes or else she need to undergo a surgery at IJN (Institut Jantung Negara).

Well, lately I’ve been doing blog hoping of other premies. All the medical terms they used in their writing makes me feel dejavu; oxygen level, intubate, extubate, wind off,apnea, ROP, PDA, C-PAP, nasal canula and many more. Reading their moms’ writing brought me back to the experience we had to endure. At that time, whenever I see any survival preemie, I would tell myself that there are hope for my tiny tots hArith and athirAh. It would be such an inspiration each time I see a premie being discharged from the hospital. But then again, I couldn’t put hope too high cause mine was a multiple pregnancy. That’s totally different than the survival rate for preemie of a single pregnancy. But they were such a fighter.

Perhaps when u see these photos you would feel sad and sorry for them. Well I was at first, but each time I go n visit them, (despite all the tubes) they would open their eyes wide as though telling me everything is fine. Thus I didn't want to shed tears cause I want to be as strong as them.

their hand kena ikat coz they will cabut their tubes...kecik2 cili api!

So today, I would like to jot down the lil’ experience we had with our tiny tots and post some photos of them hoping that it would give some hope and light to other premie moms. I’m sure Allah knows best.

After months doing our regular visit; day and night, we became so familiar with all the equipment and procedure. In our morning trip, we would hope to bump with the Prof doing his morning rounds so we could ask him on our babies’ progress. If we miss him (because his rounds has no specific time) we would then asked other doctors and nurses. They were very friendly and would answer to our questions willingly. I can still remember one of the days when Prof was doing his round and approached athirAh. He asked me “how is athirAh?” I was confused with his question so I replied “aik, I thought I should be asking you that question?” With a smile, he answered; “but you are her mother and I’m sure you look at her in details…so anything today?”. Of cause he has a point. Every day we would see our babies in details and whenever we spot something wrong we would inform the staff. And on that particular day, I did spot something amiss….athirAh’s private part was a bit swollen. Thus I pointed it out to the Prof.

25th and 28th July was a remarkable date for me. I had the chance to change hArith’s and athirAh’s diapers for the 1st time. Some parents would reluctantly change their babies’ diapers whenever the made ‘business’, but I on the other hand been waiting for the moment to attend to my babies’ need. After almost 2 months we had the opportunity to hold our babies in our hand. All the while we could only touch them tenderly, rubbing lotion on their small fragile body.

Our first hug =)

I would look forward to every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday because those were the days that they took the babies’ weight. That would be the first question I asked upon seeing the nurse “hari ni berapa berat diorang?” Even the slightest weight of 5gram would be very much significant. And of coz I would be happy when they increased their feeding. They started off with only 2cc of milk. Try taking a syringe and see how much 2cc are. It’s just like few drops of milk. They drank using a tube.

-they no longer needed ventilator to help them breath but they still need their tube for feeding

Any phone call from the ward would make my heart drop. Almost stop. Fearing I would need to hear a bad news. When they had to undergo their laser treatment for their eye (ROP) I became so scared. Days before the surgery I would be surfing the internet to read up on ROP. About the risks my babies had to undergo. It was terrifying. Since they would undergo general anesthetic, we fear that they would have difficulty in breathing once the surgery completed. She was prone to apnea. We wouldn’t want them to be too dependent with the oxygen. After all too much oxygen could worsen their eye condition. Thus the faster they wind of the oxygen, the better it was.

athirAh went through more compared to hArith. Besides her having problem with PDA and ROP, she also had hernia that required a surgery to repair it. And also till today she have gag reflux problem. Reflux occurs when the ‘valve’ or opening between the esophagus (tube that connects the mouth and the stomoch) and the stomach is not tight, thus she tends to spit out her food because the ‘valve’ that supposed to prevent the food from going upwards is not really matured (read: does not fucntion at times). Well I’m not talking about small amout of spitting out but it comes out like a water fountain from her mouth.

We really admire how dedicated the doctors and nurses. Sacrificing their time for others. Some doctors spend more than 24 hours in the hospital and nurses who did double shift. We even made friends with the nurses. And we still keep contact with them till today.
Well looking back, we spent a majority of their early days worrying about the kind of future in store for them. hArith came home after 99 days and athirAh joined us after 124 days. We now feel very blessed to look at them today playing and laughing like everyday children.

**from time to time I would caught myself thinking of late Alesya Zara
I would wonder how life would be for us if we have all 3 with us. And I always wonder, how she would look like if she's alive? Would she have a face similar like any of her siblings or a totally different look...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Check it out

Polo Ralph Lauren

Toddler - 18 months

Brand New - With Tag

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cheeky boy

This boy is getting more cheeky...

Trend baru...senyum sambil kecik2 kn mata die...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Suprise Gift from pApa

pApa came back from work with a suprise for hArith n athirAh. pApa found the item on sale. But as usual, it was mOmmy that got excited. It was like another 30 minutes to break fast but mOmmy insisted for pApa to fix it immediately. Haha, kesian pApa...uniform pun tak tukar lagi tapi mOmmy dah beria bukak kotak suruh fix. So hear is the mini climbing frame pApa beli. The size is just ideal for introduction of climbing frame for the lil rascals and also a perfect size to put in the living room.

Oh ya, when Pah saw the box, we could see her face berkerut2..sure dlm hati die kate...ape lagi ni nk letak kt living room die..well for cucu, anything pun bleh kn pah? hihihi

athirAh lalu her mini jambatan bergantung...hihi

The other day masa moomy Adam (Aida) came here, die ade buat statement dalam blog die that athirAh "active and creative..segala tempat dia boleh cari dan masuk…". Lihatlah ni...sebanyak2 tempat nak panjat ade, celah lubang kecik ni jugak die nak menyelit.


hArith & athirAh

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank You!

I baru realized that I have one post pending in my draft. The post was supposed to be a BIG SHOUT OUT of THANK YOU to 3 Kurshiah gals who came over to help me babysit my lil’ rascals. Yup I had 3 of my sister’s friend who came over to the house to help me. Aren’t they schweeett? YES THERE ARE! Although, buddy and ejanne were not on any semester break; they chose to spend their day-free-from-lectures to help me instead of just laze around on their beds. Unfortunately didn’t take any photos coz I was just too happy the fact that I had extra 6 hands to handle the lil rascals.

To sy00zy, buddy & ejanne;
p/s: gals, how was it handling the lil rascals?
p/s/s: oh Hanah, u r surrounded with luvly fwens!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

uZAir's new image

pApa gave uZAir a new haircut =)

And thanks to Aunt Lana for the rompers..I do think the haircut suits the baju well, hihi

Jalan Jalan Cari Pasal

Well, for my friend Fadd, her definition of Jalan Jalan Cari Pasal would be walking aimlessly in the mall and ended up spending on something she didn't intend to. However, today..I have my very own definition of Jalan Jalan Cari Pasal....sape nak teka ape...?

Mine was...bringing all three little rascals out to the mall alone. Yesterday we found out that 4 hands (syauQi's and mine) were enough to handle all three. But today, I discovered that my two hands were in fact enough to handle all three. Yup, I brought all three out alone.

My initial plan was to go out with uZAir to get our superb photos develop. While I was getting ready, hArith saw me and quickly rush to the house entrance and waited there. Thus I have no way to sneak out without him knowing. He made this sad looking face that you won't have the heart to leave him behind. And athirAh was busy at her bag (the bag that we would bring along whenever we bring the babies out a.k.a their diaper bag). I guess she was trying to tell me to bring that bag along = bring her along!

Seriously I didn't have the heart to leave them behind, thus I quickly made their milk and started loading their stuffs in the car. While I was doing that...going in and out of the house, both hArith and athirAh were screaming crying in the house. They were smiling away when I buckle them up in their seats.

All 3 behave well at the mall. Of cause I had all kind of looks given to me by the public. There was a lady who was telling her friend "ishh, so fast she has another one?!!??" Well, although my hands were all ears are functioning perfectly well okay!. And although I don't speak chinese but I can at least count from 1 to 10, so I could still understand when they gave me a look and started counting "" Yes I have you have problem with that?

Anyway, I'm back home now and we surely did survived the trip...yeeahhh

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I’ve been wanting to do some updates but I ended up composing it in my head and never had the chance to jot it down here. The day I was done with my confinement I was down with fever, the initial plans of going out ronggeng had to be cancelled.

Anyway, let me first update this blog with the answers to hArith and athirAh’s first word….jeng jeng jeng. So do you think you got the right answers? Well, their first word was…Drum roll please….hihi .

athirAh’s first word was pApa…yup some of you have guessed it right. Well, at first I thought it as just another baby talk like pappap papapa papap….but then after great observation I noticed that athirAh would only say papa papa papa whenever syauQi is around. For instant, when she wakes up and she sees pApa sleeping on the bed, she will start screaming Papa Papaapapa from her cot. But when papa goes to work, this never happen. And now athirAh can call uZAir!!! With proper pronunciation of the letter ‘Z’…not Ujai okay….she said it nicely uZAir!!!

As for hArith, his first word was aa-tee-yaaaa. Yes, she decided to call her sister first instead of mommy or papa. Wander said my boy is being very diplomatic; he doesn’t want to hurt either one of us by calling mOmmy or pApa as his first word, so he decided to call her sister first. boy! And now he can call his grandma too; Pah.
Anyway, hArith and athirAh are now significant to one another. They would search for the other when one is out of sight. In fact, hArith is sooo sweet. The other day, after he had his meal…he said ‘a-tee-yah?’ Yup, he was wondering why athirAh isn’t eating. In another incident, we were at a birthday party at McDonald where they gave Ribera for kiddies. I gave hArith to taste it...I guess he finds in yummy and it would be a waste if athirAh didn’t get to taste it, so after I gave him again he looked up at me and said “a-tee-yah?” (athirAh was busy playing at that time). Isn’t that nice of him…he remembers his sister whenever he has food =)
Oh something really schweeet happened. athirAh loves playing with the doorstopper, she will bite it like nobody’s business whenever she gets hold of it. One day, she was in her cot while hArith was roaming around the room. He actually took the doorstopper and passed it to athirAh who was in the cot. Isn’t that sweet of him, he knew his sister likes it and pity athirAh who was confined to her cot…thus he decided to keep her sister occupied by giving the doorstopper. Happily athirAh bites it..hihihi
Anyway, wondering how’s life with the new edition? Hectic! But now he starts to sleep more at nights thus more sleep for us..yeahh!!! Just now we survived a family outing to the mall. Our four hands were enough to handle those three babies. Horrayyy to us…hihi.
pApa had his hair cut and all four of us waited at a bench near the shop. A lady approached us and told me that she has a pair of twins too; they are now 11 years old. After talking about hArith and athirAh, she looked at uZAir (who I was holding in the baby carrier) and asked “is that yours too?” As I replied “yes”…she responded “wow…that’s brave of you”. Hahahahah. I guess it takes another parents of twins to know exactly what it is like to handle a twins PLUS newborn.
Trip to the mall...all 5 of us

waiting for pApa to get his hair done

hArith siap bekerut muka wondering asal pApa lame sgt potong rambut

ni pulak pApa punye turn to wait with them while mOmmy testing baju