Thursday, February 26, 2009

I broke down...and cried

and yelled at my kids.

hArith slept with us last nite coz pAh was not around. He woke up middle of the night crying out loud (not to mentioned putting him to sleep was also a chaos) which woke the other two up. uZAir was pacifiying the whole obviously b**by ku kering kontang when he wanted milk to put him back to sleep! Thus he joined hArith screaming and crying their lung out which of course woke athirAh up and joined the "choir" group.

All 3 were awake and wanted me to put them to sleep. so melekat mengendel to me. uZAir obviously wanted me bcoz of my b**rby, by having him on my side i can't put the other two to sleep. But bcoz my b**by was empty, that made uZAir screamed even louder. I failed to soothe any of them...which ended me me joining them crying....YES i cried coz i failed.

Lucky thing syauQi was around. He took uZAir away while i continue trying to put hArith to sleep. He was being fickle minded, one minute he pointed up wanting to sleep upstairs in my parents room. But the moment I brought him up, he get off the bed and pointed to go down. So We ended up going up and down like 4 times and he finally sleep in my mom's room with my sister accompany him. Then I had another 2 "mission" to be put athirAh and uZAir to sleep. I let uZAir pacify on me again while athirAh slept next to me hugging on my hand. Bout 5 mins later, Hanah came down to inform hArith awake and started crying again. I was with the other two so I left syauQi to handle him....

From what had happened last nite, it made me it true wat grown up (i mean those yg dah jadi grandparents) been telling me, that once ur child sleepss with grandparents...forever they want to sleep with their grandparents. On top of tat my dad kept telling me don't blame them if my son doesn't want to move with us when we decided to move to our own house....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bali - On Bubbles and Flowers

Since the bathroom was rather big and spacious enough for the kids to to roam around, thus we hv to take their bath in the buthtub everyday. If we were to bathe them under the shower, jenuh lar diorang bermaharaja lela bejalan rata2, kang ade yg tegolek jatuh sbb licin. pApa had the idea of trying the bubble bath...oh the kids sure did like it! In fact we had to take the bubble bath from my sis and parents' bathroom...and on top of that we had to call the housekeeping to request for more bubble bath lliquid since we use it in almost every bath time.

And this lil boy was simply curious of the bubble's taste....

testing testing...

oh wow, yum yum...taste good!

Oh, the villa gave complimentary cake to all rooms on the 14th, Valentine Day. Althought we don't celebrate it but i took the opportunity to ask for free stuff...hihi
I asked the lady that send us the cake if it's possible to get flower petal for the bathtub since it's Valentine, and she said it's possible...i just have to ring the reception. Thus, i called the reception and asked "hari ini Valentine, kok bisa diberi flower petal nye gratis?" (it's valentine today, could it be possible for me to get free flower petal?) Ye yang penting perkataan gratis tu yer...takut lak kang sedar2 dlm bil diorang charge.

the cake
So who enjoyed the flower bath the most? Of coz the kids =)
Tapi hArith boy, so die tak heran sgt with the flower petals...

Tapi anak dara ni mmg amiq the petals and sental kaw kaw kat badan die...hihi

And budak kecik ni pun tak ketinggalan yer "mandi bunga"...hihi

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Delay in Speech?

Initially my main intention of having this blog was to share my experience of triplets’ pregnancy; it then continued to share our experience of ups and downs in raising our miracle babies. Their journey and battle to live. Months and months of hospital stay, enough to make us suspend every now and then. Al-hamdulillah they are doing well now. They are almost there catching up with their chronological age.

Now that we are blessed with a full term baby; uZAir, we can see the difference of a full term and premie baby. It was a good thing that the premie came first then uZAir or else we would be so worried of hArith n athirAh’s progress coz we have a benchmark to compare (uZAir)
I’ve been wanting to write up on the difference of premie and full term from what that I have observe so far. When times permit me to do so, I will.

So far, I’m glad that we have taken the action of sending hArith n athirAh to the playgym class. Based on the last check up, their progress in term of physical development is at par. Of cause I can’t say for sure that the playgym helps them but I’m sure in a way or another, it does help. And of coz the toys we bought were being helpful too. Especially the mini climbing frame.
hArith and athirAh started crawling when they were around 9 – 10 months old (corrected age would be 6 – 7 months). And they stared walking when they were 16 – 17 months ( corrected age; 13 – 14 months). That’s consider good progress coz articles I read, there are premie who only started sitting at 14 months. Al-hamdulillah their playgym has helped them with their agility.

Them when they were 9 months

see, others could already sit but hArith n athirAh couldn't at the time they started the class

However, my concern now is their speech capability. The few words they can say is pApa, pah, baby and a-ti-yaaahhhh. Lately athirAh been calling out for Dija, she will look out the window towards the neighbours’ hse and say di-jaaaa. im not so sure if that were coincidence or she really means it. Other than that hArith would just point to what he wants. They are now 1 year 8 months…do u consider this as delay in their speech? However they have no problem in understanding instructions.

Dija; The Neighbour

I know some premie still cant talk a word at age 3 and some ended up needing to send their children for speech therapy. Yes, no doubt it’s even usual for some full-term baby to talk later but the thing with my kids…they have 2 reason for talking late (based on articles tat I read)

1. Being premature
2. Multiple babies; yes it is said that multiple babies tend to talk later because they can understand between them (baby talk) so they don’t see reason for them to learn to communicate with adults. Coz they already have their companion.

So the question now is, are my kids not talking just because they are among other full term kids who lambat cakap or because of the above two short coming? How do I know?

If it is because of the above two I do think it is important to counter the issue now to enable them to catch up with their chronological age vocabulary. Just like what we did for their physical development. Well, at the moment I have daily ‘playschool’ in my mind. That would allow them to socialize with others, hoping it could help their speech. When I was working in Cosmotot I could really see improvement in those yg ckp pelat nk mampus smpai kena teka2 ape lar budak ni tgh ckp jadi clear, terang n jelas in a month or two. But syauQi thinks there’s nothing to be worried about. I mean they fall under same cam other full term yg happen to cakap lmbat

Oh tapi kenapa fees playschool mostly sume cekik darah! And most of it nk kena bayar by semester, 3 bulan skaligus, not to mentioned starting kena bayar annual fees ah, deposit lah…jenuh lar kami nak bayar lump sum tuk 2 kepala. Ya Allah ya tuhan kami, murah kn lah rezeki kami. Ameen

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Back to Square One

Today is the end of En. Suami sure nice to have him around for the past 12 days, and of coz bringing all of us for the Bali vacation. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Yes, although he didn't really consider it as a holiday (cause of the tiredness with the kids) I enjoyed every single day of those 6 days. Being in my shoes...regardless of in Bali or home, my routine with the kids are still the same, thus i surely prefer once in a while having that same routine else where.

Some might say that a perfect holiday is just the two of you - husband and wife. But for me, a perfect holiday is with the whole family. Yes, with all the excess baggage (the kids). Coz the moment I decided to have kids, I have already instill in my mind that there will no longer be just the two of us. It comes in a package now...hArith, athirAh and uZAir.

There were times that pApa felt so tired till he finds it impossible to actually have a vacation with lil' ones. Thus he kept repeating couple of times, no more such holiday till the kids bigger. Hmm i sure do hope he didn't mean it, kang tak pasal2 Allah tarik rezeki holiday kami...

Well, En Suami left for work after Maghrib just now, so it's back to square one for mOmmy.

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Friday, February 20, 2009


Thanks for all your support to ThePhotoMama.Com online community. A community who teach mommies on photography. In order to say thanks to all our supporters, we’re glad to announce that there’ll be a PHOTOCLINIC SESSION as per below details;

Venue : Lake Garden (Near Royal Lake Club) - Assembly point (Playground near the small roundabout)
Time : 9.00 am - 11.00 am
Date : 7 March 2009 - Saturday
Fees : FREE for all premium members (RM45 for non premium members)
Trainer : Saiful Nang
Others : 1 premium members can bring maximum 2 non-premium members (other than husband or wife) but must be registered with TPMC community for FREE. But the priority will be given to the Premium Members.
Activities : You shoot then I (Saiful Nang) teach.

Yay, En Suami roster is out and he'll be around on the said date. I can bring 2 friends along, but i think syauQi has a friend who is interested to join. That means i have one more slot left. Anyone interested?

But u hafta register urself a normal member (non-premium) - just register for the forum...tat's totally free!

Yup I have only one more slot but if there is anyone interested to join this PhotoClinic, you only need to pay RM45 (for non-members)... apa jua camera is most welcome. Yes, apa jua camera!
To be a premium member, click below. RM280 for one year membership and u'll be entitled for all the upcoming photoclinic for free. So here's the 3 simple steps. Watch the tutorial videos, practice taking photos at home and come to the clinic to get help improve your photos from the Experts.


Bali - On Others

Well, it sure looked like a full house travelling with 3 babies. We decided not to bring the twin stroller takut susah nk manuever at the small road lanes. So bought new stroller for lil uZAir and courtessy of my jiran, we pinjam her stroller for hArith. So, syauQi, my sis and myself had a stroller each to push.

At the immigration counter in Bali, my parents had settled theirs so it was our turn. The man then called for Ahmad; "yang Ahmad nye yang mana pak?" (which one is Ahmad?) our quick respond was "Ahmad yang mana? sumenye ada Ahmad" (which Ahmad, all name has Ahmad). Hearing the answer the man stood up to look at all of us over the counter. He looked suprised upon seeing 3 strollers. While checking each passport he then asked..."ibunya yang mane?" (which one is the mother?) i raised my hand.

I guess he was still puzzled seeing all 3 about the same size but one mother. He actually then asked if my sis Hanah is a second wife!!! Of coz my reflect action was "NOOO"... he smiled and said "kalau isterinya 2 tak salah ya, lagi bagus ya" (even if it's 2 wife...nothing wrong, infact better)...oh well Hell No!!! - oh of coz i didnt say tat to him. I then told him Hanah is my sister, he smiled.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bali - The Breakfast

The villa comes with kitchen facilities but the best part is....

Every morning they'll be a lady to cook us breakfast =). There is a list of food we can choose from. Just inform the reception what time we want our breakfast and the lady will come 30 mins earlier then the time said to prepare. We requested for a lady so tak lar kami terlari2 masuk bilik nk pakai tudung.

Table will be nicely set too.

Here are among the food that we had for breakfast

Other then that, they have nutriotional set, traditional set, vegetarian set, soft boiled egg, mee goreng, bihun goreng to name a few.
However this was what I took every single day, nasi goreng....

Coz my kids dont like egg. So we had fried rice everyday.

And after abis makan, juz called the reception to get the table clean. Diorang datang basuh and lap all the plates n utensils. n trus susun balik dlm almari...oh yes we felt spoiled.

Memang rasa bersyukur sgt2 dapat merase holiday macam ni, Al-hamdulillah

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bali - The Journey

Our flight to Bali was at 9:50am and we planned to leave the house at 7am. So at 5:45 I began waking athirAh up, she was fast asleep when I carried her out of her cot. I then put her in the living room, but she decided to continue her sleep. I then woke hArith up, he was a lil’ cranky since I disturbed his sleep but upon seeing his ball…he was wide awake kicking his ball, which automatically woke athirAh up. By then it was already 6am, managed to get all 3 ready by 7am.

They looked rather puzzle, why were they awaken so early and strapped in their car seat.

Actually my initial plan was to wake the kids up by 5:30am, so by the time they get into the plane…they will be sleepy. Nway, waking up at 5:45 wasn’t too bad. My parents brought hArith to sit with them infront. uZAir was being held by my sister and was already asleep even before boarding the plane. athirAh was restless being strap with the seat belt but the moment she heard the noise from the plane engine she managed to sit still. And slept soon after. hArith came running once the seat belt light was off. Mom said she wanted to be with the rest thus syauQi took him and put him to sleep.

We wanted to put uZAir in the basinet but it was a wrong moved, he woke up and was wide awake, but since the flight wasn’t full…the stewardess had extra time to help me to carry uZAir. hArith woke up 30mins before landing while athirAh slept all the WAY!!!! She woke up in the middle of the flight, got her out of the basinet and she continued sleeping on my sister’s lap. During descent and landing, she was still asleep but could felt the discomfort due to pressurize…she was still asleep but was poking poking her ear…hihi

Smpai Bali, the man from our villa was already there…holding up placard of syauQi’s name. Got into the van and we were welcome with cold bottle water and a wet towel. The trip to our villa was approximately 15minutes…and the van parked betul2 by the side of the villa reception. This was the view we got when the van was parked. We were so excited to get down. Our villa was the last one on the right. So each time nk kuar kena jalan jauh ke depan tapi each time balik we get the buggy to send us off at our villa sbb dah penat bejalan.

And this was our 3 bedroom villa with our very own private pool =) We stayed at Seminyak area coz tat's the closest to Kuta. Area Kuta sume hotel takde yg villa with private pool.

This was the view from my bedroom. Psst...i brought along bikini wo...bile lagi ade chance nk merasa pakai bikini kan...hihi

All 3 bedroom was not connected with each other.

And here's the bathroom! Feels like poo poo kt tgh2 taman..hahhaha. This is the view from the bathroom door....a huge tub and to the left is the shower and to the right of where i'm standing is the WC.

Oh I think the most lucky person was my sister coz she had all these to herself!!! My room besepah dgn toys while my parents' room ade one cot for hArith. And my sister need not share with anyone else....

Temporary ( I hope )

This is juz a temporary layout...i was playing around with my template n tangan gatal ntah ape buat smpai hancus my previous lar jadinye bile org buta IT tangan gatal kacau layout

Will just settle with this layout for the time being.

Nway...i'm back from Bali. Will upload photos of it soon =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bye Bye

We will be bringing the kids on their first flight tomorrow..making lotsa dua' that they won't get restless throughout the journey.

It's sure tough to pack the's super full. Not to sure when will i be blogging next.

C'ya around!

Monday, February 9, 2009

After a month...

These are some of the photos I took couple of month back. hArith n athirAh enjoying themselves with the water.

Gambar main snap jer....skrang tgk2 balik br notice tat most gmbar budak2 tak pandang camera pun...sbb mak diorang main tekan jer butang camera tu...

After a month of photomama, here are some of the photos of them doing the same activity.... this time around i make a point to TRY to capture moments and facial expression
athirAh menggigil kesejukan,

athirAh happily "catching" the water drops...

ni pulak our model2 tambahan =)

Photomama started in January and there were 4 tutorial video for the month. It was then FOC to allow people to have a trial period of the website. Well, i personally think it's beneficial n helpful. I'm really new in this field...there are lots of things to learn n room for improvement of coz

Starting this month, the weekly tutorial videos are meant for Premium Members at a cost of RM280 of annual fees. I find tat reasonably cheap coz even my add maths tuition fees was more than RM280 a month back in 1999.

Yup, im sure some are saying my photos ain't good. Oh plz do not compare it with the Professional photos....instead compare it with MY PERSONAL PHOTOS before the birth of photomama.
So it's up to u to judge my before n after a month of photomama photos. If you think I have managed to improve in my shots....y not u giv it a try too.Just click on the banner at the left side of my blog.
Oh gosh, nothing beats capturing each n every moment of ur child =).
p/s: pssst, if u were to go to the website of photomama directly, the fees would be RM350, but via my blog it will be RM 280