Wednesday, June 24, 2009

See you there!!!

Alright, I think I should settle with my template and stop browsing through other templates...mmg bleh berpinau mata dibuatnye.

A BIG THANK YOU to Mrs Imran for helping me out with my Dot Com.

Oh not only i get my own Dot Com, but as a sign of appreciation...I treated her Tony Romas ( "I" here means syauQi, hihi)

First time,we went for dinner without the elder two. Just uZAir and us. Didnt want to scare Mr Imran with all the noises 3 kids could come out with. Kang panic bapak-to-be.

Kay, enough with my babbles...let me all welcome you to my new Dot Com

Alrite, c u there! =)


Mrs Imran said...

thank for dinner kt tony romas tu :) sempat la makan beef ribs before pantang..ehe

nothing much pon on the hosting and setting up your new dot com tu. i just buat apa yg i tahu sahaja..heee.

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

mrs imran:
i think it shuld be thanks to u..sbbkn u lah i dpt makan beef rib tu..hihi

if not takde sbb nk gi makan.
yg lagi nikmat sbb pegi dgn uZAir jer...b4 this everytime pegi mmg bawak all 3. if pegi with all 3 mmg tak sempat kenyang..baru abis makan dh terkejar2 dgn hArith n athirAh.

Miss Moon said...

cam na nak .com kan ek . Ley tak share ...sebab ai ingat pun nak .com kan jugaks my cyberphotog tew